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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

May 22, 2019

They Mess Up Your Name

Wednesday May 22nd

Floyd is very ill. I’m glad he’s here though. I have a Diddy update.

Would You Rather, first Walleye, measles and Jam City.

The accident on Airport was a suicide. Another tax for food trucks. Openings and closings at the mall.

Ellen will keep going. Dark Crystal? Cardi back too soon from surgery.

How do people mess up your name.

Slay It or Spray It and Floyd’s gifted singing returns. Jonas, Panic, Ari and Khalid.

16th season of The Voice has a winner. GOT actors wanted to be killed.

PFOL. Most comfortable you’ve ever been. What kids can’t watch. Who drives.

Phil from Rosie’s is here for a benefit concert happening in Sandusky on June 8th.

Kirsten Wiig protesting a project of hers in Atlanta due to the abortion bill. Renee Zellweger would do another Bridget Jones. Natalie Portman and Moby?

So many people are at Dunkin!

Floyd’s MLT and hanging up on Jimmy! WE LOVE YOU JIMMY

May 21, 2019

Raising Canes, Sheetz, We Want Them!

Tuesday May 21st

Floyd didn’t get to the Walleye game. They lost. I’m worried about my dog needed a leg amputation. The stench in Floyd’s house.

Floyd’s is getting way too good at my Manic Music Mix.

UAW and Mercy spoke yesterday, and will today and tomorrow to end the strike. Penta’s entrance is getting a roundabout. Port Clinton is doing away with valedictorians.

Sophie Turner is not pleased that you’re spitting fire on the GOT finale. Psalm West is the name. A new homeless character on Sesame Street.

How many jobs have you had in your life.

American Idol is today’s theme for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

And no winner yet. Celine Dion on Carpool Karaoke. Johnny Depp and/or Amber Heard are fucking crazy. Shitting in a bed! John Wick Chapter 4 is on deck.

This topic is always dracarys. We got another Dunkin – in Sylvania – what else do we need.

Aladdin is out this week and Jeffy is here with movies with wishes and things to watch, stream, download and play!

MLT, Celine and the five songs in the Manic Music Mix.

May 20, 2019

Forever 23 Field Of Dreams

Monday May 20th                                           

GOT finale thoughts – slightly spoilery but not much. Floyd watched, or at least tried to. Walleye Game 6 tonight to go to the Kelly Cup finals. Equality Toledo Drag Brunch and Durocher’s Kitchen Throwndown success!

It’s been a while since I asked Floyd’s some of his favorite. SNL character, ice cream topping, American Idol memory and more.

Mercy and workers will talk today to end the strike. A DORA may be coming to Rossford. ODOT with a big shutdown for Sylvania looming in 2021. Walleye hope to win Game 6 tonight at home.

I hesitate to ask why you hated the GOT finale. Wick wins the box office. Scarlett Johansson gets engaged. Mel B. was blinded for a short time. Idol wrapped up.

Alexis Hymore is here because she’s making phenomenal use of the old Libbey High location with Forever 23 Field Of Dreams. It memorializes loved ones lost to tragedies.

PFOL. Do you have specific store route you follow when you go to Meijer, Walmart, Target etc, what big investment or purchase would you make for your kids, What fruit or vegetable would describe your love life.

I’m jealous of Ariana. She got to visit NASA. Michelle Rodriguez got her wish for F+F. Richard Madden says he’s not going to be Bond.

Janet is here!

My new friend Matt Simpson Lazboy/Durochers is here to talk about an event at Shorty’s to benefit our Ronald McDonald House.

May 17, 2019

Floyd + Eric…Influencers!

Friday May 17th

We were out last night and I had a good time. Other than that I forget what I wanted to talk about to open the show.

The father of the 4 year old who shot himself with his dad’s service weapon has been put on administrative leave by the OSHP. Scores of Jeeps hit Cherry to support the picketers. A new charter school is coming. Lunch at Levis returns on June 6, and other food truck set ups are also ready to go.

Robert Pattinson is likely to be the next Batman. What does this Batman fan think of that? Selena Gomez slams social media.

If the Walleye get to the Kelly Cup Finals we will Facebook Live The Hockey Bros. at the Huntington Center. Things we WOULDN’T put on a billboard as for reasons to date us.

The 5 Second Rule, but also our encounter with TMA’s Alyssa Greenberg.

