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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

February 6, 2020

13’s Tony Geftos Visits

Thursday February 6th

(00:00) Floyd is scorching hot for almost getting run off the road this morning.

(8:20) SPOILER, Masked Singer recap.

(15:30) Kill Bang Marry!

(21:38) Wrangler wins an award. Stop running past stopped school buses. Less murders this year in Toledo than last. Peanut allergy relief.

(28:04) The Saw universe gets a new color, black! New Minions.

(35:06) Our award winning friend Ashleigh is back with us.

(39:57) TBT T-Pain vs Lil Wayne.

(48:37) Floyd invited his guy to Opening Day. That’s presumptuous. Vanessa Lachey drama. Jay Z’s last talk with Kobe.

(55:13) Special guest is here because he’s going to be interviewing Pilot Pete.

(1:03:16) Tony Geftos sabotages Password for Ashleigh and Floyd.

(1:12:07) Trash pick up etiquette.

February 5, 2020

It’s Alex Not Alexis!

Wednesday February 5th

(00:00) Rent was here last night. I even properly turn my mic on at some point.

(9:09) How was Floyd date, errrrrrrrrr, hang out.

(15:34) Dunkaroos are coming back so let’s do other 90s snacks.

(19:59) Valentine’s Day with TMA. Maybe we won’t get another TJ Maxx. Macy’s closing locations. Wendy’s begins breakfast.

(26:00) Hello Alex! Jay Z offers a reason why he didn’t stand for the Anthem. Madonna wants to sublet her NYC apartment.

(34:19) Alex had several days without speaking to her boyfriend Thomas.

(41:32) Where’s your wedding dress, are you late early or time, and more on PFOL.

(48:32) Alex’s 90s snacks. Mandalorian spin offs, and Camila’s IG return.

(54:56) They mess up your name 2020.

(1:03:05) Chris Pratt returning to TV. Billy Porter’s state of the LGBTQ union.

(1:08:14) Sweet Deal with AJ Doolittle’s…with build your own chicken chunks!?

February 4, 2020

Dunkaroos Are Back

Tuesday February 4th

(00:00) $4 service fee on my water bill? I’ll be using the mail and my Star Trek stamps, Wade.

(9:07) HOOVES is doing really well with their fundraising. We finish the Monday Music Mix.

(13:58) I feel awful for things I thought at Kroger. Empires, Chicago, oatmeal and more in the Rated Game.

(19:42) Oregon’s police chief gets a couple important endorsements. PENTA grad dealing with nasty medical situation after the flu. UT students’ art to hit billboards. Big wins by St. Ursula in Orlando. Dunkaroos are back.

(27:31) Hamilton is coming to theaters. NEXT YEAR. Bieber sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.

(34:10) Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with state trivia because of the President’s Kansas flub.

(39:58) 13 ABC’s Tony Geftos is on with us to talk Bachelor, which we don’t do enough of.

(50:49) I almost had a Mortal Kombat fatality at Spring Meadows. McMillions on HBO, the Sinner on USA and Brad Pitt’s got jokes.

(56:47) Floyd’s impending tryst with Xander has crumbled.

(1:04:40) Jeffy McGee is here with Birds of Prey coming this week.

(1:09:39) Pilots to look out for and what’s on VOD with Jeffy.

February 3, 2020

Super Sunday Night Wrap Up

Monday February 3rd

(00:00) So much to get to to start! First, be nice to customer service people; it pays off. Floyd’s ear is better!

(11:02) You were offended by the halftime show?

(17:53) Floyd is dominating the Music Mix today. Super Bowl commercial spots.

(25:54) Coronavirus not in Ohio. Promedica protest in the Colony. TARTA app ready to go. Super Bowl champ Chiefs.

(32:00) Halsey flips out. Demi’s anthem. Masked Singer returns.

(43:07) The sexy, sensual, sultry Super Bowl halftime show.

(54:14) Sexiest man in Toledo, worst chose and more in PFOL.

(1:02:53) Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are the apex of toxic couples.

(1:07:03) Superhero Janet is here.

(1:16:48) Calls are slow today. What’s going on!?

(1:24:59) Just one sign today Aquarius, then a total wrap of last night.

January 31, 2020

Guess Her Child Support

Friday January 31st

(00:00) Floyd is ailing.

(7:08) Wanna pay the $8 a check for better roads?

(15:30) Kevin Hines showed up! And times he didn’t. Can you guess the 90s sound?

(21:16) Mayor focused on the roads at his state of the city. Familiar face to return to lead TMA. 911 in MI isn’t working. Woodward was locked down. Things to do this weekend.

(26:54) James Corden driving ‘scandal.’ Andy Cohen wanted View info from Meghan McCain.

(34:44) A wedding at the Glendale Walmart? Torturing Philly T with the Five Second Rule.

(40:43) How we will do the game.

(42:06) Erin’s on with us. She wins Walleye tix. Everyone else has to guess her court ordered child support.

(53:09) What to expect from J. Lo and Shakira, and people impersonating Billie Eilish.

(1:01:09) Today’s Sweet Deal is Chateau Louis in Luna Pier. 

(1:09:01) Finishing up the 90s sounds.

(1:13:37) Taylor was never confirmed for the Grammy’s. 50 Cent honored.

January 30, 2020

Date Outside the Area

Thursday January 30th

(00:00) Guess what I saw at Whole Foods!?

