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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

February 24, 2020

First Date Update

Monday February 24th

(00:00) Saving date details till 715 or so. I procured a gift for Floyd from Freedom Comics on Friday. What. A. Store!

(7:57) It’s Eric Reads Hip Hop Lyrics, but the game needs a better name.

(15:16) Floyd is bouncing between guys, who I thought had been dispatched. Monday’s Manic Music Mix.

(20:53) St. Francis gets a million dollar gift. Mercy gets high grades from a prominent University. Tickets to Cedar Point forever. We’re getting a Fizz Fest!

(27:09) Floyd solves the Music Mix. The Friends reunion is happening. Amanda Bynes’ mom said HOLD ON. Katy Perry thanks the first responders after the gas leak...in November.

(34:25) So, this is what it feels like when you really like someone.

(42:49) Dolls, dogs and more fun at various library branches with our friend Kelsey.

(49:51) Bieber hits Sunday Service. Lil Nas X hits a wedding.

(54:19) Janet is here to warn us about the new moon and retrograde.

(1:03:26) You call, Janet tells you exactly what’s going on. This is how we do.

(1:13:00) No signs. We’re just gonna check a birthday.

February 21, 2020

Caly Bevier Joins Us

Friday February 21st


(00:00) Floyd says be happy to be alive. Bethany found perhaps the worst song ever.


(9:14) People agreeing on Facebook. Why the fuck are we putting dead people in boxes?!

(17:03) Make that sound!

(23:39) Major construction season is looming, especially for 75 around downtown, and the Trail. Winterfest is here. Things to do this weekend.

(30:06) That awful song again. An Office reunion? Baby Yoda toys.

(37:06) Ready, responsible, respectful. That’s Woodward High’s motto. What did you learn from your parents.

(45:58) Hot tub things, jungles, and more in the 5 Second Rule.

(51:57) An older Selena song is released. Ben Affleck contrite about his drinking.

(58:42) Names of your group chats.

(1:05:16) Grand Rapids’ Caly Bevier joins us to talk about her new projects.

(1:14:28) The new again Amanda Bynes. The President has disappointed me.

February 20, 2020

Ashleigh Explains Ovulation

Thursday February 20th

(00:00) Bad vanity and faucet, but exceptional customer service from Wayrfair.

(8:23) Responsible, ready, respectful at Woodward, but with my dad too.

(16:23) Floyd is today’s host of the Rated Game with with the most underrated and the most overrated items of all time!

(21:50) Beheaded woman. Secor Metropark expanded. Ben Folds coming. Cool exhibit at Hayes Library. A French fry sandwich.

(28:33) SPOILER ALERT Masked Singer recap from last night.

(35:20) Ashleigh wants to educate us about ovulation.

(44:46) Tony Geftos dishes on Restaurant Week Toledo.

(51:25) Love songs are the theme for TBT.

(1:01:10) Our friend Katie is here to tell us where to get Girl Scout cookies.

(1:10:50) Ashleigh’s husband is Tik Toking all over the house.

(1:15:17) Ashleigh is a hero. Someone I know got shot.

February 19, 2020

Movies That Scarred Your Childhood

Wednesday February 19th

(00:00) I installed a light switch. This is big for me. Donna retired. Come to her party?

(10:00) Floyd’s into the Jessica Simpson book.

(14:44) Applebees, bank robbers, 7-11 and more in the Rated Game.

(19:47) What power street lights should Toledo put up. Sykes apologizes. Local Giving Tuesday results. Toledo Hospital in the top 50. Walleye logo infringed.

(26:56) Floyd’s pop princess trolley problem. Billie Eilish didn’t care for one of her performances. Kenan Thompson will host the WCHA event.

(31:45) Return to Oz, Neverending Story are trending on Twitter as childhood scares. Let’s do ours.

(42:05) Where is your wine consumption over the last year. Up or down?

(50:13) Alex on Billie Eilish. Eilish on the IG comments. Petition to change CA laws after Drew Carey’s ex-fiancee’s murder.

(56:29) Black Rock friends are here. The Sweet Deal will probably be gone by the time you get to this.

(1:03:35) Kayla is here to tell us about Elevate The Stage at the Huntington Center this weekend.

(1:11:06) Jenna Dewan gets engaged, quickly. Bachelor news. Dog shit!

February 18, 2020

Not Rants, Suggestions…

Tuesday February 18th

(00:00) Leave the meteorologists alone. Don’t you change your mind, and opinions?

(8:55) Need help buying a car? Floyd got new ink!

(13:57) What killed the squirrel? I’m stranding Floyd on an island and he’s got to choose items.

(20:03) Councilman Sykes stirs FB Drama. BG DORA. Ads on downtown buildings. BGSU needs police officers. Zoo job fair. Pier 1 bankruptcy.

(27:02) Where’s Melissa Andrews? Nicki Minaj’s twerk video. The audio of Adele announcing her album release.

(33:31) That’s a new Caly Bevier song! I have some reserved excitement for a date Friday. Floyd has a date tonight? And why you didn’t have a Valentine.

(41:55) I want to bludgeon you with serial killer questions for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(47:20) Hannah Brown can’t get on a dating app. Price is Right production on hold.

(52:35) Facebook doesn’t need more drama. There are better Pier 1 alternatives.

