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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

August 2, 2019

GuestMania on TMR

Friday August 2nd

(00:00) Sandusky and the Mud Hens gets some love on an Amazon show.

(8:07) Bethany is here! Ice cream dog sandwiches YUCK. Family reunions and t shirts.

(19:21) Places with stage, places you wear a suit, body parts you sucks and more in the 5 Second Rule Game.

(25:29) TARTA GM fired. UTMC downgrading their trauma level. New director for the library system. Levis Commons art fair. Traffic issues for the weekend. 3 Doors Down, First Friday and other things to do this weekend.

(34:51) Katy Perry, Capitol and others have to fork over almost $3 million for Dark Horse. New Ari Boyfriend is here. Casting for Stephen King’s The Stand, with new material written as well. Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter dies of suspected overdose.

(42:27) What would be your dream product or place to endorse.

(50:22) Jason from Contender E Sports is here.

(57:51) Woodstock artists got paid, for the now cancelled festival. Pink takes down the parenting police again. Ed Sheeran’s cat got hit by a car.

(1:06:53) Name the animal of the famous character with Elizabeth from the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton.

(1:14:08) Floyd’s new best friend Amina Lakin is here. She created Makeup Maniacs, and has some proceeds from a palette going to AFSP due to the loss of her mom several months ago.

(1:23:24) Bethany is dog sitting for me tonight. That’s the experiment.

August 1, 2019

Philay Mignon Here for TBT

Thursday August 1st

(00:00) I’m cranky. How about Chace Crawford’s triceps. He didn’t have those in Gossip Girl.

(12:37) Still cranky I’M SORRY. Please go adopt Franklin. And fulfilling my wanderlust.

(23:57) The Rated Game with vacations, finishing first, wedding and more.

(31:01) Lots of construction jobs in the area. No speed limit changes to Hill Ave. TARTA GM may be fired with no severance. Tax break weekend. Kroger adding cash back fees. You may not get that $125 from Equifax.

(40:27) The Andy Cohen thing went a little further. Jane The Virgin had its finale. Mario Lopez apologizes.

(51:40) A thrilling TBT with white guy rappers as Philay Mignon joins us.

(59:46) Let’s talk about Phil’s REALLY good new single and a bit about his other music.

(1:09:52) Idris Elba teased about Cats. More changes to Michael Strahan’s show.

(1:15:49) What do your kids want to be when they grow up? Mr. Floyd polled his kids.

(1:24:06) A packed house for the Panel Full of Ladies. Like being asked about your tattoos. What are you tired of hearing from men. Best thing about your kids.

(1:33:05) Best way to make pizza rolls, and Burger King’s plant creation hits everywhere Monday.

July 31, 2019

RFS Tackle AND Midstory Guests

Wednesday July 31st

(00:00) Good morning. More evidence we’re way too connected to our phones. What’s the number to people in your favorites.

(8:58) Jaden was on the CNN set in Detroit yesterday. THEN he was on MSNBC to talk about his Warren exclusive.

(19:31) KBM with some of the best songs and artists from 1999, maybe the best year in pop ever.

(26:45) More on the Walmart flash mob. Better boarded up homes. Just one elementary school in BG? Shane Berschbach is coming back.

(35:37) The Bachelorette finally concludes. Cardi’s show was cancelled last night, but due to a security threat, or she wanted to be elsewhere?

(42:45) Shortest marriages and why they are that.

(52:30) Things in your relationship you do because they love it, but you don’t.

(1:01:29) Hot car death that Floyd is HOT over. Blue Ivy is on the Billboard chart. Titus said what he said!

(1:12:00) Our friends from RFS Tackle, Keary and Heidi, are back to talk about back to school stressors for kids and parents.

(1:23:00) Sam and Logan from Midstory have come to visit because their expo A City In Transit happens this Saturday at the old train station. Food trucks, a hundred exhibitors and much more. See you there.

(1:30:19) More love for Jaden and the damn lawnmower

July 30, 2019

Childless Visits to Disney

Tuesday July 30th

(00:00) N’dre woke everyone up at 3am by peeing everywhere.

(8:34) Legos are soooooooooooooooo expensive. And the guy at Target with the face tattoo.

