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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

January 17, 2020

Loaded Questions Debuts

Friday January 17th

(00:00) NAMI chili cookoff last night, and coming across ‘one of my own.’

(12:03) An Eminem album dropped last night. Toledo gets a shout out.

(19:45) Would You Rather with dinosaurs, Youtube and Krispy Kreme.

(24:56) The Anderson’s receive big fine for summertime deaths. Lucas County receives opioid money. Dog abuser may be charged with felony. Hull Prairie student may name Mars rover.

(31:03) Demi will sing the national anthem. Ariana Grande’s people accused of stealing production. Watchmen not likely to come back.

(40:43) Have you watched the Aaron Hernandez doc yet?

(52:17) Things to cover yourself, reasons you go to Target, things with spikes in the 5 Second Rule.

(56:30) NBC’s Peacock will be excellent for exclusive Olympic coverage. Selena is buying her own album.

(1:02:38) Rabid creatures in your home, what you don’t want you boss to find out, how often you shave this…and more in PFOL.

(1:09:05) Loaded questions. Floyd and Bethany will give you the answers, but you don’t know the questions.

(1:19:35) Lindsay Lohan is ALIVE, well, probably and giving us new music.

January 16, 2020

TBT Is Here With Corny Hip Hop

Thursday January 16th

(00:00) Floyd has an comprehensive spectrum of shows he watches. I do not.

(9:10) Join us for the NAMI chili cookoff tonight. Also, a thought on people who create mental health stigma. That is, aside, from FUCK THEM.

(16:41) One Has To Go.

(22:21) Lots of LEDs coming. Parts of 75 to open, parts to close. Walleye bring back a goalie from last year.

(27:41) A stacked class of Rock N Roll HOF inductions. Probably no more Mindhunter. A new Vanderpump cast member has some old, abhorrent tweets.

(38:12) Floyd experienced the pick up line for the first time. Never again.

(45:30) TBT with some corny and novelty hip hop songs.

(51:00) A Friends re- something is possible. The Gossip Girl reboot IS happening. People get upset at Wendy Williams.

(57:39) How would you get people to vote for you, your favorite friends episode and more in PFOL.

(1:04:42) Can I guess your job?

(1:11:56) GOT is coming…in 2022. British producer says Bond will always be a man.

January 15, 2020

Why The Krispy Kreme Line!?

Wednesday January 15th

(00:00) A lot of my friends got fired yesterday. Here in Toledo and all over the country. Floyd was the first of us to get to the TMA Fireflies exhibit.

(10:14) The rest of Floyd’s visit to TMA. Why were you in line at Krispy Kreme?

(16:17) A friend says he’d never hire me at his store, so I asked Floyd for a list of places where I’d be unemployable.

(22:47) Finding Harley Dilly. Stop dumping in East Toledo. Maurice Clarett and his story of redemption and rebirth was here yesterday. Massive Ohio coaster on track to open. Baby Yoda Build A Bear.

(30:17) Billie Eilish doing a Bond theme. Mandy Moore has new music. Ja Rule needs better business advisors.

(37:32) Our first Urban Dictonary Spelling Bee of 2020. Fun for ALL the kids.

(43ish) Alex is here to talk about her mom questioning her purchases or lack of.

(51ish) Chris Harrison with a reveal of who he didn’t mesh with on the show. Demi returns to the Grammys. LOTR castings for the Prime show.

(58:39) Valentine’s expectations, things that are NOT icky to you and more in the PFOL.

(1:06:05) The Press Conference game!

(1:14:15) Meghan Markle back to work. Jillian Michaels keeps talking. You is renewed.

January 14, 2020

Creepy Or Not Creepy

Tuesday January 14th

(00:00) Creepy or Not Creepy to start the morning. Of course, I’m the subject.

(10:09) Join us for the NAMI chili cookoff Thursday night.

(15:19) Some of the Bachelor from last night, and muffins, Krispy Kreme and more in the Rated Game.

