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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

July 12, 2018

071218 Eric + Deja D. Dellatero

In its third year Lovefest at the Love Wall in Uptown Toledo on Adams is going to be bigger, better, louder, sexier and more inclusive and diverse than ever. It's always been the last two.

Join Deja, Phillipe and Selena hosting beginning at 3 and going till VERY late. Music, drag performances, DJs, food truck and SO MUCH MORE.

Also, Floyd's failing nerd-dom, dining and dashing...where do most dick pics get taken?

Do you know how much that Build a Bear actually cost you, if you even got one!? 

And someone else who knows who Kwame is!

July 10, 2018

071018 Eric + Mystery Guest

This person had to come in and talk about Selena and Justin. Sounds like repressed Britney and Justin angst to me.

Also, let her ask all the questions you want to about my relationship. She's also helpful with a situation I have with my birthday present. My birthday was several months ago. 

And in the end, I'll introduce her. 

July 9, 2018

070918 Eric + BCSN’s Jordan Tomase

Jordan is DEFINITELY in the Fam now, so get her last name right. 

Let's hype you on Amazon Prime day...and all the Prime stuff you might not be keyed in on. 

Costco, Kirkland's, Home Goods, Marketplace Krogers, of course Target and other places where you're a slave to needless impulse buys.

Breaking down Bieber + Baldwin, and a suggestion for their former BAEs.

Your fave Toledo and NWO area summer events. 

Join BCSN, get a car wash, help out area kids for school. 


July 7, 2018

070718 Eric D + Ashleigh

Who's the dumbest MFer in Toledo? Lots and lots of good options, but at least for 24 hours, it's me. 

But first...Connor Nicodemus is home for the summer and he's been assigned some chores. Simple ones, lawn mowing, cleaning up the yard of poop. Easy, right? Nah.

When parents are split who decides the boy's hairstyle?

Habitat for Humanity is awfully rigid in the guidelines for donating furniture to them. Just come take my shit! 


July 2, 2018

070218 Eric + Jordan From BCSN

Week 1 went so well, we brought Jordan Tomase back. 

On this episode...

Jordan's birthday dinner took HOURS because of TWO forgotten food tickets. But, free drinks!

Lebron leaves for LA.

Unattractive people experiencing cognitive dissonance. 

Quick thoughts on Drake's Scorpion.

Social media moves like Kanye, Kylie and more. 

Upside down bathing suit tops NOT becoming a thing. 

June 30, 2018

063018 Eric Ashleigh Phone D

Just how much can/should we share from our lives on the air, and of course on social. D's an expert on this stuff, so his insight is invaluable. I should/could have exercised a little more care. 


White Star Quarry visit for the Nicodemus crew.

Forgetting to feed kids.

Tell your kids the truth about dead pets?

Can I move back the start date for my relationship?


June 27, 2018

062718 Eric ft. Cohen

Have you ever wondered what Cohen, or any five year old's favorite flavors of ice cream are?

Wanna know how many times my girlfriend angrily questioned my sexuality?

Cohen gives you these answers.

First in the prologue, a brief question. When does a relationship actually begin?

June 26, 2018

062618 Eric’s Mini Oral Book Report

I'm only about 2/3 done Lost Connections by Johann Hari but I couldn't wait any longer to share my thoughts.

It has completely challenged my beliefs about antidepressants - and I feel like the data provided is sound. C'mon don't out-cynical me! 

Two themes of the book so far:

Chemical imbalance is bullshit, junk science.

It's the environment stupid. 

“Regrettably, recent decades have been marked with excessive medicalization of mental health and the overuse of biomedical interventions, including in the treatment of depression and suicide prevention,” he said. While there is a role for medications, he added, we need to stop using them “to address issues which are closely related to social problems.”

That's an expert's quote from the article promoting the book. 

Sooooo, if medication is mostly junk, WHY AREN'T I TOSSING MY CYMBALTA. 

Let me explain...

June 25, 2018

062518 Eric + BCSN’s Jordan Tomase

Jordan - get her last name right - is headed into her second year at BCSN as we move toward another high school sports year. Help me propel her past YOU KNOW WHO STRACK as THE epicenter of high school sports media in NW Ohio. 

Jordan's also doing features for BCAN. Did know you we have a thriving arts scene in Toledo?! It's not just TMA and TSA. 

Also, podcast tastes, Lebron, Demi v Selena v Ariana, and why women have it much more painful when it comes to clothing. Thank you Evangeline Lilly promoing Ant Man and The Wasp. 

Follow Jordan on the socials she'll allow you and all of the BCSN channels!

June 23, 2018

062318 Eric, Philly T + Ashleigh

It's usually Phillipe that forgets to show up, but D said 'if it rains I'll be there.' Well it's raining, and no D. 


Update on Phillipe's VERY long distance relationship and a possible threat from another man

Ashleigh's very alcoholic uptown and downtown 34th birthday

At least six chardonnays and Eric's negligent relationship libido are not a good pairing

Bed bug issue at the mall movie theater? Prob not

And a lot more!

BTW - new show Mon - Fri on Q105 7-12m!