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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

March 11, 2019

Hero For Hire DJ OneTyme Joins TMR

Hi. Happy Monday.

Captain Marvel was OK. Fantasticon was OK. Floyd’s wedding filled weekend was far more than OK.

The UT event I’m speaking at on Wednesday night. Hopefully you can make it out.

Another roundabout is coming. More construction downtown makes for a small headache thru Wednesday. 8 Americans killed in the Ethiopian plane crash. Last day to use your Payless gift cards.

R Kelly thing and R Kelly that. A-Rod and J-Lo engaged.

DJ OneTyme visits! Best DJ in the area.

Let’s ask OneTyme about R Kelly and MJ songs at events.

This show is a hot mess today. Janet is here for your calls!

Singing signs with Floyd and Janet, but first a time and birthday to investigate. Personal reasons.  

Still more entertainment to get to. Nicki Minaj cancelling some shows and the chants she received because of it. Should we add one of these songs to the rotation of intro we use for the show.

MLT and join us for the chili cook off.

March 8, 2019

Public Bathroom Probs, Let’s Talk at UT!


Something TV and movies cannot get right. A free, open space for good community minded ideas is available. Good luck to Savanna getting married this weekend.

My Manic Music Mix. As we leave the segment, we have three songs identified! Cilantro’s was a really delicious Mexican place downtown, that didn’t last. The old Diva spot has a new tenant.

There’s a nasty fish in the Maumee. TMA’s director is leaving. CYA coming to city sports creates headaches. Sherrod Brown not running for President.

The Jonas Bros are back and on Carpool Karaoke. Corey Feldmand reluctant to support his friend MJ any longer. Carlton dropped his dance lawsuit.

PFOL. How do you feel about a guy and fruity drinks. Words you can’t spell. The most comfortable pants.

We’re down to one song on the MMM! One! Five Second Rule. Things you do in the shower. Presidential Toledo streets. Cereals with marshmallows.

Gayle King is looking for a big payday and the Smollett story has even more tentacles to it.

Ashleigh pooped and puked at the same time. It inspired some stories we’d like to share.

Some fantastic suggestions for songs to save your life.

Let’s Talk is the event I’ll be speaking at next Wednesday at UT. Welcome Jocelyn and Lt. Johnson!

Baby Girl is here from LC4. You should adopt her.

Small biz shout outs BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS ans MLT.

March 7, 2019

TBT, Ashleigh’s Here, Trebek’s Cancer MORE

Morning. Or mourning, again.

Alex Trebek is not going to live much longer. Kevin Hines is coming to Toledo. Floyd’s tire is also dead or dying. Being on time.

WYR, Would You Rather, with some very existential questions from Floyd. Bring on my coma.

Very small odds that Trebek lives much longer. DORA in Sylvania. Help out Mobile Meals, work at the Zoo and Charlotte Russe is closing.

Breakfast Club entertainment news here. Gayle wasn’t fearful of R Kelly. Jussie Smollett will be back on Empire. Idris Elba may be taking over Will Smith’s role in the Suicide Squad sequel.

R Kelly is back on with Gayle talking about why he’s broke.

Throwback Thursday. Songs and artists with numbers.

Songs to save your life.

Rent the Runway is a good spot for women to save some money if you’re IN a wedding.

PFOD. Ashleigh’s Panel Full Of Dudes. Her husband’s birthday is coming up, so the questions center around that.

There’s one Blockbuster left. In Oregon…Bend, OR. How are they still open!?

Inspired by Justin Guarini’s ludicrous amount of followers, the HOW MANY FOLLOWERS DO THEY HAVE game.

MLT and it’s a lactose thing!

March 6, 2019

R Kelly’s Surreal Interview

Morning, a few minutes early!

R. Kelly speaks, a bad situation in Findlay and PM concert series announced. And there’s A LOT going on this weekend.

Steppin Out to help out TSA is this weekend at the Renaissance. Get your funky shoes.

