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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

January 18, 2019

011819 St. Ursula Girls + Promedica

Usually I want to do Friday’s show as quickly as possible, but today we’re packed! My neighbors really are animals!


What to buy to prepare for the storm.

A dumb comment on my Facebook page that we discuss. How many times do you have to be told to lay off kids.

More news about GM, calling artistic people from the zoo, Krispy Kreme koming to Koledo, and an enormous great white shark.

New Ari music that samples The Sound Of Music, Chrissy and John’s blow up at the West wedding, and someone made a Cardi song from her IG rant.

I found a word that makes me feel like you do when you hear the M word that ends in oist. Mine ends in –uss.

To prep you for Small Biz Shout Outs after 9, I wanna throw out the kind of place we need to level up our cuisine here.

The girls from St. Ursula are here because they’ve got Mamma Mia next weekend at the Valentine. Let’s see who their Beyonce is.

The Hockey Bros. (Phillipe and Floyd) make their first and last appearance on the show to define common hockey terms. Thanks to professional hockey announcer Matt Melzak.

Promedica’s next Impact and Inspire is happening next Thursdat at Ice downtown. Notice the capital I there. It’s to benefit HOOVES. A group that pairs veterans with PTSD issues with, you guessed it, horses, to help them in their recovery.

MLT a repeat and C- from Floyd.

January 17, 2019

011719 Jordan From BCSN Is Back


We’re here and recovering from the very successful and well attended NAMI chili cookoff where Floyd (Fleja?) was a celeb judge.

Who is the sickest person in Toledo? Not ew you’re a perv. More like you’ve had a long lingering nasty cold. And while the raid on break milk and eggs? WHY. You’d be far worse off without _____________.

Vile racism at GM here in Toledo. A prediction about the Metropark coming to East Toledo. A small traffic hiccup around the All Star festivities this week, and new Chick Fila items.
MASKED SINGER SPOILERS. And maybe the spoiler is that the show is a letdown? Miley’s not pregnant and she had some fun with the story. Another live action Disney film.

Jordan Tomase from BCSN is here for movies you haven’t seen but you still know.

A surprisingly competitive Throwback Thursday to celebrate the Super Bowl being in Atlanta.

Jordan tests me on her adventures with Trendy in Toledo on BCAN. She loses! She’s a big Disney fan so we want her take on the upcoming live Hunchback movie.

Conversations you feel left out of.

PFOL with Backstreet Boy and boob questions.

More Masked Singer disappointment.

Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee makes it’s TMR 2.0 debut. Fronking. Thooter. And more.

MLT. A lonely frog and Amish porn.

January 16, 2019

011619 Blade, Netflix Stuff + Andi Roman

Hello! Good morning!

Neither of us are off to a good start for Wednesday. Especially with large snow storms looming. I watched the Passage with Zack Morris last night, and Floyd’s wavering on Manifest.

Shout out to the affable and entertaining librarian at the Heatherdowns branch. Two visits, both filled with lots of humor while I waited. Floyd’s ready to give us more Deal or No Deal (DoND). And Anna gives Nate from Monclova a run for Smartest Listener.

On February 24th the Blade will only offer five print editions per week. Medical marijuana sales begin today. A UT alumnus and current employee is on Jeopardy tonight at 730 on WTOL.

Netflix is raising its rates, quite a bit. The Gillette commercial. NERD ALERT, a Spider-Man trailer, with Jake G, dropped.

PFOL facial hair preference, underwear preference, Bachelor thoughts, last time you cried and why, how often do you work sex into your relationship.

Two less days of the Blade in print. More detailed thoughts, but TLDR, if you’re old(er) you really don’t matter. That sucks, but it’s reality.

Paris Jackson is tending to her mental health, and her godfather speaks on his relationship with HER dad. Got that? Rihanna is suing her dad, and let’s dig back into Netflix raising its prices.

Scott and not-Nicole Khoury are here to tell us/you more about Acoustics for Autism, which you’ve either been to before, or every year, or have heard about. It really is a marquis event in the area.

Movies you know just by a character, a line, or scene and extra credit if you haven’t even seen them.

My hockey sister, Andi Roman from the Mud Hens and Walleye, is here to preview All Star weekend downtown. Tix for Brewfest and the game on Monday are still available.



January 15, 2019

011519 Jeff + Demetrius Drop In

Good morning! I’ve sworn off Walmart jokes thanks to a price snafu that benefitted me yesterday. For a month. Walmart jokes are back after Valentine’s Day. Floyd whipped up some tastiness for dinner. Oh oh oh. The Walmart lady who was boozing on wine from a Pringles can. AKA American icon.

