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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

September 20, 2018

092018 NERDS Eric, Peapod, Vin The Hater

Henry Cavill isn't going to be Superman anymore? We're not sure. But as that rumor exploded last week, the name Michael B. Jordan was floated as a potential successor.

If you didn't know, Cavill is white, like Clark Kent and Superman. MBJ is not white. But he's white hot as far as cinema is concerned right now. I can see the appeal. 

Vinny and Peapod were part of an enligthening Twitter discussion about diversity and representation when it comes to comics and superhero movies, so I wanted to bring all of that and more, to the podcast.

WARNING. This is the nerdiest podcast ever. A squirrel superhero, 52 Earths, and on and on. 

September 19, 2018

091918 Eric + Rachel Valis From AFSP

It'll be my fifth year hosting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Out of the Darkness walk. Mouthfuls. AFSP and OOTD (not outfit of the day!) from here on out, so keep up.

At the walk, I say I'm there, so that one day my dad doesn't have to be. 

I could give you all the details of the event, but I'd rather you spend the time listening the OOTD's (see, there it is) walk chair, and my friend, Rachel Valis discussing why you should join us, and what got her involved with the cause. Though I'm sure you may be able to guess. 


September 17, 2018

091718 Eric w Realtors Kim + Kylene Boos

I made some new friends going through the home buying process. And no, I didn't paint orange walls in a new home. I'm staying right where I am - for reasons - and decided to add some new life to the place after six years.

Anyway, Kim and her daughter Kylene - who I did not kill (towards the end of the episodes) - basically provided me with a three week crash course on home buying. 

I wanted them to share their immense knowledge with you, so you can learn what I learned. Just how different things are from 1990 (when Kim began) to now, what to look for, when to buy, and conversely, how to be a better seller as well.

We'll wrap up with some fun Stories From the Realtor. Like, when your bathroom is worth more than your home, or the potential buyer than had gas issues. 

September 15, 2018

091518 Eric, D + Philly T

Finally! Our schedules allowed us to get together for the first time in a while.

As for schedules, as a group we'll break down Mark Wahlberg's peculiar schedule, and then Demetrius will walk us through his routine that begins nearly as early as Wahlberg's. A lot of coffee and the wrong kind of TV show to ask for sex with.

First, I had a very Demetrius-like situation. I kept some very important info from my dear neighbhor...to preserve her feelings, or to prevent from hurting them. It backfired. 

Do you do Facetime sex? Phillipe has to. Because Danny is over in London. It's much...BIGGER than just that though!

Days like this make me miss the old show. It's good when we can link up. I hope you enjoy it as well. 

September 13, 2018

091318 Eric + Mary Beth Zolik

I call her cancer's worst enemy. Because TWICE now my dear friend and former coworker Mary Beth Zolik has beaten cancer. 

You may have read about or seen her story on WTOL, but you know what to do this podcast style. 

How was Peg an integral part in aiding Mary Beth to help her literally save her own life? 

Why are T cell's pumped up? 

Let's give you some hope than cancer is not so indefatigable, especially with some of the wondrous medical advances MB talks about in this episode.

But really, she's here to offer some reasoned dismay at the Lions putrid performance on Monday night. There's no one, NO. ONE. I'd rather talk sports with in Toledo than Mary Beth. 

Let's go. 

September 11, 2018

091118 Eric + Cheryl From Glass City Grind

My friend Cheryl Leonard from the Glass City Grind is here to talk about the show's upcoming fourth season on YouTube and on Buckeye channel 69. Yes. That show name on that channel. Stop! It's about all kinds of area events and people doing good things here where we live. 

But first, just Eric and Cheryl chat.

She needs to learn how to curse. Her kids are older now, and she wants to get away from SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Cursing can be done in tactful, artful ways. She just needs help with that. 

Cheryl also has questions about my orange wall, and much more. 


September 10, 2018

091018 The Incredible Eric

That is a Marvel reference NOT being overly conceited. 

Hey, the first of several episodes this week! A former coworker and also a Toledo radio legend will be on with me Thursday!

I'm seething. My rage is greener than Hulk's.

Why? I dunno. But the long lasting stomach issue IS central part of it I assure you. Good news. I'm not anxious that it's cancer. In the past I would've been. This thing has kept me from having coffee for four days. Is life even worth living without coffee!?

To things...

Let's talk about cable and internet providers.

Let's talk about Nike. 

Let's talk about an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote that guides my life.

Let's wonder why Mac Miller never had a single radio hit.

Let's talk about Serena Williams' Saturday night at the US Open.  

September 8, 2018

090818 Eric, Ashleigh + Philly T

Ashleigh and Phillipe wanna know why Eric was in a Walmart.

Ashleigh's old Bumble store is getting a tasty new tenant.

A haunted house for sale in Maumee, but why?

And all the drama with Mac Miller, Em + MGK and Nicki v Cardi.

September 5, 2018

090518 Eric + 419 Rock Radio Legend Grizzly!

The Browns haven't won anything since...well, I can't remember. Bernie Kosas, some drama that happened against John Elway, the team leaving Cleveland. It's a sad history. 

Toledo rock radio legend Grizzly Brown from 94.5 XKR is the most optomistic and devoted Browns fan I've ever met. All the losses, all the quarterbacks, all the head coaches, and he's still ride or die with a smile, and hope for a Sunday victory.

Griz shares some things in this episode he's never before mentioned on any of his shows in his two decade plus radio career. 

Sure, the anger lurks, but we should try to be a little bit more like Griz when it comes to our sports fandoms. They're games. We're passionate about them and our teams, but there's so much more to life. 

September 5, 2018

090518 Eric + The Hens Rob Wiercinski

I've been saying it since back in early August. 'Ya know, we always seem to have playoff hockey in Toledo. It's quite possible we could have playoff baseball.'

And for the first time in Toledo since 2007, the Mud Hens are in the playoffs.

Six wins from the Governors Cup and the International League championship.

Super quick chat with Rob Wiercinski about how this all came together, how the organization scrambled to make these playoff games happen, why the games are at 635 and more on MUD HENS PLAYOFF BASEBALL IN TOLEDO. 

#REDALERT and more on playoff ticket info HERE.