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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

March 25, 2019

W for Floyd, L For Eric + Janet Amid!

Mute me, listen to Floyd today. Not my finest work. 


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was excellent! Us was better to think about than actually see. My first time at Costco.

The Rated Game. Gator bites, trash cans, Ben Affleck, funnel cake and more.

News! Smoking age in Ohio may rise to 21. Downtown Toledo needs to make some driving and parking adjustments. Big fire bring down Springfield apartments. Michigan moves on, OSU does not, and the Walleye are headed to the playoffs. Powerball needs a winner.

Dr. Dre bragged about his daughter getting into USC. On her own? Us made over $70m. There’s a new Scooby Doo movie on the way with big names attached to it.

What is your kid addicted to?

PFOL! Do you gamble, do you play the lottery? How long does it take you to make important decisions? Do you kiss him goodbye every morning.


Janet is here. Why do I feel funky, why is a newlywed calling us.

More Janet, but no music. What’s wrong with me.

Floyd’s singing signs as we finish up with Janet Amid.

Some family drama at the Stranahan for the crew in front of Floyd on Saturday night.

MLT and the wrong time to win money later on. Thanks Ruff Ryder!

March 22, 2019

Philly T Friday w/Backyard BBQ


Floyd was super drunk last night, but he has super power that allows him to be here now. And yes, there’s that much shit on the curb down the block from me.

Don’t wash your jeans? I’ve heard that before. But freeze them? Also, Floyd offers a pants revelation.

Toledo terror suspect wants charges dropped. The Trail work will last into next week. Lots of car windows smashed in BG. Dead bodies on Everest.

55 FCC complaints about a shirtless Adam Levine at the Super Bowl. One more season of Schitt’s Creek, and Emilia Clarke almost died as GOT was rising due to aneurysms.

When’s the right time to introduce your new person to your kid?

Drunk Floyd stories from last night, and when Walleye fans head to Uptown.

Phillipe’s insight on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and all the horrors that Wonka was responsible for.

PFOL. How did Lindsey wind up here from LA? (not an officially sanctioned question). More important your bday or Mother’s Day. Most disgusting thing you’ve ever witnessed as a mom.

Backyard BBQ s your sweet deal.

They’re not getting off the hook. 5 SECOND RULE GAME.

Small Biz Shout outs! We have a new record store.

MLT and chicken strips recall.

March 21, 2019

TBT w/Ashleigh, and More Guests!


Miss Donna is sore but healing up from her spill. Was my UT parking ticket dismissed? What can I do about a neighbor’s growing pile of shit by the curb.

It’s been a minute since we played the FAVORITES GAME. It needs a better name. Today’s category, favorite songs of these pop stars.

Trump was in the area yesterday; thank him for all he says he’s done. Tasty new options at Mud Hens games this year. A ToleGO bike party on March 29 at Middlegrounds. $625m for Powerball, good luck. Labs are the most popular dog in the country for nearly 30 straight years.

Ariana wants to get you registered to vote on her tour. Jay Z joins icons of American history. Yes, please someone give 21st life to He-Man!

The great hard boiled egg fire of 2014 that nearly burned down Ashleigh’s entire house.

TBT songs titles with at least five words PART ii. And Jason with an all time bad guess.

Ariana isn’t getting much money from 7 Rings. Moviepass is back.

Bad neighbor stories. Stolen flowers and rotten eggs.

Our legal friend Dennis Sawan is here to talk about red light cameras, front license plates, scooters and compliant licenses.

More on Wendy Williams. A Bird Box sequel?

#Withdrawthestraw my friend Alex is here to share about this cause.

March 20, 2019

Bad Neighbors, Bad DNA Stories


Thanks to my friends at Mama Mary’s for making it a good night for my other friends at Good Grief. Miss Anderson took a fall, and Floyd missed her calls. She’s OK though! I dove in to a new Netflix show.

Would you rather…have an ice cream cone or Rita’s water ice, no elbow or no knees.

Tornado sirens today at 950. Just a drill. No more front license plates – likely. Better Toledo sidewalks. Powerball is at $550m.