(21:58:) Panel Full Of Ladies? More like Panel Full of Full.

(27:33) Elizabeth Warren is for the blue collar worker! TMA makes another expansion purchase. Deet’s his headed downtown, with beer. Bikes and brew with Patron Saints Brewery this Saturday.

(37:24) Your Eric + Floyd super quick Bachelorette recap. Katy didn’t steal Dark Horse did she? Titus Burgess vs. Andy Cohen was tense.

(46:31) Childless millennials shouldn’t be allowed at Disney? WAIT!

(57:24) Denise is up for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday which is Taylor themed. And our buddy Jaden got some time with Elizabeth Warren last night.

(1:03:47) Entertainment A$ap Rocky heads to trial. Lil Nas X is the record holder. Ariana made a JonBenet joke.

(1:13:53) Jaden Reports is up to LOTS of thousands of followers thanks to his fine work but also MJ Lee of CNN.

(1:22:26) Dwayne Johnson movies are up for the trailer game this week.

(1:30: 45) End of the month, things about to vanish on Netflix other streamers

July 29, 2019

Landon’s Hope

Monday July 29th

(00:00) I slept all weekend but of course bad decisions will lead the show. Take it away Floyd.

(9:01) Floyd may have wasted more of his weekend than I did. And my vaunted electric bill arrived. Let’s Hi/Lo its damage.

(15:44) That En Vogue show Friday.

(24:59) Elizabeth Warren is in town today. Sylvania may be buying a house across from Flower. YMCA WLS and Toledo Clinic partnership. National Chicken Wing Day.

(33:58) Weekend box office. Wendy Williams biopic news. Fortnite championships in NYC. Christian Milian pregnancy announcement.

(42:00) Ridiculous reasons your kid decided to have a breakdown.

(50:17) Landon, a CMN little boy, and his parents AJ and Bailie are here. Landon has an extremely rare skin disease that requires almost around the clock care. Landon’s Hope is their fundraising effort on October 19th.

(58:15) Joe Jonas’ dog was hit by a car. One more season of Fuller House. Debra Tate on Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate. Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke reunion.

(1:08:30) Janet Amid is here!

(1:20:06) Free astrological readings.

July 26, 2019

Dirty Steak N Shake Pics

Friday July 26th

(00:00) Floyd looks GREAT today. He’s supporting a local artist on his reality show quest.

(8:08) I went to Korea Na yesterday. Holy shit wow!

(19:11) Other things to storm besides Area 51. Would You Rather.

(24:41) New local judge nabbed for DUI. Stay out of the water at MBSP. Wallet Hub says rent here is high. Things to do this weekend.

(37:10) Natalie Imbruglia is making music and pregnant. Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. Taylor Swift to receive icon award.

(46:04) Password. The worst version of it ever.

(51:10) How much are you allowed to spend before you have to tell your SO?

(59:24) Will + Grace has one more season then that’s it. Lizzo wants her p DASH DASH DASH y eaten on camera.

(1:09:59) PFOL. Dirtiest thing where you live. Last thing you fell in love with. A healthy addiction.

(1:18:22) The nastiness of Steak N Shake


July 25, 2019

Paying To Be Tantrum Free

Thursday July 25th

(00:00) I learned two things in this segment Amish v Mennonite, and what water socks are.

(9:31) Seoul Town Road featuring BTS and unfunny snark white comedians.

(18:10) We reflect on the astonishing Jaden Jefferson. And the full version of Mr. Rogers quote or nah.

(25:06) TARTA will have bathroom for you now. Rejoice. A community survey by the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board. Continuing Natasha Howard drama. Free Glass City Steel performance.

(33:19) A$AP Rocky finally charged. Old Town Road may break a Mariah Carey Billboard record. J. Lo’s 50th bash.

(40:26) How much do you pay annually to head off store tantrums by you kids.

(51:47) Ashleigh’s finest performance in TBT yet, 2002.

(1:06:23) Big Little Lies MAY be back and Ashleigh watches it. Jennifer Lawrence bringing true crime to life. Wendy Williams doing a biopic. Anne Hathaway is pregnant.

(1:16:49) An absolutely incredible PFOL that included the quote ‘I don’t resist’

I lost track of time. Sorry. Ashleigh saw a dude sitting on an car seat, with a kid in it, on Broadway.