(59:12) Dogs in movies for Call of the Wild coming out this week for the Trailer Game.

(1:07:16) Sonics RINGS in a big box office, and more to see and watch with Jeffy McGee.

February 17, 2020

Joe Goldberg Or Serial Killer

Monday February 17th

(00:00) Back, somewhat healthy. Who knew I’d enjoy the home show so much.

(10:41) Breland – My Truck. Lil Nas cowboy magic lightning in a bottle again?

(13:41) Is Bethany stannnning for the new Billie Bond song, and Monday’s Manic Music Mix.

(19:42) Lit propane canister thrown at police. Several shooting. 83 dog adoptions. Art Van exploring bankruptcy. Arby’s vs. McDonald’s for fish champs.

(27:26) Found the SUCKS commercial. Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Kobe. Sonic wins the box office.

(36:15) Floyd made it to Hamburger Mary’s.

(43:52) Joe Goldberg or real serial killer quote.

(51:45) American Idol is back? Adele performs, and gives an album update.

(54:55) Janet weighs in on whether chicken is a meat.  

(1:03:45) Janet, who is chubby but toned, and more calls.

(1:08:42) Signs under mercury retrograde and we’re done.

February 12, 2020

Give Back The Gift?

Wednesday February 12th

(00:00) My mucus seems to be breaking up. No I haven’t taken vitamin C. Jen Bunny, Porn Hub character or kids character.

(8:59) For the first time ever, I’m having this happen at home.

(14:37) Adele, with a revenge body? Floyd’s Book Of Breakable World Records.

(20:56) Grisly news. Lots of council news. Ads on downtown buildings and good news on HOOVES.

(28:34) Siba the ugly Westminster winner. Pitbull and Blake Shelton did Timber Part II.

(33:53) He gave her expensive concert tickets but they’re no longer dating. Give them tickets back?

(41:22) The 4c’s of ring buying.

(48:36) Demi’s new ink. Sabrina Carpenter joins Mean Girls.

(55:39) Alex has a Panel Full of Dude questions. Mostly V-Day themed.

(1:03:09) Earthquakes, gas station hot dogs, dinosaurs and more The Rated Game.

(1:07:18) Masked Singer preview, and what not to name your dog.

February 11, 2020

This Nasty Cold, Stay Back.

Tuesday February 11th

(00:00) Lizzo is NOT not a role model because of her size.

(13:58) Floyd had an awful customer encounter at work.

(20:48) Can we see your brooms. We have to finish yesterday’s later than usual Music Mix. Think Fast!

(27:39) UTMC may be closing. A WTOL anchor is leaving. United Way wants us to use 211. Idiot at Kroger on Alexis.

(34:51) A Valentine’s Day cockroach. Janet Jackson heads on tour. Eminem on why he missed the Oscars so many years ago.

(43:00) Pizza is the theme for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(48:42) 13’s Tony Geftos is here with us for a quick Bachelor update.

(55:00) How dare you take so many items to Kroger’s self check out. Rebecca Black is kind of back. Kind of.

(1:01:47) What weird things do you notice about your partner when you wake up in the middle of the night.

(1:09:00) Jeffy McGee is here with video game trailers as Sonic hits theaters this week.

(1:17:10) Outrageous Oscar swag bags, and what to watch on streaming.

February 10, 2020

Oscar Recap + Mean TMR Tweets

Monday February 10th

(00:00) Floyd had a successful trip to West Lafayette, IN for a show, then watched Two Popes. I had a $600 woman visit me.

(7:11) Oscars recap.

(18:19) An earlier than usual PFOL, with pizza and wake up in the middle of the night questions.

(23:57) Reproductive clinic coming. Shooting in downtown BG. Big numbers for the Walleye Shane Berschbach. Ottawa Hills STEM team headed to Japan.

(30:58) Oscar recap Pt. II, and Birds of Preys flies (heh) under box office expectations.

(39:23) Monday’s Manic Music Mix a little later than normal.

(44:26) Mean Tweets to The Morning Reboot L

(51:44) Oscars Pt. III and J. Lo to the haters.

(57:47) Janet is here on one with today. To the calls.

(1:10:44) Everyone’s golden with Janet today.

(1:16:04) Signs with Janet.

February 7, 2020

Congrats to St. Ursula’s Dance Team!

Friday February 7th

(00:00) A friend is not pleased that I didn’t like an award winning movie.

(10:04) New Bieber. New Meek Mill and Justin.

(14:59) Funko Baby Yoda, hated Netflix feature and Floyd hits us with an Oscar themed Would You Rather.

(20:01) First murder of the year. No military like gear with TPD. City council works on budget. Sheriff’s department creates FOCUS, for runaways. Opening Day tickets.

(26:27) Demi Lovato is getting a talk show. Kesha suffers legal setback. Knives Out will get a sequel.

(33:08) He wants to go thru the phone because of being cheated on in the past. WAIT. STOP.

(43:29) Bethany returns to the 5 Second Rule. And it’s gonna be a 2 for 1 today.

(47:39) Disney won’t fine the school for playing Lion King. Gayle King interview drama.

(57:10) The champs from St. Ursula are in the house.

(1:07:51) Birth or wedding, highest athletic achievement and more in the PFOL.

(1:11:56) Kobe’s public goodbye, Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend? Dog’s feet should smell like corn chips!?