Do you want your sidewalks or streets fixed? State of the state gets down to basics. A new antidepressant nasal spray approved by the FDA.

The R. Kelly sit down with Gayle King is surreal. Brie Larson has a more vicious foe than any evil in Captain Marvel or even Thanos.

R. Kelly is losing his mind in the full interview so I pop that on the air for a minute or so, then Deal Or No Deal with Floyd.

PFOL 1-10 GOT interest, most memorable part of your wedding, messiest spot in your home.

More entertainment and elaboration on Mr. Kelly.

PM Dawn or death for the Promedica concert series please! How have you used your kids before?

Do you have a unique job? We got our taxidermist.

Wanna go on a Youtube date with me and visit the songs I grew up with? You’s second season. Luke Perry’s wrestler son and Wendy Williams.

A second PFOL. Let’s get into killing, and tampons.

MLT is GOT themed. Maybe I can do them until the show begins its 8th and final season?

March 5, 2019

Jordan from BCSN and Luke Perry Passing.

Morning. Or is it mourning?

Why you no read Facebook right? The somber feelings abound in the wake of Luke Perry’s death.

KBM. R Kelly, MJ, Bill Cosby. Brie Larson and other Captain Marvel stars.

Don Yi is home. Tripling the gas tax in MI. A pipe bomb in Sylvania. Walleye playoff tickets. $1.5b Mega Billions was claimed.

What happens on Riverdale now? Robin Roberts on interviewing Jussie Smollett. No more MJ on radio and streaming?

I’m looking for unique jobs. And we got some good calls!

PFOL. Something you never run out of at home. Best part of your morning. Acceptable levels of PDA.

Jordan from BCSN is here. More Luke Perry and the cool treehouses at Oak Openings.

Tacos and Trivia Tuesday RD 1.

RD 2 and Jake makes his debut. Floyd made a boo boo by trying to change someone into something they aren’t.

Female heroes to celebrate Captain Marvel coming out this week with Jeffy McGee.

MLT and extra content AFTER the show.

March 4, 2019

Janet Amid + New Game Debut

Hi! We’re awake and ready are you?

Floyd pulled a me yesterday and I had my version of fun over the weekend.

The debut of the Justin Guarini Game. How followers does THAT person have?

A situation to be aware of at Fremont Ross. A local restauranteur is finally headed home to Perrysburg. Tech upgrades for Toledo City Council.

Leaving Neverland. Jordyn Woods non-drama. Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale.

Not Winefest, but Whinefest. Vent to begin your week. Mine? Stop asking where’s spring.

PFOL with the last thing you think about before you fall asleep.

Ian Mckellan said something dumb and apologized real quick. Roseanne didn’t do the same. Movies this past weekend.

Janet Amid and sex 5 times a day!

More Janet.

Sing those signs.

Slay it or Spray it with lots of not slaying. Until we get to Madonna!

March 1, 2019

Philly T. Friday + Monroe Cancer Center

No date up top because Apple suggested it could affect the analytics of this podcast. OK.

Let’s begin shall we?

I’m excited for lunch today at Sidon. Floyd has a tummy ache. New Jonas Brothers music to play!

Cari and Megan, the Amelia Airharts, are here to demand that you come see them Sunday at Acoustics For Autism.

Mayor Wade’s state of the city. The grand reopening of a mental wellness center in Toledo. YouTube suspending comments.

Another Oscar winner likely to join Bond 25. The Walking Dead is expanding its universe. Luke Perry had a massive stroke. Jordyn Woods is apologetic.

My zaaaaaaaaaaaany music mix has been renamed to Eric’s Manic Music Mix. Five songs can you identify them?

PFOL and let’s talk about sickness.

More sickness. Something hotter than a Carolina Reaper to raise money for Promedica’s cancer center in Monroe. Join Jeff and his podcast crew at Amaya’s on March 9.

