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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

October 18, 2019

Good Grief Fundraiser Recap.

Friday October 18th

(00:00) We weren’t here yesterday. Thanks for letting us run some replays so we could be at the Good Grief fundraiser breakfast.

(11:58) Some almost-drama at the breakfast. And Ashleigh needed a box shipped to where she was going. It cost A LOT.

(20:59) Would You Rather!

(28:18) Tentative GM agreement. Childcare worker hits kid. Hensville tree lighting on 11/23. Women’s empowerment luncheon with the United Way. Weekend things.

(37:33) Lady Gaga fell hard off the stage. Is Lizzo plagiarizing. Another Batman casting

(45:46) Who do people tell you you look like?

(53:52) The Five Second Rule interrupted by Nickelback.

(1:01:17) Are Ross and Rachel still together? Kanye releases a trailer. Taron and Elton perform together.

(1:09:39) Our Promedica friend Vanessa Leonard is here. She’s the producer of the local film A Story Worth Living.

(1:21:58) Non-invasive questions for today’s PFOL.

(1:28:34) Nugget bouqet was local. MLT.

October 16, 2019

Baby Rolled Off The Bed!

Wednesday October 16th

(00:00) Good morning. What would make going to the movies a better experience?

(9:31) What color are those shoes?

(16:14) Slay it Don’t Spray It with Adele, Beyonce, Kelly and Bieber. Good luck Floyd.

(22:15) Another vaping meeting next week. Last meeting for one councilman. 3 community awards. Jeepfest is happening again.

(32:47) Rock and Roll HOF nominations have been announced. Maybe this new Adele song we’re waiting for will have Nicki Minaj on it.

(39:21) Chelsea Palmer from Downtown Perrysburg Inc. because next Saturday is OctoBOOfest and OctoBEERfest.

(48:26) Baby gang initiation.

(56:59) Kristen Bell’s new Frozen track. Jennifer Aniston joined IG. We reminisce about Jagged Edge.

(1:04:22) Best part of the cake, social and peer pressure when you were pregnant and more in PFOL.

(1:11:03) Time to resurrect Battle of the Ex’s.

October 15, 2019

Prizes For All!

Tuesday October 15th

(00:00) It was a litany of little annoyances yesterday. Sorry for the mini tirade.

(9:59) I bought into the Disney+ excitement and purchased the three year deal.

(16:58) Taylor Swift, SNL, zombies and more in the Rated Game.

(25:11) A WLS tradition continues. Walleye make a trade. Spirit of Sierah even is this Saturday. Fort Worth officer charged with murder. Taco Bell recalls meat. Lions lose.

(33:39) Zoe Kravitz is the new Catwoman. Pharrell regrets Blurred Lines. Disney+ is digging deep for content.

(41:28) Floyd works with someone half his age so there was a bit of a culture divide between them

(51:42) Zombie themed Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(58:10) Ava Duvarney and Netflix getting sued over When They See Us. Chrissy Teigen on Jim and Pam. Mike Johnson is not with Demi Lovato so he shoots his shot with someone else.

(1:08:34) Something harmless you didn’t want him finding out and more in PFOL.

(1:16:38) Angelina Jolie hits with Maleficent this week, so she’s the theme of the Trailer Game.

(1:23:17) Things to watch stream and download including picks for Disney+, and MLT!

October 14, 2019

You DO Lie to Your Kids

Monday October 14th

(00:00) Is Floyd’s nephew OK?! Also, he slept…poorly. Our trip to the Haunted Hydro was screamarrific.

(11:34) People are very upset that Floyd hasn’t seen Hocus Pocus.

(18:41) Monday’s Manic Music Mix is possibly impossible, and some brilliance from SNL.

(25:30) Navarre will probably get a median, but not a Target. Vaping meeting tomorrow in Toledo. We have to get Floyd to the Stranahan for Hocus Pocus. Floyd on Football.

(33:17) Joker big at the box office again. Pete Davidson’s return to SNL. Simone Biles is the best.

