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TMR 2.0 is OVER, but the podcast is not. Song free, commercial free, free FREE! Floyd, Alex, Bethany, Ashleigh, UK Philly T and many more Toledo friends and guests.

March 4, 2021

Alex SOCLOSE To Home Buying

Ashleigh is back, and that's weird because we expected her and her fancy new car to plummet into the ravine on her street. 

She also completed the showdown her son's teacher over virtual learning/teaching issues.

Alex is rampaging through the home buying process. 

Lots and lots of life stuff. Kids, neighborhoods, college. Just three friends talking.

Seagate is the slowest demo ever, but Ashleigh has the info. 

March 3, 2021

Processing All That Grief

My good friend, and Executive Director, Dorothy Mockensturm from Good Grief of NWO is back on the podcast today.

We've lost half a million Americans. Many Ohioans. I wouldn't be abiding by my values if I didn't have Dorothy on to remind you how GG can be SO immensely helpful when it comes to kids and teens as they process the loss of a loved one.


Moving Opening Day to May is THE BEST play. Hear me out.

My first shower was not great. I will never get that one back!

Time to get the poop shovel and bag neighbors!

March 2, 2021

Zach Farrugia Says SMILE

Yo! If you're here just to hear about Zach and his sign go to the 30:00 mark of today's episodes. 

Zach is an extremely impressive kid, make that human. Wise and thoughtful beyond his years. He knows things that took me and lots of other adults well into our 20s, 30s and even beyond to learn.

Before that...

Another quality perspective on the hiring of JoJuan Armour.

Can we compromise on a certain phrasing when it comes to suicide.

Instead of asking for higher wages, do this...

Some lighter stuff too, with side parted hair, removing chocolate from a legendary treat, and an anecdote that connects to my finally finished shower. 

March 1, 2021

Floyd’s Back!

Before we talk about where Floyd's been, we finally got the time to discussing the city's hiring of JoJuan Armour, and his role in reducing violence in Toledo.

Here is he! With a lot less vision, so Floyd is dabbling in a different kind of spectacle these days.

Alex's house hunting is going as poorly as yours is.

We're not going to talk about the Golden Globes.

Good for Jonah Hill. All three of us can very much relate to not being comfortable with our larger than we'd like selves. 


February 26, 2021

Uncle-To-Be Eric Updates!

We've got to build the podcast! Of course we'd like your help. Share? Rate and review on podcast platforms please.

I've got Uncle-to-be Eric updates about furniture, an ultra sound and a name for her.

TSA's biggest fundraiser of the year, Steppin' Out, needs to be on your calendar.

Bring back the OWE Festival. Or is it too late?

Alex's second dose update.

Black History Month protest with St. John's student.

February 24, 2021

Told You! Go To The Movies

I'm going to take a victory after hearing what I did from The Atlantic's Derek Thompson today when he did a Bill Simmons podcast to talk LOTS of COVID. GO. TO. THE. MOVIES.

I'm very sorry for the miscommunication and inadvertently hurting someone's feelings.

Can I have your paw?

Us Jews, we have an incredibly cool and chill religion I think. A guy wanted a to KILL ALL OF US and we made a cookie for him. 

Hat Fishing. Do better millennial girl!

Was not expecting, but also not totally surprised with a $221 Edison bill. 


February 23, 2021

You Don’t Get to Say Who Is or Isn’t Offended

So much death, maybe my friends at Good Grief of NWO can help yours kids and teens.


The bar fines for COVID are pathetic. Maybe they're supposed to be. 

No more Cherokees for Jeep. Very fair minded discourse to start.

The chicken wars are scorching. Free sandwiches Thursday.

Are you in a gang or a cult!? You all have the same hat

JANET IS BACK! 2021 will be good. Not 'anything's better than 2020 good.' Just listen! Also, it's a snow moon!


February 22, 2021

I’ll Do This MAJOR Day On Facetime

Can I aid you in your social media endeavors? I swear it's not that hard. Free help too.

As quickly as he turned into a basketcase, N'dre got back to normal.

Chevy's Place is a worrisome harbinger of mine for all things Opening Day.

Vote for three local chefs in a national competition

Philly artist commemoratives Officers Dia and Stalker. That is a cool connection for me. 

I've told you about boxer Jared Anderson over and over, but where has this fellow Toledo boxer been? 

Is a Dunkin' replaces  Rally's on Airport and Byrne?

Legendary electronic group breaks up. 

A couple things to get in your viewing queue. 

Another remind to not look like everyone else. Embrace you, your quirks and individuality. 



February 19, 2021

They Stole The Riding Mower!

This episode begins like none ever has before.

Before Phillipe hopped on Bethany and I were just chatting and then she drops the crime of the century!


An N'dre update.

Watch out for Deathsicles. Seriously. Look up. Be aware.

The Old West End is still not plowed. 

I have great hesitancy with Opening Day. But IT can work.

Post COVID life. 

The Prince may die.

Back to school is happening soon.

Phillipe's gotta move out of his UK neighborhood, or he thinks he will get deported. 

February 18, 2021

No Sympathy

All of the sudden I have wedding questions for Alex.

N'dre won't stop shivering and shaking :(

Alex is not gonna let me help her make a smart car decision.

I'm excited for the Mars lander. Safe travels!

I don't have sympathy for Rush's passing. I'm a little more pugnacious with my thoughts about it a day later.

Serena loses to Naomi late last night. Watching legends lose to time.

Why are there chicken sandwich wars?

Alex, I'm not qualified to offer wedding dress opinions.