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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

November 19, 2018

111918 Michigan or Ohio State

I have to make a choice don't I?

In true and typical Eric Chase fashion, I bet who I'm (slightly) leaning towards is going to aggravate Michigan AND Ohio State fans. Demi, what's your line? SNS!

Oh well, I guess I'm doing my job properly if I'm evoking some emotion in you.

Let's start with a brief condo update and how today went. 



November 17, 2018

111718 Eric, D + Ashleigh

OneSeaSkate is here, and is it the WPSiest thing we've got? Did 'Baker' pull off the first engagement there yet?!

How is D's counseling going? Glad you asked. Fights still happening. Make sure you abide by the rules of warfare.

I have a house buying update. I'm half closed. Eric, WTF is that!? It's half closed and NO POSSESSION. 

Stan Lee died. His vision for acceptance was important, but if you didn't know, many of his credits should include the letters C and O. 

November 13, 2018

111318 Help Out The United Way

My friends Wendy and Lucas from the United Way of Greater Toledo have returned.

Their kickoff to giving event filling 5000 backpacks was an enormous success. So much so that the fire marshal had to keep an eye on them.

Wendy and Lucas would love to have you help in whatever you can with their Adopt-a-Family program. 

If you're an advocate of organized labor and unions this episode and cause definite can't miss.

Giving Tuesday is two weeks away! Perhaps the United Way is the right place for your resources to go. Thank you for considering!

November 10, 2018

111018 Eric, D + Ashleigh

It's a cold ass Saturday morning with the crew. 

A little, ok, more than a little, on Issue 1 failing miserably and some general election and political thoughts. 

My friend Donnell Rawlings is in town at the Funny Bone this weekend. And by friend, I mean, my n word ending in a. D will explain. I wish we had the audio of that interview.

Another week of D's personal and marriage counseling. A refresher of the Rules For Marital Quarrels. 

November 9, 2018

110918 Epic Toledo Leadership Summit Presentation

Some of you Stans, sorry, regulars (THANK YOU!) have heard a good portion of this before, but I was invited to speak and present (I did my own PPT, so proud) at Epic Toledo's Leadership Summit yesterday at the Renaissance Hotel. 

It wasn't recorded, but I want my content there out there to help anyone it can.

The theme FAILURE AND STRONG MENTAL HEALTH. Huh? We're taught to win, but it's rare, if it even happens at all, that we're taught HOW important failure is, and even HOW to fail. We just know the line it's not how we fall, it's how we get up or it's sibling, it's not how many times we fall, it's how many times we get up.

HOW do we get up?

I think I can help thanks(?) to the numerous times my depression has absolutely brought me to the nadir of life itself.

Sans the slides, this is my talk from yesterday, re-recorded at Cumulus Toledo. 

November 7, 2018

110718 Melanie Melfi to Share Her Daughter’s Story

A new car, a new house, two Best of Toledo noms. I have been very fortunate. I'm not dismissive or ignorant of it. That's the prologue of tonight's episode, created after a phone call with my dad aka my benefactor. 

Melanie comes in at the 12:00 mark to share the mental health story of her daughter Hannah. I heard Melanie speak at a powerful mental health event last May at Northview. It took me till now to track her down for a podcast episode. What her and her family have been through to get Hannah to where she is now - alive and improving - would've destroyed most families, and I'm not embellishing that.

Listen to Melanie's story and you'll agree. 

November 6, 2018

110618 Come to Toledo SOUP

Buy local, support local, shop local. I'd bet you say them a lot. Time to put your money - at least $5 of it - where you mouth is for this fall's Toledo SOUP! 

You will get soup for that mouth from three fantastic local spots. Rocky's, Timeout and Rose & Thistle. Eat that while you enjoy presentations from four local efforts vying for the money. Up to $1500 to put towards their community idea.

See you Sunday and of course, listen more for the rest of the info you need. 

Thank you for supporting TOLEDO. 

November 3, 2018

110318 Longest Episode Ever

Eric, Phillipe, Demetrius. We almost made it to two hours!

Here's a rough run down.

Two racial things. No more Christmas in July at Put In Bay and superhero night at the Walleye game.

Do you REALLY need heated seats at a movie theater?

Death by selfie.

Phillipe's sexual persona while not actually being the nympho you'd think. I think MANY women can relate to this. 

Then the 1:00 mark, which you  may want to jump to because that's where D talks about his wife leaving him. It's a long emotional discussion.

And we end with a movie you MUST watch on Netflix if you typically like my suggestions. 

October 31, 2018

103118 My Guest Had To Cancel

I'm not surprised, but totally at ease with this person having to cancel. They have an extremely demanding schedule.

So, lemme fire away at you. 

I want to use my Thanos finger snap on something. Don't worry EVERYONE LIVES. But I hope you try to implement what I'm suggesting.

To that point, Toledo is not the best place, but before you tell me whatever, there IS a hill for this place I WILL die on. 

Yea, it should be a felony if you mess with our caffeine routine. 

I'm not mansplaining. I'm giving you plausible reasons why men do dumb typical-men shit. 

My buddy Jen has a brilliant posit why trick or treating isn't what it was, and it isn't!

Do we have the same Buckeye Cable service? DO WE!?

Students sleeping in class and the teacher not doing a damn thing. I get it though.


October 30, 2018

103018 Eric + Nick Komives From City Council

We are one week out from Election Day. You can actually vote RIGHT NOW! Nick will explain and, if you encounter any issues when voting, he can help there too.

Issue 1 with lessening crimes with heroin, fentanyl and cocaine.

Issue 11 continuing money for mental health funding in the county.

How about for governor of Ohio?

Then fun stuff! Updates on the bike program and will there be more golf carts on our roads.

Always love having Nick on. Hang till the end for super nerd stuff.