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Category: Society & Culture

TMR 2.0 is OVER, but the podcast is not. Song free, commercial free, free FREE! Floyd, Alex, Bethany, Ashleigh, UK Philly T and many more Toledo friends and guests.

April 6, 2021

Help Me Pick A Present

Janet is here, and I've got to hit her up for gifts for someone with a birthdate of 4/18/49.

Alex couldn't make it today and she really wanted to share some thoughts on the TPD harassment situation. It was, again(!!!), dudes being dudes, the punishment was light, and maybe they should consider leaving on their own. 

This was awfully bold of Amanda.

Good luck to this local meteorologist!

Lots of things to share around the Solheim, including the exact ticket prices for Gwen Stefani.

Ugh, tax headaches. 


April 5, 2021

Down About DMX

Alex is just a little unwell, and I went for another COVID test.

Gwen Stefani is coming to Toledo for the Solheim Cup.

The DMX news has me a bit conflicted, but mostly sad.

Alex has reviews for Godzilla v Kong and Idris Elba's Concrete Cowboy (Netflix)

Thank you Amanda, and some food discussion.

Dale's is back in the discourse again. Why hiring is a challenge now is multifaceted. 

The basics should no longer be bread and milk.

Maumee should be moving a little faster now.

Do you know what the middle class without valid complaints is?

April 2, 2021

TSA’s Podcast Founder Joins

One of TSA's student ambassadors joins us. I have lots of questions for the former podcaster and soon to be Transylvania University student.

She's not Olive.

A six month old with a phone addiction.

Inflatable animals on Summit Street.

Healthy drinks on kid's menus in Toledo.

ANOTHER mistreated dog.

The return of the Five Second Rule, for Bethany. 

April 1, 2021

UK Philly T!

How about those Apple products.


What's the healthcare like in the UK for Phillipe. Very very different.

Defining Amanda and I.

What is Zola and why are people so excited for it.

Vaccine passports.

March 31, 2021

I Fell Prey To A Ruse

Your street is about to be fixed. 

It was a sweaty night with Amanda and the kid. But now, what is this?

I got a message from 9 year old Phoenix last night as I was leaving work. And so began the scheme...

Hmmmm, could I get my dad to move here?

My deserve my punishment for not eating local. 

The shooting road rager has been indicted.


March 30, 2021

People Are Dumb Episode 374738a.

We believe in aliens and other wild things in the cosmos.

Speaking of wild things, Janet is here, and Saturn is sexting Jupiter or something.

You're a real adult when you have multifaceted slippers.

Alex is getting her wax on.

On the nuances of the virus that very likely originated in Wuhan, China. People Are Dumb Episode 374738a.

On the Chauvin trial in day two.

The road rager from last week hasn't been found yet.

Watch Invincible.

Alex's nephew's first t-ball game is this weekend!

March 29, 2021

Alex’s Birthday Show (Date Recap)

Happy birthday to my best friend.

Wow. Fallen Timbers may be less than half occupied.

Alex and Thomas made a memorable entrance to the movie we saw on Friday night.

The Suez Canal is unblocked.

Do you remember Ramona Quimby.

Best looking bald people. 

The Irregulars on Netflix.

Thomas got Alex a very intimate birthday gift.

A wedding on a cruise?

March 26, 2021

My Niece Has A Name

Road rage is all the rage. 

Responsible gun use.

The Suez Canal situation is just delighting me right now.

Waiting for royalty to die.

COVID things.

Maddie loves to bounce and go to daycare.

Shout outs to St. Ursula success.

It was going to be an N, and it is. My niece's name reveal.

Should I get another dog.

COVID hair loss (not mine).

March 25, 2021

Good Times at Condado

A sleepover with the girl.

Road rage incident within earshot of dinner at....

Condado on Monroe St. Mexican and margs!

I think we have a rather small autism support community here. I could be very wrong.

I'm in Facebook Jail AGAIN.

These shake places on every damn corner. They're not healthy.

A Jeffrey Dahmer show is coming with Evan Peters.

Mental health and violent, murderous crimes.

The Demi Youtube doc.

Chris Evans has a tatted chest.

Don't buy that house on Atwood Alex has been looking at. 

March 24, 2021

Hens & Walleye’s Matt Melzak

So this episodes isn't going to be for everybody. BUT, it's the most fun I've had talking sports in a LONG time.

Before we dive into super nerdy sports stuff, Matt shares what's been going on with himself, and the Hens and Walleye as no games have been happening for a year now.