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Category: Society & Culture

On the air on Q105 Toledo 3-7p, and this is where all of our long form content, commentary, guests and interviews are!

October 22, 2021

TMA‘s Rhonda Sewell

I wanted to track someone down from TMA to talk about HOW they secured John Legend for a performance in the Great Gallery.

I'd been wanting to visit with Rhonda because we have so many community friends in common. 

This episode is 100 out of 10. PLEASE enjoy, and PLEASE consider helping Rhonda, as President elect of the Arts Commission, hit her fundraising goal

October 21, 2021

IG Food Porn!

Food editor from the Blade Mary Bilyeu is back! She had her first visit to Odd Fodder. 

Also in my chat with Mary, Friday's isn't bad, candy corn pudding, Banza rice, Rosie the puppy, too many good places to eat, and restaurant work and wages.

Before my visit with Mary some local people to highlight, then the first time I've ever brought up a meme with a therapist, and for the last time I'll try to convince you spring and summer are the superior seasons. 

October 20, 2021

Disabilities Discussion

I had to bail on my visit to TMA to see my friend Katie Shelley, but I was able to grab her for a podcast visit.

She's going to prep me for Friday's interview with TMA's Rhonda Sewell.

Katie talks about her newly developed role at TMA, and her visions for its greater accessibility.

Petunia the service dog...and butter lover!

How to be more thoughtful with your words and behavior in your interactions with people with disabilities or impairments. 

And Katie prodding me to do Squid Game already.

October 19, 2021

3 Guests!

Chelsea Palmer from DPI (downtown Perrysburg) is on to talk about their upcoming Halloween event on October 30th. 

Amy Mohr from the Imagination Station is on to share lots of fun things for us adults to do - including a night market in November!

Lastly, it's WTOL's Melissa Andrews with an 'unofficial' podcast visit to talk about Friday night's Justice for Sierah evening at its new location on the UT campus


October 18, 2021

Closing 475W

Would you rather deal with...construction or congestion? Because...

475 west will be closed all weekend. 

Doing and not doing some adult things. Warranties, Epipens, taxiing your mom's man around...

The Batman trailer break down.

Adele left us Easter eggs.

Viral hot Toledo dad has opened a men's store at Fallen Timbers.

I saw my old living room downtown in a restaurant announcement Facebook post on Friday night. 

October 15, 2021

Why Homelessness Matters

Another fantastic human in our community visits today. Rachel Gagnon, the Executive Director of the Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board, visits to add some context and backstory to of homelessness. You may have seen the recent story about Warren Commons near the OWE being approved. She will speak on that as well. 

It took me too long to track her down for a podcast visit, but it was absolutely worth the wait.


Adele has arrived.

Lansing schools shut down Halloween costumes and valentine's.

Grand Rapids confusion, a quarterback graveyard, cornhole in college.

Bethany's visit to the Applebutter Festival. 

Who are those people on the mural!?

Last last things on Chappelle. 

October 14, 2021

The UK is Ready For Adele

WHO is Gary Clark Jr. and why should we have started the show with Lil Nas X?

Halloween in the UK is nothing like it is here.

For that matter, neither is fall.

Have any insight on home warranties?

Jonathan Kent, Robert BATtison, and all things Adele for her new single.

How Toledo will spend its $180m.

Final Chappelle thoughts. 

October 13, 2021

Hens Recap, Walleye Preview

Hens and Walleye broadcaster Matt Melzak returns after a successful, but maybe bittersweet Hens season, and right before the Walleye play their first game at the Huntington Center  in about 19 months. 

October 12, 2021

Call Them…Outer Space Beings!?

Mayor Wade is ready to spend $40m on the right things, but WAIT...

I actually sought out a French Revolution rabbit hole. I'll explain.

Demi says don't call them aliens. As odd as it sounds, I hear her!

Now former NFL coach Jon Gruden has been saying hateful shit in emails for a very long time. He seemingly does hate everyone that doesn't look like him. 

Some (more) hiring advice. 

Janet is on for a couple quick readings and some good cosmic news!


October 11, 2021

Personal Decisions

After mid 80s apple picking, sharing more of my temperature theory. 

Adopt a dog, or at least take them on a day trip.

A surprise arrival at Franklin Park mall.

An unlikely Facebook connection. 

Cillian and Timothee, oh my!

Not everyone (over)shares as I/we do, but help us understand personal decisions. 

One of the best dishes in the area.