1, 2, 3 Jinx!

Our mayor working across the aisle. Police can run lights just like us. Kasich gets a talent agent. Browns introduce their new coach. The ECHL All Star festivities begin on Friday.

Kim confirms the fourth kid, another Rossford native makes it to Celeb Big Brother, Leo goes commercial.

Segment 1 for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday themed by Saved By The Bell – ZERO CORRECT.

Segment 2. We may get a winner.

Is it a date? We’ve this before. But let’s get it out there in Floydisms.

Entertainment we add in this time, Anna Faris’ thoughts on Chris Pratt’s engagement and more details how he went about it.

PFOL if you had to describe your sex life with a cartoon or  a cartoon character, have you ever been too loud, V-Day expectations.

If you performed poorly at sex what would you be concerned that someone would steal from you?

Selena Gomez is back on Inta, Ariana got a new Pokemon tattoo.

Jeffy McGee is here with M. Night Shyamalan movies as Glass opens this week.

MLT and a final few minutes on D who’s unretired the mic.

January 14, 2019

011419 Janet Amid Is Here Today

I slept all yesterday, again. Floyd’s checking off homework boxes when it comes to doing real Toledo stuff. TMA and brunch at Manhattan’s.

Facebook first and last pic. Deal or No Deal.

Someone bought the really olds, valuable penny in a weekend auction. We officially have a new governor. Whole Foods may NOT be contacting you to work here in Toledo.

Entertainment. Heyyyy the Critics Choice awards with a couple of ties. Kylie Jenner’s reign of IG ends thanks to an egg.

Floyd is fascinated by all of these celebs who also happened to have twins, and we had some words on the air which I promise have NEVER been heard on radio before.

PFOL Baking or cooking, what do you do with those long ass receipts, valentine’s day expectations.

I am disappointed the Super Bowl halftime performance isn’t MORE ATL centric.

Janet is here!

A final segment with Janet and signs, and her quips on our big entertainment stories.

The egg is taking over not just social media but the entire Internet. TPD will be on Cops tonight on TruTV. The Rated game GOT, Taye Diggs, Shaquille O’Neal.


MLT with Chrissy Tiegen and pizza delivery in snow.

January 12, 2019

011219 Eric, D + Ashleigh

Saturday morning podcast anyone?

D is back on the mic. Not here. Well yes here, but doing comedy. Two shows this week.

You've heard the story about his son's first porn experience? Now we get it in comedy bit form, and IT WAS GOOD

D also has an announcement. 

We got into the pros and cons when it comes to having kids again. Ashleigh and D vs. Me. I win LOL. 

It costs Ashleigh $50 to get her eye lashes done, and D and I found out this is inexpensive. 

January 11, 2019

011119 Philly T Friday’s + Pizza Cat

Look for Floyd on Adam’s this weekend, and me getting flexed on over the word handicapped.

Favorite 2000s TV characters.

What’s going on at TSA? A step closer to a Metropark on the river over in East Toledo. Missing Wisconsin girl is found.

A sing along Bohemian Rhapsody is coming. R. Kelly’s estranged daughter speaks out. Tim Tebow is engaged.

Philly T. is here for Philly T. Fridays and his IG has come up.

Jupmode is making nostalgic t shirts. So let’s give them some more work. DZ, Sports Arena, Eclipse.

Panel Full of Ladies with Rebecca and Carissa. Tell me about your uncomfortable underwear and a celeb you’re tired of.

The Triangle Of Traits when it comes to choosing relationships.

Netflix and other streamers may be coming for you if you’re oversharing your login. And Philly T’s long distance (London) relationship struggles.

Small biz shout outs! Original Sub Shop is mine! Ya Halla on Alexis.

I feel my community mindedness has arrived! Pizza Cat reached out to me! And they dropped by to talk Balance pizza and a new location.

MLT and I love Floyd’s about camping.

January 10, 2019

011019 Sara Hegarty + L4C’s Meeko!

It was too cold to do anything yesterday, so let’s ramble through this opening segment.

R. Kelly allegedly likes to pee on people. My friend asked me if I was into that, and I quickly pivoted that convo over to shower peeing habits.

The TPD Hero video is old. I know, I tried to find it when it came out months ago. Flu season has been a mild one. Stop blowing school bus stop lights! Stats from the Seger show.

How are the Bezosssssssss’es gonna split the 14% of a trillion dollars? Gaga wants Do What U Want down from streaming sites. Masked Singer reveal.

