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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

July 18, 2019

My GF Molly Stopped By!

Thursday July 18th

(00:00) We’re still in FaceAppmania. I’ve seen a newborn on it, and someone who ran their pic thru LOTS of times.

(09:47) It’s (almost) only creepy or stalkery if you don’t find them attractive.

(19:54) Don’t leave loved ones in hot vehicles. What about non loved ones? One Has To Go with some of fast food’s greatest items ever.

(25:36) Excessive heat watch. Floyd wants to know what that means. Stay off the road? Buddhists vs. Emmajean Road heats up. Huron will become two way. Natasha Howard denies abuse allegations. Nelly is coming.

(33:12) Kevin Spacey charge dropped. AP Bio is coming back. SpongeBob will continue on. Lil Jon made a Taco Tuesday song, and the Git Up Challenge.

(46:09) Back to school worries.

(55:26) TBT with HOT and SUMMER songs, first, more Taco Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuesday!

(1:01:38) Javier Bardem may be King Triton. Gossip Girl is being rebooted. The Git Up Challenge.

(1:10:54) We debut Password on the show.

(1:16:53) PFOL. How much your hair costs. Best summertime food. What does your SO do that embarrasses you or the family.

(1:23:45) They self submitted for Emmy’s, and my girlfriend Molly is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 17, 2019

Swimming Instead of Showering

Wednesday July 17th

(00:00) The FaceApp madness.

(7:48) Floyd’s review of Burger King’s attempt at a taco. #TacNo.

(16:14) Black does crack, for Floyd’s FaceApp pic. A disgusting version of Deal or No Deal.

(22:46) The other Steak n Shake has reopened. Sylvania schools still gonna drug test. A Polish cultural center locally is a good idea. Extended city pool hours for the heat wave. Cedar Point ticket scam.

(30:21) Emmy noms are out, and GOT rules. A Bey C, and the video for Spirit. Hooray, we’re getting another Thor from Taiki Waititi!

(41:19) Did you know that some people think being in the pool is a substitute for showering.

(48:47) What’s the one piece of high fashion you splurged for.

(57:07) Pink shut down her comments on IG. R. Kelly is staying in jail. Iggy vs or maybe feat Peppa.

(1:05:04) PFOL best sucker to lick. Have you broken a heart. Biggest mom lie.

(1:14:19) Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee with possibly the greatest term we ever came across.

(1:20:35) Taron Egerton as Wolverine, Vanessa Kirby as Catwoman? Brad Paisley’s golden buzzer. And maybe just once more for Dusty Bun. 

July 16, 2019

Sorry, More 80s

Tuesday July 16th

(00:00) Floyd fell asleep to the Neverending Story soundtrack. Go adopt Molly at LC4. Help my friend find a job?

(10:41) Buyer’s remorse for Prime Day. Now let’s rank that with other big sale days, some decades of EDM and 80s fantasy creatures.

(16:30) Lovefest turned into Ex-Fest for one unlucky performer. A warning to watch your dating at works habits, if there are any.

(24:21) One of our Steak n Shake spots has reopened; the other might today. The SeaGate Center is getting a new name, like Promedica something. 419 years for the Charlottesville driver. The US Air Force is not joking. Pizzacat raises prices $1 and surprisingly no one bitched!

(33:52) Our Elvis actor is a newcomer to Hollywood stardom. Major Bachelorette drama. Post Malone is coming to Detroit on September 29th.

(41:04) We’ve got a video of the nasty at Steak n Shake. Funniest Amazon reviews for things like a UFO Detector, a women’s only BIC pen, a pizza pouch.

(51:00) PFOL a sale you can’t resist. A brand your loyal to. What’s a sexy food. Riskiest place you’ve ever had sex.

(57:19) 13 Reasons Why has edited out a scene from season one. Making The Band is coming back. Ari is the new face of Givenchy.

(1:03:45) Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with more 80s fun.