(20:12) Soon an update on the Harley Dilly situation. Walle Rockets offers to close. UT students doing well in class. Free nuggets!

(27:01) Kelsey’s champagne facial last night, and Oscar nom talk.

(35:33) Paul struggles through a Will Smith themed Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(40:21) Promedica’s next Impact and Inspire is next Thursday, aiding social determinants of better health.

(46:59) Jonas Brothers redo the Kardashians. The View loses a member. Cardi the congresswoman.

(55:20) Foulest smell ever, hardest place in your home to keep clean, the part of your life that would be reality show worthy.

(59:57) Doolittle comes out this week, so talking animals is the theme with The Trailer Game.

(1:06:28) Dracula, Saved By The Bell and more with Jeffy McGee.

January 13, 2020

Gettin’ Ready For Oscar Noms

Monday January 13th

(00:00) I DO NOT have a sinus infection. I AM in the minority for 1917. Sorry.

(8:41) We survived the torrential rain. We haven’t had a fun celeb mug shot for a while, enter Trick Daddy. Billy Porter’s butterflies from the Critic’s Choice awards.

(16:27) Monday’s Manic Music Mix and we have 2 and a half identified in one segment.

(20:13) 17 cars piled up on the Trail yesterday. Krispy Kreme returns. Walleye blood drive. Winterfest is reschedule. The Browns have a coach!

(28:05) One more identified in the music mix. Tina and Amy are back! What ISN’T sustainable about a suit?! There’s a cool concert coming to Toledo, but I can’t mention it yet.

(35:28) Kelsey from the library is here because Read to Win for January is almost over. Mancy’s, tix to Florida and more.

(43:43) Floyd’s dating situation is better than I expected.

(51:11) Mike and Marcus are official Miami police officers. Oprah pulls out of Me Too doc.

(57:58) Ooooooo baby making question starts us off with Janet.

(1:04:56) More Janet!

(1:10:49) And more with some Oscar noms.

(1:16:00) Janet with sign and quick hits on Oscars.

January 10, 2020

The City Shined with POTUS

Friday January 10th

(00:00) Schmuckers, Proud To Be An American, and I hope you cleaned your gutters.

(9:02) 13’s Tony Geftos on the aftermath downtown.

(16:52) I think everyone secretly know this fraternity they’re in. It just doesn’t come up much.

(20:28) Remember the duo that used a 13 year old to rob the bank? No self driving vehicles for TARTA for now. New flower exhibit coming to the PM museum at the zoo. Things to do this weekend.

(27:38) Oprah got pulled into the Harry/Meghan drama. Ellen helps Australia. Will raps with Jimmy.

(35:01) Kim from TSA is here to talk about the jazz event, Songs For Our Sister at the school next Sunday.

(40:28) Things people lose, things they don’t lose, places you put mustard and more the Five Second Rule.

(46:20) Demi on Will and Grace. American Horror Story renewed. We’re still proud Americans.

(52:18) Most beautiful place you’ve ever been, most embarrassing work incident, and more in PFOL.

(59:31) Two Truths and a Lie.

(1:05:31) The Harry Potter experience coming to NYC and Dean Cain is still in Toledo.

January 9, 2020

Trump Is Coming!

Thursday January 9th

(00:00) Shout out to the entertaining people at Kroger at Spring Meadows!

(6:00) A small incident at the theater at Fallen Timbers we need Floyd’s insight on.

(14:18) Do not bring your toaster to the POTUS rally.

(17:35) Floyd’s Book Of World Records. Which do we want to try and break.

(21:31) More on the Trump rally today with floats, parties and closings. BUT NO TOASTERS.

(26:55) I’m borrowing this phrase The Ringer, but let’s discuss the Megxit. Jillian Michaels’ unwise words towards Lizzo. Oscars doing it again.

(35:31) Ashleigh’s older child has an issue with the younger one, and something Ashleigh and her husband aren’t doing about it.