Wendy Williams have been living in a sober house. Kit Harrington said his Jon Snow role was behind him seeking out therapy.

Have you seen the Flintstones house out in California? The neighbors aren’t please. Tell us about your lousy neighbors.

PFOL. $500 from me to buy clothes. What do your kids constantly bug you about. Mom, mom, mom, mom!

More from Wendy Williams. What’s next for Cardi. Woodstock’s 50th, and John David Washington lands a huge role.

Tales from your DNA test results.

Calle Taco’s is your Sweet Deal and they’ve a very interesting kind of taco you need to try, and Tammy has an inspiring story to share about her 15 years of sobriety.

Final entertainment news; the Stranger Things season 3 trailer is out.

Floyd in a uniform, as a corrections officer? Sheriff Tharp needs backup! Urban Dictionary spelling bee.

MLT about Coke and hairy legs, and the beginning of a dating story.

March 19, 2019

5 Must-Haves for Your ‘Ship


Just a quiet Monday, except for amending my taxes and hitting send on a snarky email.

Rank these things, and being stuck on a deserted island with famous Sesame Street characters.

The Dorr St. interchanged has a house removed from it. Some residents want a smaller than proposed DORA in Sylvania. We got a sinkehole on Burnham Street in west Toledo.

Ari remembered Mac to kick off her tour. American Idol (is still on?) is back, and a former Nickelodeon actor dropped some brilliant Amy Winehouse. Kyle Massey from That’s So Raven is being sued, and it’s a story that’s a bit similar to R. Kelly.

Floyd was part of an inappropriate text message exchange. I’ll leave it at that.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with drinking questions. HINT no one wins.

PFOL. A question inspired by the shower beer. Boob accidents. Ideas for schools.

5 kind of obvious must haves in all relationships.

A Mama June story. Ew. One of Olivia Jade Loughlin’s former classmates is speaking out about how difficult their school life is.

Jeff is here for Us, so let’s hit horror movies.

MLT and BK is going to subscriptions for coffee.

March 18, 2019

Post Paddy’s TMR Party


Are you even there? Hunger? Floyd got to hang out for once this week. I have some ethical and fairness questions about the results of the chili cook off.

Thumbs up to Barr’s Public House, Green Book, and CC aka Cecilia.

Our community once again comes together, this time for New Zealand. Trump wants Lordstown to reopen. UT makes the NIT. Congrats to Rogers.

Lori Loughlin’s kid isn’t going back to USC today when classes start. Captain Marvel scores $69m this weekend. James Gunn is back with Marvel.

Floyd is allergic to his beau’s feline.

PFOL. What to wear, what you lick, what you want rebooted.

Taraji P. Henson is not dropping Empire spoilers. But she says things have been quiet in the wake of the Smullett nonsense. The internet is mad at JK Rowling over her Dumbledor sex comments. The Walking Dead is a talking point this morning after a violent episode.

Janet is here, let’s roll.

The Land Sea and Air Burger, the McCrepe, Apple Sundae Pie and some other very easy hack items at McDonald’s.

MLT STP day is this…

March 15, 2019

Philly T Fridays Are Back

Friday. Frigay. Fryday. Friyay.

I think I found a new 5 year old to hang out with! Keep your racist thoughts off Facebook, please and thank you.

Is the second n in Floyd’s mom’s name silent? It’s my deceased mom’s birthday today. Would I rather? Or, you?

Terror attack in NZ leaves many dead. $900m to fund clean water, hopefully. Zia Cooke has one game left in her historic career, a title game tomorrow in Columbus. A petition to fight red light cams.

Lori Loughlin got fired by Hallmark. Her mugshot will not be released though. Lots of Netflix news. Jussie Smollett pleads not guilty.

A top 5 PFOL today. Boob complaints, best meal you make, and again, things your friends discuss you just eye roll.

Five Second Rule and a great Philly T failure.

The TMA block party and Lovefest at the Love Wall on Adams are on the same day. New Iggy Azalea music.

Can we spell your unusual name.

We love when fun people come in to promote their Sweet Deal. You need a car wash everyday for just $0.60 a day!