(1:10:26) Jeffy McGee our po culture guru is here to play the Trailer Game with us. Actors who’ve been in either Lion King movie.

(1:17:54) Things to watch, stream, download and play with Jeffy!

July 15, 2019

Neverending Story Song + More

Monday July 15th

(00:00) Lovefest recap

(08:25) It was requested we start the show with some chilling Stranger Things nostalgia.

(19:10) Friday’s Manic Music Mix. I can still throw a baseball. My body didn’t let me for a long time.

(24:51) The Marathon is done. Toledo violent crime is down. Toledo Bachelor still looking. The raid on Area 51.

(36:10) We have a new 007. J. Lo’s NYC show was shutdown due to the black out. R. Kelly was arrested while walking his dog.

(43:31) Do you know what your name would be if you were the opposite sex?

(53:12) PFOL with lots of rapid fire question for Janie, Carissa and Liz.

(1:00:05) Spider-Man wins the box office. Beyonce and the royals. Scarlet Johansson had some drama over the weekend. No Sex And The City 3 with Kim Cattrell.

(1:12:13) Janet is here and so is the full moon.

(1:20:15) Janet and Nicole!

(1:22:12) Janet meets Janet. And Janet likes September 20th. We will get to that.

(1:26:53) Does Janet think it’s a good idea to storm Area 51? Astrology meets astronomy.

July 12, 2019

Most Fab Show Ever

Friday July 12th

(00:00) So much to get to this morning. What’s coming up. Lousy Lion King reviews. Tucker and I went to the Imagination Station yesterday and I was told to look for my friends kids. Eek.

(10:41) The Lion King soundtrack has been released. Three of the tracks.

(17:02) Maybe the most challenging Manic Music Mix ever. REALLY. Floyd’s Aunt’s celebration of life, with Aunt Tina t shirts.

(23:12) Algal bloom summer forecast. Steak n Shutdown. More 75 ramps closing by the casino. More Southwyck discourse. Waite grad going to WNBA All Star Game

(33:22) Our friend Bethany from TSA is here. Our first deep Stranger Things chat. More Lion King discussion. R. Kelly is in custody.

(41:50) There is a Steak n Shake vigil tonight. I have questions about your job.

(50:53) If I die please say ‘he was always prepared.’ Our guest will be in after 8, so it’s FIVE SECOND RULE time!

(57:07) Hakuna Matata! Beyonce goes where no one else does. Tupac’s breakup letter to Madonna will be auctioned off. Olivia Culp, my Facebook page.

(1:05:10) Former TSA student Maya Ramirez is here to talk about her duct tape dress scholarship and what’s next for her.

(1:13:47) A Stranger Things correction!

(1:17:20) Betty Jane is here to talk about the Sweet Deal for Rib Off, but not yet. First, she’s on our PFOL.

(1:22:10) OK now Rib Off deals with Betty Jane from the Blade.

July 11, 2019

Philay Mignon Back for TBT Showdown

Thursday July 11th

(00:00) Diana Ross is tomorrow night. What’s going down at Brothers!? I finally began Stranger Things and caught a production snafu.

(8:30) Floyd’s aunt’s funeral is today. Does Netflix have all of its DVDs back? Why do people use Red Box?

(17:33) Whole Foods is finally opening. CVS has drug drop off bins now. TPD and Bambi. Maya Ramirez from TSA is a winner again. Humane Ohio is cheaply spaying and neutering. Volunteer at the Air Show.

(27:19) Not Taylor Swift, but Taylor Shade. A famed Wonka actress died. Regina King is making her directorial debut with a Cassius Clay take.

(38:01) Ashleigh’s not here today for TBT so sitting in for her is last week’s guest, Philay Mignon, our talent show winner.

(48:48) Strange animal encounters in your home. Bats, snakes, bears oh my.

(58:08) Animal encounters part two! Featuring my dad and his avian rescue operation.

(1:05:47) Emma is here from Toledo Pride Terp’n Team. She’s one of the fantastic interpreters for this year’s Lovefest. See you Saturday.