Thoughts on the state of Toledo and Philly T isn’t too pleased.

Final time this week we’ll get to momnesia or mommy brain. Things you blanked on when you were pregnant.

New entertainment news about Kylie, Kelly Clarkson and Ryan Adams.

Small Biz Shout Outs but first sad news down the street from last night, and a giant tarantula.

MLT what we’re up to this weekend.

February 28, 2019

022819 Ashleigh + TSA Friends


Police car one day, TV news the next. Uh oh? And lots of TV talk for the opening segment.

318 and 294, which is which. Rated Game! Shower caddy, GOT, Jason Momoa.

The Lake has rights and is already being sued. State of the City is today at Waite. Diverse new class of TFD. An addition to TMA for future projects. Momo Challenge is the fault of parents.

Masked Spoiler finale wrap up. Gaga said it was acting. Ari is the queen of IG.

Momnesia. Let’s discuss what you’ve forgotten, if you remember.

A thrilling competitive edition of TBT. To 2009. Big week for the audience.

A fellow TCP BOT winner appeared so we snagged him for a few minutes to chat Cardinal Stritch.

TSA has Steppin Out coming. Glam shoes everywhere! Thanks to Bethany and Dave for coming out.

When we did a FB survey about how the show’s doing, many people wanted a Panel Full Of Men. With Ashleigh here we can do that.

Ari is getting some shit for an upcoming show in Manchester. Rami Malek goes villain for Bond. 90210 is coming big with a real twist.

Ashleigh’s time to dive into the Mystery Box. Hit our Q105 Facebook page for the video.

MLT on Momnesia and Mr. Rogers. Prepare you liver Toledo for Drinking SZN

February 27, 2019

022819 TPD Ride Along Debrief


Floyd had a bit of a bizarre night at Stomp at the Stranahan. There was a baby. A baby baby. And a baby of an adult.

Criminal or nah? Celebs and stars. Much more difficult than you think.

15k people showed up to vote in our special election. Rogers Zia Cooke is a finalist for national player of the year. Do you know what TikTok is.

R. Kelly is out of jail, thanks to 100k from a very loyal female daycare worker. All three Chicago shows are renewed at NBC. A source speaks to ET about Gaga and Cooper.

We’ve each had an issue with one of our parents in the past few days.

So WHAT happened on my TPD ride along? Biggest takeaway…West Toledo neighborhoods have totally destroyed roads.

A God(dess) level PFOL. Scars, headless Jason Momoa, a free photog session, pregnancy brain and more.

New friends Rosa and Ricardo are here from El Salto. They’re your Sweet Deal this week on our website.

Jordan Peele is DEFINITELY the prince of horror. Who is Aldis Hodge? Bebe Rexha v her dad v the Internet. Pete Davidson v an idiot in one of his show’s crowds.

If you missed yesterday’s show you missed this engagement announcement. If you already heard it, listen again to out sitcom styled surprise.

MLT from Wiz and Blink 182 but first Floyd on the latest Pokemon trailer. 

February 26, 2019




Tales from axe throwing at Axe 419 yesterday (video to come). And I watched Blackkklansman last night. VERY impressed.

Oscars ratings up. Streaming costs up. Deal or No Deal up.

Terrible news in the world of the Hand Jobs salon owner. Today is special election day. Bundle your downed branches for Republic. Hulu prices are going both up and down.

Gaga and Madonna squashed a beef. Bradley Cooper’s lady all is good (really? I’d be a bit worried). Taron Egerton with Elton John. R. Kelly is out of jail.

Hey Nicho, MY GIRLFRIEND IS HERE. Amelia Airharts are here to preview Acoustics For Autism this Sunday at the Idiot.

More guests. Phillipe and his UK bae are here. And they have a massive announcement.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday. How fast can we find a winner with The Office themed questions.

Jeffy McGee and the Trailer Game. Popular flicks that were nominated, but Oscar losers.

MLT and Floyd has a show to record tonight.