Entertainment headlines and an almost final plea from a sick child for us to win chili.

Small biz shout outs and fish fries welcoming you!

March 14, 2019

Ashleigh’s Here, and the Circus!

One more day till Friday. Hey.

How’d you manage the brief social media Armageddon? I don’t love doing speaking engagements for college kids.

Carolyn with Mobile Meals (they could use volunteers!) to talk about the chili cook off this weekend. Try GIRL IM DELICIOUS, TMR’s white chicken chili.

More nooses in local businesses. Stop it. A new way to track gun shots in some Toledo neighbhorhoods. Some 737s are now grounded. Spotify + Hulu together. Lady goes nuts at Burger King in Livonia MI.

Watch out Lori Loughlin is free! Kate and Pete should be spoofed on SNL, and some big SNL host news for the coming weeks.

Lloyd. Flyod. Fyld. Ways people mess up your name.

TBT. I heard Monica Before You Walk Out Of My Life the other day. So let’s do long song titles.

How’d Luke Perry die and who was around when he did. Fresh Prince…the 2019 thriller.

PFOL boobs, buying clothing, and most expensive clothing.

Entertainment news and there’s a new Avengers trailer to get aroused over.

Ashleigh has a Panel Full Of Dudes for us. We’re the dudes. Lots of drinking holiday day questions.

MLT and please join us for the chili cook off this Saturday.

March 13, 2019

Steak Chili + Scandals

Good morning!

I think it’s my first REAL rant since the show’s been on the air. This college fraud story is the biggest NON NEWS thing I can remember in some time.  

Promedica is bringing more boats to the Maumee. The Mud Hens are closer to finishing off their shiny new giant scoreboard screen. La Scola is closing. The Toys R Us land on Reynolds has been purchased. The Browns get a superstar WR.

More on the Huffman and Louglin nonsense. MJ music still going strong, R Kelly too. Lady Gaga IS pregnant.

I don’t think we can do a PFOL until it’s light out, but thank you Margot for helping us out.

Floyd has a nasty habit that Stafon does not like. What habit(s) of your SO bother you?

Britney Spears the music, on Broadway. Some Aladdin updates. Jussie Smollett WELCOMES cameras during his trial.

Finally got to try Black Rock yesterday, and it was as good as this segment will make it sound. By the time you listen to this, the Sweet Deals will be gone. Sorrys.

One person in Toledo I don’t know. Carolyn Fox from Mobile Meals. I hope our white chicken chili does well in the cook off. If not, we’ll just buy your votes with alcohol.

Entertainment headlines!

Slay it or Spray it. Bieber, Lauv, Bruno.

March 12, 2019

Be On A Local TV Music Show!


To save daylight or not? How did Floyd’s first day with the word BOYFRIEND on the air go for he and Stafon? And me, no anxiety when I thought I may have made a new girl flub.  

Join us for the great chili cook off this Saturday. Enjoy some GIRL IM DELICIOUS chili. Now, the Rated Game: Africa, Diana Ross, milkshakes and more.

Lots of paving and pothole on the Trail the next few days. Opioid scripts are way down. Dear heavens, I agree with the President. It’s free pancake day at IHOP.

Trolls going after Luke Perry’s daughter for how she grieves. On that note, all the best to Kristi Leigh from WTOL. She lost her brother in a terrible car accident on 75 on Friday. Empire’s return for the end of season five. Big Bang sets its finale date.

PFOL let’s talk about your boobs, bras and your bed.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday. Women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is today’s theme.

Jay Z and Beyonce receiving a prestigious GLAAD award. We know the length of the final GOT episodes. Riverdale spin off news.

Rise Up is a local music show on BCAN and they’re inviting you to their live show this Thursday night next to the Oliver House for Celtic and Gaelic edition of the show.

Thanks for the topic Pete + Kate, what’s the age difference in your relationship?

We’ve got the Alyssa Milano Twitter gaffe to today’s entertainment stories. And the idiot who took a really dangerous and stupid selfie.

Jeff’s trailer game with the biggest March openings ever. Because Captain Marvel was one of them.