Liza Minnelli is not pleased with the Judy biopic. Lizzo will perform at the MTV awards. There’s an ABC Twitter beef going on.

Our guest didn’t show up and we’re not quite ready with content, so let’s talk about Grumpy cat’s death, Dennis’ $900 cat and my friend who put a down payment down for a dog.

OK, now it’s PFOL time. How do you feel about fruity drinks. Who’s the last person you kissed. What’s the worst tasting food you’ve ever eaten.

Johnson’s Pizza is here. Let’s see if they like my cold pizza business idea.

Our Promedica friends are here to talk about a volunteer fair happening at Rustbelt on Tuesday. Kids, need service hours? This is it.

MLT, but also things to do this weekend and the end of Big Bang!

May 16, 2019

Toledo’s #1 Bachelor Joins Us

Thursday May 16th          

Toledo’s #1 Bachelor joins us at 915. How did it take Facebook this long to connect one of our earliest texters, Josh, and I on there!? Some overnight fast food gripes.

UAW says Mercy people in Cincy are holding up progress for the strike. WLS says no new news. No surprise, but Owens Corning gets a honorable distinction. Promedica announces movie nights! St. John’s legendary basketball coach retires. Polish Festival happens this weekend.

Big Bang wraps up tonight. People want GOT season 8 to be redone. Jamie Foxx’s daughter says her dad and Katie are great. Lizzo was in Detroit last night.

PFOL. I’ll never give up BLANK. What’s your mom rank Bethany? Who’s the MVP in your life.

Where have you found pee before? Besides the toilet that is.

Britney may never perform again. Rock + Morty will return in November.

Dr. Analese Alvarez is here, but not for long. She’s the ED for Equality Toledo – a fantastic person for our area – but she’s now a Doctor. Analese is headed back to her home state of Cali to continue her career.

TBT themed with fire. Thanks Daenerys!

Pregame show for Toledo’s #1 Bachelor.

Here we go Mr. Bachelor.

Postgame for our bachelor interview.

May 15, 2019

More $$$ For Boys or Girls

Wednesday May 15th

The Hockey Bros. have a logo, thank you Eric! Sorry to sound like a lecturing professor but can we be more careful with our words. It would prevent a lot of internet arguing. Floyd didn’t get paid, again. I was in hot pursuit of a raccoon.

Kill Bang Marry.

How many of the Mayor’s fifty thousand pot holes have been filled. More WLS school board drama!? F16 made an emergency landing at Toledo Express yesterday. Waterville band Oliver Hazard is doing the national anthem at the KC Royals game tomorrow. Walleye Game 3 tonight, and the Art Loop tomorrow is Craft + Culinary themed.

Kelly Ripa rips the Bachelor. The Oscars likely will not have a host again next year. GOT showrunners heading up the next Star Wars movie after Episode IX.

More expensive to raise, boys or girls. It would appear the answer is easy.

Floyd is SO close real fast to today’s Manic Music Mix.

We’ve mostly solved the Music Mix! Carlton is a dad again, and he’s 47! Lynne Spears on her daughter’s well being. MTV movie and TV award noms announced.

It’s time for another Toledo SOUP. Where good community ideas get funded by you, eating…soup!

Does Floyd have to give a gift if he goes to a person’s FOURTH wedding!?

Wendy Williams is dating. It’s Toledo’s top Jew’s birthday!

Cry Me A River interrupts sex.


May 14, 2019

Who Is Toledo’s Top Bachelor

Tuesday May 14th

We will talk about Toledo’s top bachelor in the second segment. First, the Impossible Burger and some wisdom I took fro Game Of Thrones.

More details, vague as they may be, about our guy. Can we use another word than creepy?

That little boy shot himself in the face with an unsecured service weapon. More on Rossford’s now former AD and asst. principal. Our attorney general and many others are suing drug companies. Walmart NexDay deliver.

The Maleficent trailer has arrived. Nene Leakes husband is cancer free. Our friend Gary Shores is battling some health issues. John Mayer is not dating a Kardashian.

More calls on Toledo’s top bachelor.

Keanu Reeves is our theme for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday REMINDER, YOU CAN EAT TACOS ON OTHER DAYS.

Robin Williams is in the news. The worst movies of the year.

PFOL. How did you meet your person. What attracted you to them. How many times have you been to Cedar Point. Before this segment ends, some CP thoughts about size of humans.