My temporary tags expired and I went from Byrne + Glendale to the Glendale Walmart – like 9 miles – which a TPD right behind me. No ticket.

Sara’s here! Late, but here. Kid drama. First, what’s going on with the Heart Assoc. and her ‘night out’ with Rachel Hollis.

We go back to the mid and late 90s for Throwback Thursday with Sara.

My dad’s debut on TMR 2.0 to prove I have a brother. I wanna help him out with some Disney hacks.

Laura is here from Lucas County Canine Care + Control with Meeko! The vid is on FB, but adopt him, and get your 2019 dog license. The money goes toward keep L4C up and running.

Entertainment with a bit more Gaga, Bezos, controversy(?) over Green Book, Masked Singer (HELLO AGAIN SPOILER).

Power Rangers, TMNT, Sesame Street favorite kids show characters.

MLT tweet to wrap up today’s show. Your kids fake restaurant and the audacity of Amazon.

January 9, 2019

010919 The Morning Reboot with Eric Chase

Floyd hit that wall of early mornings and almost slept thru his alarm. I have a gene defect. I await my retractable claws.

6am startup games. Is that a good name since we usually do a game right around this time each day? Anywho, Rachel is with us (good luck in your new job) to play Kill Bang Marry.

Council got their budget done quite quickly this year; record time. Perrysburg Winterfest will be fun, and in winter weather. An Ohio teacher masturbated in his middle school classroom with kids present.

Lindsay Lohan, yes she’s alive, has opened her Greek club. Margot Robbie will be Barbie. Beyonce went to Target.

There are some real risk with DNA tests for ancestry. Can we talk about them?

At times I get asked on social ‘what happened to your girlfriend’ and many think I just vanished and left Toledo. I thought we could take some time to for you 1. To get to know a lot about my FRIEND Floyd who’s been incredible on the show far 2. If you haven’t seen, or heard, get a taste of what I’ve been up to since June of 2017.

Jamie Lee Curtis is not happy with Fiji for their GG stunt. DA’s are checking in on R. Kelly again. Masked Singer is back tonight and Floyd just wants whoever is revealed to be someone he knows.

PFOL with Tara, Jessica and R. Kelly and boob questions.

I have a mid 20 something friend whose diet consists of ice cream, pizza and nuggets. That’s totally fine! But do your kid really eat like that?

My friend Bethany from TSA asked to come to about, you guessed it, a TSA event this Sunday. Bethany sent us a stranger instead. But we had a good time with Kim. Like jazz? Sunday at TSA for Songs For A Sister.

We have a take second to get to this lazy outrage over Bryan Cranton and a MLT featuring the wonderful Chris Evans.

January 8, 2019

010819 The Morning Reboot Nami/D/Jeffy

Floyd is not pleased with me. When you start Black Mirror I highly suggest you starting with the very first episode. I’ll explain. Floyd is probably also disappointed with me that I went to Spider-Man alone, errrr, without him.

Shit, I missed recording What’s the Word. Does missing this really screw you up? From what I gather, we’re giving you about 2 hours of content with this podcast each day J.

News! You WILL – maybe – get you tax return even with the government shut down. Best jobs in 2019 are most in the medical field, but not the top two. Podcaster or media once again misses. A pho restaurant is about to open in Keene, New Hampshire and city official DO NOT like the name, which include the words pho, the city name and great LOL.

Entertainment news! Lil Wayne is buzzing after his performance last night at the football game. Not for the performance itself, but for what he wore. This former Oscars host isn’t coming back either. John Travolta revealed what we all suspected.

Oh, I think Taco + Trivia Tuesday is going to work out just fine. It’s debut, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Here we go with a fully stacked Panel Full of Ladies! Women you admire, fave toy as a kid, last post on FB, last time you cried (mine was yesterday. Damn dogs)

Entertainment news! Ciara has a new song called Level Up. She has had TWO hits. Shark Tank host has vicious words for R. Kelly. Kevin Spacey was arraigned and then pulled over.

It’s pre-walk season. Mark down May 11 for the NAMI walk, but I hope you can make it out to Glenwood Lutheran next Wednesday at 530 for the NAMI Chili Cookoff. Olivia from NAMI is here to share more about it.

Can you name your city without naming your city?

A local Toledo citizen is here outraged and shocked at Surviving R. Kelly.

Jeffy McGee is here for the trailer game for a Dog’s Way Home opening this week. The trailer of it had me sobbing yesterday.

MLT and some bizarre discussion about Iowa.