(1:18:56) PFOL with Emma still here with us, and Alan answering for his wife Jaime.

(1:24:54) MLT and some things on the Lion King. Let us know when we should do MY MOM WAS DEAD WRONG.

July 10, 2019

Golf Bro Debuts

Wednesday July 10th

We’re starting with death and dying. And my behavior at the Starbucks in Barnes + Noble at Fallen Timbers.

The new Beyonce from the Lion King movie and WHAT I saw yesterday.

Detours, the county fair, assigned movie seating and more in Floyd’s take at The Rated Game.

A new facility for LC4. The Marathon  is giving to our area. Tacos at Burger King. The girl who fell from the cruise.

More on Beyonce. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston duped Breaking Bad fans. HBO Max is coming

Andrea from the Wood County Humane Society here. They’ve got a concert series beginning on July 20th in BG. And Floyd still needs a dog.

What song would you sing, knowing every lyric, to save your life.

So much Bachelorette drama. Cameron Boyce had epilepsy. Luke Islam got a Golden Buzzer.

Why is the City Paper writer questioning Peter Ujvagi’s reason for not running for council reelection?

The debut of Floyd as GOLF BRO!

MLT and maybe most liked meme too?

July 9, 2019

No More ‘Only In Toledo’

Tuesday July 9th

You should go adopt Lloyd from LC4. He’s a good boy who loves looking in windows, and the adoption fee is just $5.

Floyd’s friends attempted a threesome. Attempted.


Dress like a cow for free Chick Fil a today. Cops and Cones is on the streets. The Lucas Country Fair has begun. Paula Brown Shop is closing and you can buy stuff from the French Quarter.

The Judy trailer has hit. A new Whitney track. 41 million have watched Stranger Things.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with Happy Gilmore questions.

WE, NO YOU, have to stop with the Only In Toledo bullshit.

Love Island begins. Sarah Paulson won’t have much in season nine of AHS. Shawn and Camila rumors.

Our pop culture superhero Jeffy McGee is here. Longest running top movies for the Trailer Game.

All things to stream and watch with Jeffy and MLT.

July 8, 2019

The New Ariel

Monday July 8

We’re back. You’re back. Floyd did something very out of character on Saturday.

To shake the doldrums I’ve been living in, I went to something a bit scaley.

The Rated Game, and Floyd and I may be looking for a couple items.

Corey Road bridge under construction soon. You can rent the treehouses at Oak Openings next spring. Happy Marathon Classic week. Toledo the test market again, this time for Subway working with Halo Top.

A Disney star has died. The Mulan trailer – minus singing – debuted. Ethan Hawke’s daughter is a Stranger Things break out.

The Little Mermaid drama.

PFOL. Women’s sports. Best decision you ever made. How long have you had your phone number.

Janet is here and retrograde is messing with us all.

We’re figuring out the new end of the show, but here’s a MLT!

July 3, 2019

Another IMpact + INspire Event

Wednesday July 3rd

Miss Donna has a basic white girl trapped in her.

Spider-Man was so good! You will enjoy it like the Tobey ones.

Manic Music Mix, and Ed Sheeran got sued by Kandi?!

The nurses have ratified. TPD’s ShotSpotter is up and running. The beginning of the end of the 75 construction. Tomorrow is our Day in the Sun.

More Lion King promo art. Demo Lovato is Bachelorette thirsty. More Tom Holland and Jake G.

Mark down July 18th, another Promedica Impact and Inspire is here, at the Glass Pavilion.

PFOL! Yes or no to White Claws. What your SO says ALL the time. Best thing about your street.

Channing Tatum had a stalking squatter. Breaking Bad movie coming sooner. Bill + Ted is shooting now. Tarantino may be done.

Taylor’s Scooter trouble, speed cams, and Toledo’s most dangerous intersections.

Wedding dress codes can be confusing.

Laura is here with Maggie and she’s just $5 at LC4. And MLT.