Go see TSA’s Steel Jam band at the Ohio Theater on Saturday. One of our friend Dennis Sawan’s friend SHOULD be Toledo’s top bachelor. Good dude. The royals will meet Archie. Steve Harvey loses a couple of jobs.

Jeffy McGee is here to celebrate Keanu Reeves as John Wick Chapter 3 opens this week. Jeff’s got things to watch for you.


May 13, 2019

Glass City Dogpark Visits

Monday May 13th

Happy belated Mother’s Day. Miss Donna had a nice day with her kids. Thanks for making it out to the NAMI walk. Floyd enjoyed his first Walleye experience.

Sorry, no Would You Rather. Maker’s Mart, I have a dog with a thing on his paw, Detective Pikachu spoiler free review from Floyd.

A couple sad stories this morning, an accidental shooting leaves a child dead. A body found in the Maumee. Walleye up two games to none and now head to Tulsa. UT softball make the tournament.

Alyssa Milano is orchestrating a sex strike. Emma Thompson and JoBros on SNL. Kim and Kanye’s fourth arrives.

My friend Bethany from TSA is here not to talk about TSA, but Glass City Dog Park’s open house this Saturday.

PFOL. How is your kid most like you. What’s the biggest mom lie you tell. Messiest mess.

Demi Lovato adds a superstar to her team. Avengers surprisingly wins the box office again. Selma Blair offers an inspirational speech.

Janet is here and we’ve a blue moon coming our way.

Some breaking sports and celeb news AND a billboard we need to show you on Washington Street.


May 10, 2019

Philly T Friday + Hockey Bros

Friday May 10th

Thank you to some new friends at Libbey, my kitchen is restocked. I’m not giving up until my ‘friends’ at home eat out of my hand. Floyd’s splitting Mother’s Day with his sister.

Meghan Markle has to give up some common habits now that she’s a royal.

Opal wins! The Mayor wants fifty thousand potholes filled in six weeks. Quarter rides for people with bikes next week on TARTA. Former OSU coach Zach Smith was arrested yesterday. Games 1 and 2 this weekend for the Walleye in the conference finals.

Kim’s surrogate didn’t give birth Wednesday like many thought, it was yesterday. My favorite Taylor Swift story ever. A Jonas Brothers doc hits Amazon on June 4th.

PFOL. A chore you’d love to ditch forever. Your first email or s/n. Have you ever broken someone’s heart.

Phillipe’s worst nightmare. The 5 Second Rule game. Famous Jennifers, things that spoil, things you put in envelope.

Miley has new music coming. Conan isn’t stealing jokes. Alex Trebek has a hairpiece.

Do you let your animals sleep with you? Is it weird that I can’t really sleep without them?

PFOL part II. Best advice to moms to be. What point in the day do you have the most energy. Name a celeb you’d love to meet.

Zavotski’s is here for the Sweet Deal that’s probably gone by now, but it’s your go to for meats. Like bacon!

My friend Lauren Lindstrom whos leaving the Blade is here to visit before she heads off to Charlotte.


May 9, 2019

Caught Your Kid Doing What!?

Thursday May 9th

Hello! Floyd was 76% accurate in guessing the royal baby name. My friend is leaving L

Lost jobs in Lordstown are coming to Toledo. Get well Sheriff Tharp. We turned in 50,000 pounds of drugs. Who’s speaking at BG’s commencement. International McDonald’s are coming here.

A snippet of the new Ed and Bieber song (spoiler, it’s good). George Clooney is not the (god or God)father. Endgame is headed to Disney+ on December 11.

Let’s hit this age gap thing again, because some of the comments we got on Facebook are worthy of SAT math questions.

Do you know who Billie Eilish is? Sleep, but good songs. That’s the theme the for TBT this week.

Another Netflix show will go choose your own adventure. Tiffany Haddish brought her own food to the Met Gala. Why did Ellen decide to come back for a comedy special.

Marker all over Ashleigh’s daughter’s face. And feet. As a parent what have you gotten to too late?

Ashleigh’s got questions for the dudes. PFOD.

Ashleigh took her five year old to watch Iron Man die. Jenelle from Teen Mom sought comfort from her firing from her husband, who is the reason she got fired.

Our friends from the Thomas Wernert Center are here for their mental health day tomorrow. Neil and Sarah will also be at our NAMI walk on Saturday.

MLT and thanks for not making my birthday a big deal.