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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

White Claw Is Not An ID

September 5, 2019

Thursday September 5th

(00:00) Floyd is sweatered up, but not because he’s cold. I have a new song I want to play for you.

(9:14) I have just an awful dog story to tell you.

(22:06) A White Claw Taco Bell story from over around UT. And Deal or No Deal is back.

(29:43) Shooting at East Toledo bar. Vaping concerns rising. Marcy Kaptur’s car hit by backhoe. Was there a murder in Lambertville? No Pburg DORA – yet. Snout and About this weekend with LC4.

(40:25) Kevin Hart is taking some heat for an interaction with Lil Nas X. The Nancy Drew trailer hit. Britney’s boyfriend is definitely thinking about marriage.

(50:22) Philay Mignon is here with us for the Great 419 Fantasy Draft!

(1:02:36) The world’s biggest Beyonce fan against Phil in TBT.

(1:11) Kevin Hart was supposed to be Kelly Clarkson’s first guest. He needed a sub. Also, his accident’s 911 call. Jeremy Renner had a fan friendly app. It was trolled and closed.

(1:20:27) How do you celebrate your anniversary, chores you enjoy and more in PFOL.

(1:29:41) Floyd’s book of world records for us to choose which we’d try to topple.

(1:37:26) Azealia Banks is picking spats again. MLT!