(39:53) TBT with songs that woman might be dance to at a certain establishment.

(48:02) #KateBclapbacks, new Mac Miller music, Justin Bieber has Lyme disease and the next ABC musical.

(55:50) The PFOL gave us a surprising revelation about an affair!

(1:04:59) Do you have a Dr. Pimple Popper story.

(1:11) More Megxit with Ashleigh now, and the expansion of the Bachelor universe.

January 8, 2020

Toledo In The 2020s

Wednesday January 8th

(0:00) More of my Dracula experience. Wanna offer me some medical advice? Promise I won’t let it panic me into a cancer diagnosis. Promise.

(7:ish) With the Iran retaliation tomorrow is gonna be even hairier with POTUS in town. Some of my predictions for the 2020s in Toledo. Enjoy.

(15:31) Vampires, cupcakes, windmills and more in The Rated Game.

(22:12) Iran’s retaliation. Harley Dilly reward over 17k now. A member of the Central Park Five will be in town at UT on Saturday. Macy’s is closing some stores.

(27:25) A couple numbers from POTUS’ impending visit. The Masked Singer is getting a partner show. Blake and Gwen to duet at the Grammy’s. Floyd vomit emoji.

(33:43) Scott is here because one of the signs of spring in Toledo is almost here, Acoustics for Autism.

(40:30) The ‘hey, you know anyone hiring people.’

(48:05) I’m here for Colin Farrell Celeb Part 2. Blac Chyna is out of control. Creator of Ugly Betty died.

(54:30) Alex came across a very abrupt break up with a summer wedding.

(1:08:01) The Girl Scouts are here with a mystery box for Floyd.

Sorry time’s off, but we wrap up with super Jeopardy and the world being on fire.  

January 7, 2020

Friends From NAMI Visit

Tuesday January 7th

(0:00) Teaching Floyd a lesson about this line of work. It’s very hard to determine whether we had a successful show or not. There’s no scoreboard.

(7:29) I dearly apologize for not commenting yesterday on the searing end of Ricky Gervais GG monologue, which I agree with.

(13:52) I started Dracula.

(17:52) The first WYR of 2020.

(22:16) Preparation for the President’s arrival. Too much gunfire on NYE. Walleye have an ECHL All Star. A purse snatcher at the Kroger in Perrysburg.

(29:01) Jeopardy hits primetime tonight. A surprising potential casting for the next Thor.

(37:36) Brad Pitt is the theme for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(41:26) My good friend Robin Isenberg, the executive director of NAMI of Greater Toledo is here because Floyd will be a celeb judge for next week’s NAMI Chili Cookoff. I hope you can make it.

(51:05) Why is Lizzo backing off Twitter. Chris Hemsworth gives to Australia. A Bob Dylan biopic.

(57:40) Where in Toledo would you take POTUS, Tom Brady is _________ and more in a damn good PFOL.

(1:04) Jeffy McGee is here for The Trailer Game as the long wait for 1917 ends this Friday.

(1:11:44) Netflix watches and the most F bombs ever as we conclude with Jeff.

January 6, 2020

Your First Show Of The Year?

Monday January 6th

(0:00) Did Floyd beat his cold? His input on Friday’s topic of words we want to leave in 2019.

(6:44) Our first deep dive into last night’s Golden Globes. Patricia Arquette, Joaquin Phoenix etc.

(15:03) We’re gonna get more water bills very soon. Monday’s Manic Music mix.



(0:00) Your Golden Globes recap.

(9:53) Chelsea from DPI is here to tell us about Winterfest this weekend.

(17:37) Ice in cereal has us talking about strange food combos.

(25:48) Someone get Michelle Williams, Patricia Arquette and Kate McKinnon on the speaking trail. Gaga with Oprah. Frozen 2 is the biggest ever.

(33:24) Are dear friend Janet Amid is here for free astrological readings.

(41:08) More readings with Janet.

(46:47) One last Joaquin list and signs with Janet.