(8:09) Lindsey guessed correctly.

(12:37) Phillipe is still here. He leaves next week now that his work at St. Ursula wrapped up. Would You Rather from Floyd.

(18:21) An Ellen like gesture at Scott. State of the city tonight. BG to research addiction. Georgio’s adding a casual second location.

(28:23) Potential additions to the Little Shop cast. Vanessa Bryant speaks about the unimaginable tragedy.

(33:14) Have you considered dating outside of the area?

(41:33) Phillipe has requested white rappers for TBT before he leaves. Posty and Beastie!

(49:17) Ellen doing Ellen things, with Alicia Keys. Another version of Let It Go, for Audi. A beautiful song from a 4 year old.

(54:44) A PFOL, but more with Abbie, whose husband Facebook threatened me.

(1:02:48) Tara Ice is back because the inaugural Sierah’s Birthday Soiree is happening and we’d love to have you be a part of it.

(1:10:57) Oprah’s book club drama. Pornhub premium.

January 29, 2020

RISE With Diana Patton

Wednesday January 29th

(00:00) The Beasts is out and has messed with our morning.

(8:03) Violent criminals, backsplases, Pound Puppies, pizza.

(15:10) Always challenging for Floyd because they’re all things he likes. One Has To Go.

(19:56) Texting for Coronavirus in Ohio. Violent criminals in Toledo. Bodies of copter crash recovered.

(27:32) WIN BIEBER TICKETS. Shaq on losing Kobe. Ellen got a nice birthday message from a popular person.

(33:56) You need to meet Diana Patton, and learn about her Rise program for kids.

(43:37) A good friend of mine needs some advice about meeting someone she dated, then ignored her, but now wants to talk.

(50:33) An addition to the next Matrix movie. Disney is doing live action Bambi. Kobe stuff is selling out.

(55:34) It’s back! The Panel Full of Dudes with Alex. Dealbreakers and manscaping.


(1:09:04) Maria from SCAT is here for kid friendly and adult events, especially their race on 2/15.

January 28, 2020

Can You Help HOOVES

Tuesday January 28th

(00:00) Floyd has a boy sleep over last night.

(8:51) We have to finish the Music Mix, and shout outs to some local ppl who’ve helped me out.

(18:03) There’s A LOT to Tik Tok. Lime, dunking and more in the Rated Game.

(23:22) Chimney where Harley was found is gone now. New Waterville bridge to open Friday. Pan African flag should be raised on Feb. 3rd. Springfield student headed to Carnegie Hall. Kobe updates.

(30:00) Ellen on Kobe. Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial. Lewis Capaldi was believed to be a seat filler at the Grammy’s.

(36:48) I’m all about the Coronavirus so our Tacos + Trivia Tuesday theme is famous viruses.

(40:40) ALL OF THIS IS…

(52:37) TIME WITH AMANDA AND TRISTAN FROM HOOVES. Equine therapy helping vets.

(1:00:43) What was the most overwhelming feeling on your wedding day, what are on you an expert on and more in PFOL.

(1:07:04) Friends was insensitive? Stop. We lost what was going to be a GREAT second act from Kobe.

(1:15:12) We need to get better on Tik Tok

January 27, 2020

Tragic and Celebratory Sunday

Monday January 27th

(00:00) I made a gross Kobe Bryant underestimation.

(11:00) There’s some eeriness about Kobe’s death.

(19:24) Demi’s back with Anyone and let’s get to Monday’s Manic Music Mix.

(26:55) Perrysburg downtown DORA is back on the radar. A unity march on Adams yesterday. Protective netting for Ohio baseball stadiums. Bar Louie closes. CVS receipt scarves.

(32:59) Billie’s historic night. You found out who Tyler the Creator is. Other Grammy thoughts.

(42:01) A tweet about the Kobe situation really irked me. Let’s get to it.

(51:46) Our new show sponsor Jeffrey Mann Fine Jewelers is here to play FINE OR NOT FINE.

(58:42) Deep dive again on the Grammy’s.

(1:05:21) Janet, also upset over Kobe (never knew she was a basketball fan), is here with us for free readings.

(1:11:06) Shelly and Denise for Janet.

(1:16:35) Everyone seems so sad!

(1:23:01) Signs with Janet and Floyd and we’re out!

January 24, 2020

Bethany Brings The Content Today

Friday January 24th

(00:00) Sorry, we’re starting slow today. Wanna be a NAMI walk volunteer?

(4:35) My YOU PAY FOR IT rant, and Bethany’s dog actually watching TV.

(13:21) Bethany’s time to talk big boobs.

(19:41) Fremont vigilantes. Two month road rage feud. Costs of political rallies. Best places in Ohio to raise a family. Walleye, RV show and more this weekend.

(27:39) Selena THANKS YOU. Halsey UNINTENTIONAL upset some people. James Corden isn’t driving.

(33:04) Petrie dishes we play in.

(40:05) Loud noises in your home, famous horses and more in the 5 Second Rule.

(45:59) Taylor had an eating issue. Mean Girls back to Broadway. New music from a star we haven’t heard from a while.

(52:27) What kind of Valentine’s Day card do you want, when was your first adult convo with your kid and more in PFOL.

(58:37) Bethany presents lipstick shade or Twitter handle.

(1:05:00) We just had an incident that almost cost Bethany her visits to the show.