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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

March 31, 2020

My Brother Got Corona

Tuesday March 31st

(00:00) Monnettes was – wisely – rearranged for social distancing check out. Fine the fuck out of this asshole.

(7:23) Your pandemic throwback songs, and our poor, old friend Alex. Should I got to Target for these 7 items.

(14:49) More home schooling. Closing the MI/OH border? Domestic call turns into a biting situation. Three lighter virus stories.

(26:48) DON’T LET KATY PERRY WIN. Eminem’s daughter is a college graduate and 24! Lady Gaga’s dad is looking for money.

(34:10) Good time to the play the lottery? Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with Joe Exotic questions for you.

(41:18) backpacks, Tiger King, Monterey Jack cheese and more in the Rated Game.

(47:53) Sam Smith to redo some album stuff and change its name. Corden’s party last night. Shaq on being on Tiger King.

(56:06) My brother is on with us to talk about getting the virus.

(1:06:46) Lynn and Debbie have organized something to thank our nurses and first responders this Sunday night!

(1:13:33) Jared Leto for the second time this week, because of movie postponements.

March 30, 2020

We Are Socially Distanced

Monday March 30th

(00:00) We are officially socially distanced!

(6:57) My brother got his Coronavirus results back.

(12:23) Pandemic Throwback choices. Dua Lipa samples a 90s one hit wonder. Floyd takes on the Monday Music Mix.

(19:04) Masks to be sterilized here in Ohio thanks to DeWine and Trump. Social distance guidelines extended thru April. BG and UT make grading adjustments. Construction projects to continue, for now. Amazon workers to walk off the job.

(27:35) We have Tiger King news. The President is not gonna pay for Harry and Meghan’s security.

(35:38) City Council’s Sam Melden is on with us to talk some problem solving during these times.

(45:50) Donna-isms. The wisdom of Donna Anderson to get you thru these times.

(50:14) Rita and Tom are healthy and home! Jared Leto live tweets Tiger King. John Krasinki starts a news network. Part of Brooklyn does Juicy.

(59:44) Janet is on with us. Kind of. She agrees, overall, it hasn’t been a terrible year.

(1:09:17) Janet with signs and WE LOOK GOOD!

(1:17:31) Pitbull has created a Coronavirus fight song. We are saved.

March 27, 2020

One of Us Is Pregnant

Friday March 27th

(00:00) We’ve got Bethany back with us, wired in from her living room.

(6:26) The Chicago mayor is PISSED. Stay home. All of your. New Rihanna music is a let down.

(13:38) Lego Price Is Right is back, with some refinement.

(20:33) Health department is closed because of two infections. Mercy will not send out Corona related bills. FCA will stay closed. Stay home Chicago. How did Triscuits get their name. Sex toy sales are up.

(28:59) My pajamas pronunciation is off. Evangeline Lilly apologizes. Tiger King sues. Chrissy’s Court is coming.


(43:42) Potter spells, Iggy Azalea songs and more in the 5 Second Rule.

(49:26) Meghan and Harry move again. Free movies when theaters reopen?

(58:09) Dead people can’t buy goods or services. Maybe you should close?

(1:06:39) Are these songs hand washing worthy?

(1:14:56) Lots and lots of new FREE content from the library for you.

March 26, 2020

Don’t Do This In Your Boredom

Thursday March 26th

(00:00) Walking at the Metroparks and beyond.

(10:28) Nice work by UT’s Jason Campbell buying lunch for TPD/TFD. More who have plentiful resources need to that as we move through this.

(18:28) One of the Masked Singer performances from last night. One Has To Go!

(25:05) How much government money you’re your getting and more. End of year school news for Ohioans. No more Downtown Toledo parking tickets. OWE Festival canceled. Grants for local artists. More content from the library.

(33:13) Masked Singer recap. BTS on why Steve Carell left The Office. New dudes for Demi and Ari.

(44:06) Don’t do this while you’re bored and lonely in extreme times. Floyd already has.

(51:57) TBT early 2000s part 2 Alex v Floyd.

(59:53) Deion the NBC reporter vs. a herd of bison. Tony’s are canceled. A gifted actor talks about his Star Wars role and weapon.

(1:07:31) What is Animal Crossing. Why is Tiger King?

(1:12:26) Marie Kondo has a new show where she’ll tidy up a town. Where around here needs her expertise.

(1:19:02) Miley wanted to be Hilary. And sex toy explosion!

March 25, 2020

How Far is 6 Feet?

Wednesday March 25th

(00:00) Be careful about eating out too much. That shit ain’t free. Under terrible circumstances, I feel ‘normal.’

(8:59) Fit Floyd a pandemic thing!

(15:55) Three songs to vote for for today’s Pandemic Throwback Song of the Day.

(20:02) A bird, a person, one non-tech gadget and more in the Deserted Island game.

(25:31) Second Lucas County death. Testing from UTMC labs coming. Major area festival canceled. Local Olympian on the Games postponement. Stimulus package agreed upon. Spring breaker apologizes. Some Waffle Houses close. Store sneezeguards.

(35:33) I disagree with Lady Gaga’s Chromatica decision. More movie postponements.

(43:12) Essential Employee Bingo. What do you do that makes you essential?

(51:24) More of the above. I’m fascinated.

(58:17) Prince Charles tested positive. Netflix faves renewed for more seasons.

(1:06:05) TRYING to read aloud with Evelyn.

(1:12:29) Pavlov’s Brewery is your Sweet Deal. They have our attention some of these flavors!

(1:19:08) Wrap up!

