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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

June 26, 2020

Mega YouTube Star Leaving

A very fit Floyd.

Quick thoughts on the Elijah McClain video and death.

Bethany is quite upset that Jenna Marbles has basically retired from Youtube.

Get into former NFL player Emmanuel Acho.

Indoor entertainment spots beginning to open. Laser tag, Dave + Buster's etc...

Floyd's friend caught COVID.

School plans for returning in a couple months.

Going to Disney. Now? Yuck.

A pregnancy update from Bethany. 25 weeks!

June 25, 2020

Driven To Succeed Finalists Announced!

For about a decade Steve Taylor has given away a car to a Perrysburg High senior to honor their scholastic accomplishments.

With the pandemic, Steve decided to open up the contest to seniors ALL OVER NWO.

Whichever senior wins the car, they also get a car for their favorite teacher.

I've been able to attend some of the car giveaways in the past so I'm excited to have Steve - an emerging social media star - on to announce the finalists for this tremendous contest. 

June 25, 2020

This Podcast Is Lava!

Floyd felt sad and ugly :(

All of my very real fears of the dentist for 68% of my life. Braces, deep cleanings, teeth falling out. Terror.

Subway took a popular item off the menu and people are disappointed.

Campus Pollyeyes isn't open in Toledo yet because they need you!

Pizza pizza pizza and more pizza.

So that's why nothing's been going on at Fifth Third Field. And more COVID worries.

Do we have our masks on.

Alex is going camping. 

Yea, I'll watch the Floor is Lava. Can it be real lava though!?


June 24, 2020

You Fit The Description…

I never considered doing this with bacon. 

Thoughts on the new Beyonce song Black Parade.

Check in on Floyd's new car and if his mom's plant Miss Callie is still alive.

Did Bubba Wallace Jussie Smollett us!?

'You fit the description of someone we're looking for.'

Monuments, building names, etc, it's time to stop ignoring the ignorant. 

Leave wild animals alone. 

I'm calling it Murder Dust!


June 23, 2020

Toledo Media Legend Jerry Anderson

It's been...years, I think, since Jerry and I have had an on air chat. 

Why did he retire when he did? Why keep doing Leading Edge?

Does he really drive a bus?!  

A diehard sports fan, is the Godfather (that's what I call him!) missing sports?

Great to catch up with someone who gave me a lot more respect than I deserved when he and I first started on air segments. 

June 23, 2020

Monnette’s (Reynolds) Social Media Firestorm

Floyd is injured after a misstep over the weekend.

Somewhat breaking SpongeBob movie news.

Michael Keaton is returning as Batman. That news is announced the same day as Joel Schumachers death's. We will tie this all together.

Owner of one of the Monnette's locations creates Monday afternoon social media firestorm.

Be prepared for some small lines at the mall.

Jeffy McGee is here with the Trailer Game. Kevin Bacon is the theme, then we hit what to watch on streaming this week. 

A Star Wars Rebels update with where Floyd is. 

June 19, 2020

Restore Can Remove Your Injuries

You may have heard me talk about all the strains and joint issues I used to deal with. MRIs, x-rays, rehab, it was harrowing and frustrating. 

The root cause was undiagnosed anxiety. I was literally frying my tendons, joints and ligaments. I'm better now that Cymbalta has the anxiety under control, but back then I sought out cryotherapy and other things high level athletes to for what's called hyper wellness. 

We finally have a place for that here! Restore at Levis Commons. 

June 19, 2020

Blind Friend Date #2

I was going to work. Floyd was going home. 

Friend Blind Date #2 went REALLY well. So well, Floyd made an appearance.

Floyd threw his debit card away.

Bethany is in search of a bike.

She won't reveal the actual name she and her husband have settled on for their daughter, but I have some suggestions anyway.

Chevy's Place is closing until further notices.

To the weekend!

June 18, 2020

TBT Mid 2000s Alt/Pop

I don't understand the process in which Floyd keeps getting new cars. Is it like the iPhone upgrade plan?

We all suck at oil changes.

That cop did WHAT to Rayshard Brooks!?

Way too much drama for trying to set up friends to be nothing more than conduits for someone to be out with. IE not alone. 

Danny Masterson charged with a lot of sexual assaults.

It's taken me too long to know about Juneteenth.

Some places will ALWAYS have hate in them. 

I always knew something was wrong these with two faces of food.

Mid 2000s alt/pop is the theme for TBT. 

June 17, 2020

Let The Redeemable Be Redeemed.

Floyd's face hurts, so he's out today. 

The Rossford PD situation is just about over. But perhaps it can have a positive ending. 

Also, a suggestion if you're getting that $600.

I finished a BRILLIANT show on Disney+