Beyonce’s weight. A-Rod’s gift to J. Lo and Naomi Watts dishing on GOT prequels. Five Second Rule with an extra guest.

July 24, 2019

Jaden Reports Is Mesmerizing

Wednesday July 24th

(00:00) We finally solved the days old Manic Music Mix. The dumb mom jean Macy’s thing didn’t go anywhere.

(10:31) We’re mostly unflappable but this ‘nutritious’ snack bag irked me. The Miss Donna’s sage wisdom.

(17:42) TARTA, dessert, Mr. Rogers, Cookie Monster and more in the Rated Game.

(22:58) Elizabeth Warren visits on Monday. 75 near downtown will be shut down 20 minutes at a times several times thru the day. Buddhist vote pushed again. TARTA GM gets DUI. 419 Music Fest to cancer stricken TFD member. Gunfire over cold fries.

(34:17) The new Taylor called The Archer. Margot Robbie on why she wants to play Barbie. Julia Roberts not coming back to Homecoming, but someone amazing has taken over the lead. Brad Pitt will never be on Instagram.

(41:57) Our Taylor expert Jordan Tomase from BCAN’s Trendy In Toledo is here. Floydperlatives with her, and her for her cohost Allie.

(50:48) Panel Full of BCAN Ladies. Spirit animals, what’s your stress, most impactful teacher.

(59:35) Another Adam Sandler Netflix movie is coming. The second season of Big Little Lies. Wesley Snipes on the new Blade.

(1:04:29) Jaden Jefferson. OMG. He truly is a local news prodigy. Enjoy this!

(1:24:44) Quick preview of what we’ll get to soon, but couldn’t because of our lengthy visit with Jaden.

July 23, 2019

Harbor Night Golf

Tuesday July 23rd

(00:00) Can I start the show with some context about my ‘hateful’ Mr. Rogers Facebook? Thanks.

(10:14) Floyd reminded us we forgot to finish the Manic Music Mix yesterday. Go adopt Franklin from LC4!

(19:51) For the first time ever a 6am hour PFOL! What’s in your sink first thing in the morning. A good workday snack. What dictates whether or not you’ve had a good day.

(25:10) Amazon details. CSPAN will feature Toledo LOL. NO details why that young giraffe died. Toledo Symphony and Harry Potter music. Packos hot dog deals this week. Peanut allergies.

(34:05) John Oliver breaks some Beyonce news. The Mister Rogers trailer has hit. A man A$ap Rocky’s possibly harassed will not be charged.

(42:07) Is that song writing show a thing? Tacos + Trivia Tuesday themed with The Lion King.

(48:48) Ava Max is the 2k19 Katy. Britney may be married. Adrianne Palicki is now not married. Hannah and Luke drama continues.

(1:00:03) Harbor Night Golf is coming up 8/16.

(1:05:23) When’s the right time to start dating again after a long relationship.

(1:15:10) Jeffy McGee our pop culture guru is here for the Trailer Game as Once Upon A Time in Hollywood opens on Friday.

July 22, 2019

Movies Everyone Has Seen

Monday July 22nd

(00:00) Floyd’s got your Lion King review.

(7:11) I think Molly got adopted! I had an extremely emotional weekend. I mean it.  

(17:04) A Monday Manic Music Mix. Baby Shark against homelessness, and a space rock with 93 billion for each person on earth.

(25:02) Two deaths in grain silos on Friday. No smoking or vaping unless you’re 21. New murals in the Old South End. About 20 total construction projects are going on now. Pizza Palooza winners.

(34:08) A Hollywood engagement. A$ap Rocky might be worse off now. Avengers gets the record and Marvel Comic Con announcements.

(43:21) Movies that EVERYONE HAS SEEN. Except for me, and maybe you.

(55:34) PFOL. But also my not very egotistical visit to a local Starbucks.

(1:03:35) $185 million for The Lion King. Shannon Doherty in the Riverdale premier. Two more Halloween sequels. Cardi got an Offset tattoo on the back of her thigh.

(1:10:31) Janet is here. SO much retrograde!

(1:24:20) You should call us for Janet. She’s in her own world.

(1:29:30) Signs with Floyd and Janet.