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TMR 2.0 is OVER, but the podcast is not. Song free, commercial free, free FREE! Floyd, Alex, Bethany, Ashleigh, UK Philly T and many more Toledo friends and guests.

May 6, 2021

Planning the Party

Alex has recovered from her first ever Opening Day.

Charcuterie boards LOL.

Planning for the party on Saturday including what to drink.

You've been eating and drinking more but have you been doing this less.

More details why the FBI was sniffing around Summit Street.

Mother's Day plans.

Brewski Bites!

South Carolina will use firing squads.

Maybe it is time for this with Superman. 

May 5, 2021

Opening Day Recap!

Why it was the best Opening Day ever for me.

Best Opening Day pic. 

Some restaurant things to share.

Local news DID hit the deputy at Walmart story.

So much fun at this place on Monday night.

20 Under 40 Nominations are open. 

May 3, 2021

Happy Opening Day Eve

Happy Opening Day Eve and the first one that Alex will have ever attended.

Some relationship struggles.

Cheugy is kind of like basic. 

Alex's nephew's first t ball experience is all the dirt kicking you'd expect.

The condo next to me is officially for sale. I'm surprised it's so much less than what I expected the price to be.

DISCLOSURE. Until we almost finished our discussion, I didn't recognize this deputy incident at Walmart was LAST YEAR. But ALL the sentiments (aside from this being the wake of protests) remain. It was terribly mishandled.

Shadow and Bone and more streaming things. 

April 30, 2021

Crazy Child Care Costs

When's this B12 gonna kick in?

I'm not going to shade Campus Polleyes, but hear me out.

Will you work at a fast food place?

Don't rob McDonald's and then ask for food.

Bethany's first Mother's Day!

The exorbitant cost of child care, and just how broken the industry is.

I'm glad those BGSU kids got the book thrown at them.

The GAF returns.

How has your spending changed the last fourteen months. 

April 29, 2021

A Best Friend Successor?

Phillipe on the new Black Captain America.

I may need a best friend successor.

The possibly homophobic UT professor who received a diversity award.

Sheriff Navarre's oped in the Blade about police reform.

Wanna buy the Queen's 24k gold Wii?

If you lose stuff you may need ANOTHER Apple product.

Lana Del Rey.

So many streaming things, subscriptions, shows, movies etc. 

April 27, 2021

An Extra Unemployment Warning

Janet's here to explain last night's full moon.

Opening Day is a go at Packo's.

Thanks to @yourluckytee for the t shirt connect for Alex's nephews little league game. 

Yo! You have to consider something when the extra unemployment runs out.

How should Alex allocate available resources for her wedding next July.

I'm on the board of the Zepf Center. Come to the gold outing in July!

5 reason why the FBI may be in downtown Toledo.

We COULD lose parts of libraries.

Mortal Kombat thoughts!

April 26, 2021

Empathy, Grace, Patience

Another new intro, thanks Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Very very modest spoilers how that show's finale.

It wasn't meant to be for us to make it to Mortal Kombat.

The condo next to me is about to be listed, and Alex went on another showing.

My morning included a visit to the BMV, or whatever you call it.

Someone stole a very meaningful Funko from the Rudy's on Alexis.

You need to do these three as you're going about your retail and restaurant trips.

A new jazz place downtown.

Briefly on the Oscars.

The President of BGSU had a very unfortunate tweet.

Alex on overnights!

April 23, 2021

G0ddamn National Treasure

Where's new Friday cohost Kennedi!?

Shout out to St. Ursula's dance team on their success.

TSA's Undisclosed is looking for more artists for the event on June 24th.

Dog things!

The snow has caused me to do some outdoor work. Watch out area urgent cares.

Halfway to Halloween at the Haunted Hydro is a month away.

Chick FIla is hiring.

Good luck GCMers!

Bethany's husband's identity was stolen.

Levar Burton is going to host Jeopardy and is also helping Ryan Reynolds. 

April 22, 2021

Celebrity Gym Friend!

When are we going to see Mortal Kombat?

Phillipe was getting eye banged at the gym a movie star with 3 million IG followers.

How much is health insurance playing into NO ONE WANTS TO WORK.

Happy free ice cream day from Mr. Freeze.

Alex is set on a wedding venue. Don't steal it on her date!

Faith the dog needs major vision surgery. Two days, two sad dog stories.

A new speakeasy shooting for the Vistula District.

A couple minutes on the Columbus police shooting. 

April 21, 2021

Spring Snow’s SO Bad

Out of season snow caused me a big headache in 2011. We were lucky here.

Mr. Freeze is giving us free ice cream tomorrow.

Perrysburg is getting its DORA. 


Earnest Brewworks with another new beer, and helping our zoo and pandas.

How important is local radio important to you?