(42:53) Favorite lies you tell your kids.

(51:46) Favorite fall clothing item, age in relationships, uncomfortable topics and other PFOL questions.

(58:22) Camile on SNL. The greatest feud ever continues. Miley and Cody are a thing.

(1:06:36) Janet is here and we’ve got people’s problems to solve.

(1:15:48) OK time to dig in to calls here.

(1:22:38) Signs with Janet and Floyd and MLT!

October 11, 2019

Men Groom Back Up Women

Friday October 11th

(00:00) Good morning. These are perfect fall days. Because spring happens in the afternoon.

(6:58) Dog costume contests. UT/BG weekend. iOS gripes.

(15:14) I need some songs to get us going, then the Jinx game.

(22:04) 3 infant deaths locally. Councilman wants to ban vaping in the city. Secor Metropark about to grow. Big party at the Imagination Station tomorrow, and more weekend things to do.

(30:23) Prince’s people didn’t like Trump using Purple Rain. A Mean Girls reboot? Matt Lauer ickiness. Camila Cabello’s Cinderella found its fairy godmother.

(40:41) In the middle of the 5 Second Rule we got to talking about killing witches.

(48:11) PFOL, what kind of arguer are you in your relationship. A song movie or show you’re sick of with them. How did you know they were the one.

(55:00) Guys groom women in case their current relationships crumble.

(1:05:52) RODNEY IS HERE! He’s one of the many putting on the Northwood Fall Festival. Extreme trampoline, zip line, dinoROAR, food trucks and more.

(1:16:32) Parents can’t use ILL TELL YOU WHEN YOU’RE OLDER anymore.

(1:27:59) Another talk show, Brie Larson and an all female Marvel movie. MLT and peanut allergies.

October 10, 2019

One Of The Best TBT’s Ever (2000)

Thursday October 10th

(00:00) Well done Toledo! Really. We didn’t become a national story because someone didn’t listen and put incorrect, possibly, lethal info on social media.

(7:54) Do I sound groggy? Last night was not a normal night.

(13:07) Our weekly Masked Singer recap. NO SPOILER.

(18:10) Female superheroes, arrival times and more in Rank These Things.

(26:13) Enough fentanyl to kill the whole city. Walmart! Another Presidential candidate visiting. Toledo is getting a cricket pitch. Clay culinary students want to serve you!

(35:04) Rihanna is finally getting to new music. Masked Singer reveal. RDJ doesn’t want Oscar consideration.

(44:49) Silly things your kids got in trouble for at school, and things the mimic but don’t understand.

(53:56) LOTS of songs in TBT from the year 2000 today.

(1:05:00) The end of Fred on Riverdale. Will Smith has advice for his younger self. Floyd’s favorite will host the Europe MTV Awards.

(1:12:41) WTF is Nexus 419!? It’s a new shop coming to downtown Rossford.

(1:24:43) The opioid epidemic hits Sesame Street. The Ellen drama continues.

(1:32:31) Sweet Deal with Uncle Johns is…gone by now. But Eat This Not That with Rachel, a server and floor manager. MLT!

October 9, 2019

Your Work Food Got Stolen!

Wednesday October 9th

(00:00) The Supreme Court is back and trying to decide if someone can be fired for being gay.

(10:58) Carpool Karaoke is back, and of course it’s perfect. Floyd reminding you he’s a Lizzo snob.

(17:23) Ellen didn’t need to offer an explanation, for two reasons! Floyd’s Book Of Breakable World Records. I’m not juggling chainsaws.

(24:58) Democratic party endorses Katie Bibish Moline for soon to be vacant seat. We’re 98th in being green here in Toledo. Great night to stargaze. Alzheimer walk is this weekend at Promenade Park. Deet’s BBQ + Brew is officially open.

(31:42) Drake and his dad are going back and forth about truth in his lyrics. Sophie Turner hates influencers. Chance the Rapper has a person he can call to speak to Obama.