March 24, 2020

Essentials Only!

Tuesday March 24th

(00:00) Floyd’s got a lot less hair today. I had a Stephen King moment yesterday while Social Distance Man was walking the neighborhood.

(7:12) Floyd’s discovered Gargoyles. The Outsider is VERY good and has an actress Floyd’s mentioned to before. Pandemic throwback songs of the day choices.

(12:52) Tablets, surfing, the word scootch and more in The Rated Game.

(18:31) Stay at home order is in effect. City golf courses shut down. The Summer Games will likely be pushed to next year. Koalas released back into the Australian wild.

(24:24) More Taylor and Kim/Kanye drama. So many free kids shows and movies on Amazon.

(30:56) Today’s Tacos + Trivia Tuesday theme is something we’re doing more of now. Reading, and famous lit.

(36:46) It’s been a minute so a Panel Full of Pandemic Ladies!

(42:26) There hasn’t been much of it, but some good Disney news. Supernatural’s series finale WILL happen. Partners in the delivery room.

(50:06) Read Aloud with the Morning Reboot with JJ Hegarty.

(1:01:57) Essential Employee Bingo. Are you essential? Call us!

(1:13:02) Wrap up!

March 23, 2020

We Start Pandemic Throwbacks!

Monday March 23


(00:00) We made it through the weekend!

(8:20) Here come the emails explaining to reach out if there’s financial hardship.

(14:46) The pandemic throwback song of the day trio is decided.

(17:10) Cranky Flood goes hard on the FIRST Manic Music Mix this morning.

(21:07) Stay at home! Beginning tonight at 11:59 till at least April 6th. 1Pm today we’ll find out about government payouts. Walmart, Aldi and more doing lots of hiring. The Olympics may be postponed.

(28:07) Rosario Dawson scores a major Star Wars role. Meghan McCain announces her pregnancy. Rita Wilson raps.

(37:14) Rank these things! But also, how much toilet paper, the website.

(44:00) Don’t Cha is our Pandemic Throwback Song of the Day. Does Floyd have enough toilet paper.

(47:12) More from the Kanye/Kim and Taylor call. Sophie Turner destroys Evangeline Lilly.

(54:44) Reed is here with us to Read Loud with The Morning Reboot.

(1:02:00) Janet is here, on the phone, to get you a weekly outlook and her signs.

(1:11:34) Final entertainment.

March 20, 2020

TMR Locks You Down!

Friday March 20th

(00:00) Does Floyd have to pay his rent?

(8:18) A Whitmer teacher’s performance is going viral. If your mood is eroding, like to a crisis stage text 4hope 741741.

(13:34) Drinking with Floyd on Skype?

(16:47) No more public testing. TARTA changing services and running shadow buses. Art Van has suspended sales. Cali is shut down. PA is close.

(23:41) Stop fighting on Facebook! Especially when the causes is a good done. A dog who loves Law & Order. Evangeline Lilly is an asshole.

(32:17) Would You Rather with some social distancing and pencils.

(38:40) I read hip hop lyrics. In only a way that I can.

(46:12) The Rosie O’Donnell show is back, streaming for one night. What’s new on Netflix in April. The Weeknd album has arrived.

(53:58) Shows dogs would watch, Drake songs and more in The 5 Second Rule.

(1:02:12) Quinn is here to read alout with The Morning Reboot.

(1:08:44) Tyler got into Hannah’s pants.

March 19, 2020

Debut Of Lego Price Is Right

Thursday March 19th

(00:00) We have to find Floyd some purpose.

(8:52) Masked Singer recap.

(17:05) The Big 3 shut it down. Toledo is in a state of emergency. Council approves Amazon’s Southwyck purchase. 75 work over Broadway creates some headaches. Stores allowing seniors and the at risk to shop during first hours. New Apple products. Payment in cattle.

(25:29) Floyd found a Masked Singer project to keep himself busy. Upcoming movie releases are postponed, and won’t be straight to VOD.

(32:56) YOU’RE ALWAYS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SHOW! “Chet” the pissed spring breaker.

(37:05) Our Wednesday friend Alex is on the phone to take Floyd on in TBT with the early 2000s.

(44:52) Christmas is coming during the pandemic.

(52:30) New game alert. Lego Price is Right (and pieces!)

(59:21) Read Aloud with The Morning Reboot!

(1:05:40) Netflix Party WITH friends. Katy Perry doesn’t have to pay. Tik Tok was suppressing certain videos.

March 18, 2020

Found Plenty of Chicken!

Wednesday March 18th

(00:00) I hit $2.99 chicken Tuesdays at Fresh Market.

(6:51) I’m so glad I satisfied my corned beef craving a couple weeks ago. Floyd’s hours from JCP are gone.

(12:26) Warn older people that the Coronavirus scams are coming.

(15:21) Are we getting a thousand bucks? Drive thru virus testing. Turnpike changes. UT commencement is off. LC4 changes. Mall hours adjust and some stores close. Internet bill forgiveness.

(25:33) Amanda Bynes is pregnant. Vanessa Hudgens is apologizing for her Coronavirus words.

(32:45) Are these catchy familiar songs handwashing worthy?

(40:18) Buying cars and making them during the pandemic.

(45:20) We have to keep groups to no more than 10, so we’re going to give that ten the Myspace Top 8 treatment.

(53:26) Ashleigh’s 6 year old son Tucker is on with us to Read Aloud with the Morning Reboot.

(1:03:36) Some people, and a big celeb had no idea about the pandemic. The new Bachelorette may be looking for more dudes.