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Category: Society & Culture

TMR 2.0 is OVER, but the podcast is not. Song free, commercial free, free FREE! Floyd, Alex, Bethany, Ashleigh, UK Philly T and many more Toledo friends and guests.

December 1, 2020

The Selfishness Pandemic

Dogs and their bathroom battles in snowy weather.

DeWine and articles of impeachment LOLOLOLOLOL.

St. John's is clever, but sadly shortsighted and selfish. Those have become pandemics on their own during COVID.

I spoke to my brother about his girlfriends pregnancy.

There's ANOTHER monolith.

Wrapping up Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix.

They are now Elliot Page.

Giving Tuesday is today. 

November 30, 2020

Say Uncle

I was finally able to get Alex her shirt. Comma La. 

I don't wanna be specific but it was not a good pic to have out on social.

Maybe it's NOT the end of my family line after all.

You only need one set of bedding. But the Macy's sale is making me rethink that.


November 27, 2020

Protest The Protestors!

Black Friday shopping.

Thanksgiving recap.

Protestors in Ottawa Hills, on what was reportedly Thanksgiving.

I spoiled Mandalorian for a good friend. I wasn't even trying.

Alex, Bethany and Phillipe on my Grammy bewilderment.

Tik Tok drama with one of their biggest starts.

Do not mess with recipes on Thanksgiving. 


November 25, 2020

The Toledo Turkeys Are Where!?

My friend and local wildlife filmmaker Alex Goetz is on to talk turkey. For real. His video of local turkeys were just on CBS. And you'll never guess where he got the footage. I had no idea this even existed.

Also, Alex on his work with Jaden Jefferson, staying busy during the pandemic and buying a house during one as well. 

Before we begin with Alex though, the health order closing schools, N'dre regaining his weight and what the hell with the Weeknd. 

November 24, 2020

Safer Places with COVID

N'dre should be OK, and our dogs ravenous eating habits.

Thanksgiving here, and in PA, where liquor sales are suspended.

Good for this local place for staying open.

Safest places in COVID times.

Don't touch that thing in Utah.

Want what Baby Yoda was eating? $50!

Royalty is ruling Netflix.

After a couple weeks away, Janet Amid is back on with us. Vote for her in Best of Toledo!

November 23, 2020

Back In The Studio

However, I left the ability to speak thoughtfully in another dimension.

COVID vs. Thanksgiving dinner. 

I left my whiskey at Kroger and no one did a good deed.

Some AMA thoughts. 90s fashion is back!?

Mandalorian spoilers!

Sia cursed at a lot of people last week on Twitter after the trailer for her movie Music hit.

Me reading Megan Thee Stallion lyrics.

Animaniacs returned.

November 20, 2020

Eric vs.Verzuz

Can't have a day without COVID talk, so where are all the infections coming from? And I still don't have my results yet.

The Library branches, Imagination Station closing down.

Silver linings around the different Thanksgiving.

Before you holiday shop HOLD UP. 

7 to 5 FOR the red light cams to come back, and Bethany has a suggestion I like, but most will loathe.

I've never been to the Light Before Christmas. They're open now.

Promedica is making the new convention center. Call it Randyville.

The intro song is one of the songs I was talking about as I was asking Bethany why everyone was talking about Gucci and Jeezy. 

November 19, 2020

I’ve Zoomed Into Your World

You fell depressed into my world of isolation in the spring, now I'm with you. Able to give you content only until the distractions at home say so. Or in this case, bark so.

Oh yes, home. It's a stay at home a d v i s o r y. Like, I'm advising you it's windy outside. The poor health commissioner.

The Coca Cola strike is over.

Zillow is now kind of a porn site.

Another blockbuster movie succumbs to the pandemic. 

89x is now a country station. I have some memories to share. 

November 18, 2020

Isolating In The Kitchen

Good news. I can do this from the kitchen with a dorky new headset.

Bad news. Bad USB connection on this first 'official' kitchen pod.

But yea, I'm in COVID isolation until I get my results back. Something is up though.

Alex is here and we're talking curfews and the real second wave.

A thousand dollar tip at Bubba's. 

Oh yeah, the little dog might be sick too. 

A chunk of the ECHL cancelled its season, so that doesn't bode well for the Walleye. 

Fleets. No thanks. 

November 13, 2020

Friday Pt. 2 Backpacks for Humans

Another event for this fantastic LOCAL effort is coming up! 

Brandi from the leadership team is here to chat about how previous events have gone, how much the effort has grown, and December 6th's event. And of course how you can help.

She's great and I'm surprised I haven't run into Brandi sooner. She's a school admin and deeply involved in many community endeavors.