(40:59) Floyd’s given me so much life from Sephora, so lots of cosmetics question on PFOL.

(48:14) People who steal your food at work.

(59:15) Hamilton star in Sebastian talks. Two megastars for Apple’s A Christmas Carol. Ballerina, a John Wick spinoff, is in the works.

(1:07:05) Our library friend Kelsey is here. So much going on at the Main Branch and others as well.

(1:16:52) A sensational performance by Floyd in today’s Password game.

(1:23:16) Miley’s in the hospital. Tom Holland shaved his head.

October 8, 2019

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday!

Tuesday October 8th

(00:00) Floyd’s new step count. Haunted Hydro on Friday night. ‘Preferred’ parking spaces.

(9:39) Dog things to do in the coming days. Donna needs dinnerware.

(15:33) Blissfield prowler. Gotta finish up the music mix from yesterday. Globes, sequels, 3 meals a day and more in the Rated Game.

(21:16) I’m disappointed but not surprised by the governor. Packo’s heading to two Kroger’s. Maumee to have traffic study. UT President not going to Ole Miss. Bad night for Baker and the Browns.

(32:03) Nick Jonas is joining the Voice. Queen Latifah and the rest of the Little Mermaid Live cast. Rihanna is giving us content.

(37:08) Will Smith PT. 2 for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday for Lauren Daigle tickets.

(44:50) Liz and Vanessa are here from Promedica. The next Impact and Inspire event is 10/23 benefitting Bethany House – a shelter for domestic abuse survivors.

(52:35) Tyler Perry ignored by Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez being sued over pics of herself. Tough times for Alex Trebek.

(1:01:39) PFOL and then I ask Floyd to judge my skin care routine.

(1:10:50) The Addams Family hits this week, so this week’s Trailer Game with Jeffy McGee is creepy comedies.

(1:19:09) What to watch stream and download.

October 7, 2019

I’m All Hugged Out!

Monday October 10th

(00:00) The wedding and walk were smashing successes.

(11:54) Floyd and his man had to have a talk. What do you do with all those apples you pick?

(21:33) Ruffians disturbing Floyd at work and the Manic Music Mix.

(27:08) GM and UAW are deadlocked. High speed pursuit of man who stole a car with an infant. The McRib is back, do you care? Floyd on football.

(35:40) The Joker made millions and won records. Taylor starred on SNL. Aaron Carter has left the country.

(45:40) I have lots of wedding questions for today’s PFOL.

(54:24) My old friend Monica is here with her (business) partner to make an ask of Floyd.

(1:05:51) Camila and Shawn are in love. Miley has a new man. Stacey Dash is free. Batwoman premiered.

(1:12:09) Janet calls and texts round one!

(1:24:13) Round two!

(1:31:09) Signs and MLT!

October 4, 2019

Joker Thoughts (light light spoilers)

Friday October 4th

(00:00) Joker thoughts. No spoilers. I don’t think anyway.

(15:04) Quick thoughts on new Dan + Shay featuring Bieber.

(16:11) Would You Rather and we can’t stop doing Joker stuff. No spoilers. Promise.

(25:48) An extra $500 a month for Perrysburg residents. Homecoming parades in the area. Please don’t make another phallic gateway to downtown – thanks. Football stuff!

(36:09) Taylor coming out of anesthesia. Cardi on continuing to act. Golden Girls costumes. Joaquin Phoenix vs. Robert DeNiro on the Joker set.

(43:34) Bethany has a heart condition and she shouldn’t go with us to the Hydro. Purple things, things you blow, Canadian cities and more in the 5 Second Rule.

(51:12) One more time with Rachel from AFSP for tomorrow’s Out Of The Darkness walk. See you in the AM at Promenade Park.

(1:04:31) More James Franco allegations. Kylie is just fine, and there was no Tyga meet up. Mean Girls for the Thirst Project.

(1:15:07) Are public proposals a good idea?

(1:26:31) MLT and final Joker thoughts…maybe a spoiler.