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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

October 3, 2019

How Many Baby Showers?

Thursday October 3rd

(00:00) We’re going to see the Joker later.

(8:15) The slowest fast food drive thru is…

(18:26) Sexy current events Halloween costumes, and a new game WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE THEY SMELL LIKE?

(26:28) Six Flags may buy Cedar Fair – so, Cedar Point. Perrysburg may have to cut dozens of teachers. More Promedica expansion. Flu shot clinics. Discount dog adoptions.

(34:47) Masked Singer recap. Kylie back with Tyga, after split with Travis Scott?

(44:49) No DORA at Perrysburg, but Things That Go happens this weekend at Levis Commons.

(54:51) Philay Mignon is here to take on Floyd in TBT, with booty songs.

(1:05:01) The new Lady Gaga album, if there is one, is called Adele? Joaquin Phoenix on his love for his fiancée.

(1:09:45) Should you have multiple baby showers?

(1:23:09) When you were pregnant more or less interested in sex? Most expensive thing you got the least use out of? And more in the PFOL.

(1:29:52) Demi gets heat for her Israel trip. MLT!

October 2, 2019

How Much Was Your Wedding?

Wednesday October 2nd

(00:00) So sorry it was soooooooooooo hot yesterday.

(9:00) Jaden on Oprah, and don’t read the comments. Maybe in your case, don’t BE the comment.

(18:30) How or when you die? Meet your fictional hero or real life one? Floyd with more Would You Rathers.

(27:06) No DORA in Perrysburg. Fire kills horses and animals. Mayor’s plan to rebuild the streets. Another Snout and About happens Sunday. Lunch trips to downtown restaurants. 21 to buy tobacco products.

(37:03) Mathew Knowles has breast cancer. Joker talk, and his girlfriend’s trailer was released for Bird’s of Prey.

(47:22) Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee.

(55:32) How much did your wedding cost?

(1:08:30) Nick Jonas and Floyd are practically the same person. Travis Scott and Kylie seemingly split. We have an Imagine Dragons story. Why?

(1:16:21) Dorothy from Good Grief of NWO is here to visit because we’re two weeks and a day away from their big fundraising breakfast at the Pinnacle. We’ll be there that day!

(1:25:33) What do you wish you kept from your childhood. What do you call your in laws. More in the PFOL!

(1:34:20) Demi got baptized in Israel. Jordan Peele resigns with Universal. MLTs!

October 1, 2019

Is Their Debt, Your Debt?

Tuesday October 1st

(00:00) Why did the Nelly show get cancelled.

(9:49) Election Day off, but for kids too? Wait.

(17:44) Angelina Jolie, turquoise, Adele, luggage and more in the Rated Game.

(25:06) Marina District work facing a labor stoppage. No felony charge Jannah Wyley. Record temps. UT and BG to kick off at noon; BG is a 45 point underdog to Notre Dame. Vicky Simpson wins big on Wheel of Fortune.

(36:29) Kelly Clarkson does Juice. Dwayne Johnson returns home. Strangers Things news. The Biebers have a wedding for loved ones.

(43:52) Apparently, very easy Wizard of Oz questions for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(52:10) When you marry them, do you marry their debt?

(1:05:14) A song we missed from the summer. Stacey Dash was arrested over the weekend. An Iggy and Lizzo feud?

(1:12:03) What made you feel lucky. Your last parental regret. The PFOL.

(1:21:46) Joker actors are the theme for this week’s Trailer Game.

(1:30:59) What to watch and stream with Jeffy.

September 30, 2019

Floyd Vs. Aaron Carter

Monday September 30th

(00:00) Floyd vs. Aaron Carter.

(7:04) The Haunted Hydro was everything we were told about.

(17:04) More fun fall things to do with Kackleberry Farms.

(22:41) Concerning social media posts with Lake, and last week at the Zoo. Laskey bar still a nuisance. Wanna plow snow? Forever 21 goes into bankruptcy.

(33:58) Tom Holland stays in the MCU. No new Kanye music. No Pete Davidson on SNL this weekend. Aaron Carter got a face tattoo.

(43:24) Todd Crandall from Racing For Recovery is here. Todd’s book is out, and he’s got a book release party tomorrow at Dave’s Running.

(50:58) Monday’s Manic Music Mix.

(57:ish) Abominable won the box office. Miley reflects. Ricky Martin is a dad again.

(1:05:50) PFOL. His debts. Being creepy. Who do you stalk.

(1:16:47) Beyonce, Adele and Chris Martin on a new song?! MLT!

September 27, 2019

Lucy From TDC Visits

Friday September 27th

(00:00) The crew is not pleased with the intro song. Havarti cheese event tonight. A Kangol hat.

(8:30) We like the Diplo and Jonas Brothers song! Black Cloister is closing.

(15:08) J. Lo and Shakira have inspired today’s One Has To Go.

(23:04) GM will take care of its workers benefits, not the union. Get going with TPD. Paranormal fun at the CAC tomorrow. Floyd on football!

(33:21) J. Lo and Shakira on two women headline the halftime show. Bring It On 2k20? No dressing up for the Joker movie.

(40:54) Things you cover your eyes with, ways you can spend a thousand dollars quickly, and more in the Five Second Rule.

(48:28) My FRIEND Rachel ValisKlotz is here because for the 6th year I get to host the Out Of The Darkness walk, an event to fight suicide.

(1:00:55) Someone will be responsible for Mac Miller’s death.

(1:09:16) PFOL and our guest from Hull Prairie, is on with us!

(1:17:18) Things that give you chills. This went poorer than I expected.

(1:25:48) Lucy is gonna wrap us up with some interview questions.

September 26, 2019

My Neighbor Confrontation

Thursday September 26th

(00:00) I did two crummy things. Masked Singer recap coming heads up!

(12:54) Here we go. And after Masked stuff, I missed Chicago shows, but I did watch Emergence.

(20:55) We made City Paper Best Of radio show noms. Vote for us? Dead body found in South Toledo. Speed bumps in West Toledo. No more recycling in Oregon. Vaping. New TMA exhibit.

(28:52) Samuel L. Jackson on your Alexa. Masked Singer again. Clue is being rebooted with two familiar stars. Nick Cannon is getting a daytime show.

(36:26) Keary and Heidi are here from RFS Tackle. Helping your kids, and their school counselors, so they can navigate the stressors of being a kid.

(47:21) Ballad, love and slow songs for TBT this week. It’s you against Floyd.

(55:16) What’s up with Kanye’s album? Best New Artist at the Grammy’s will be a blood bath. Jonas Brothers IG was ‘hacked.’

(1:03:59) Haven’t heard of it till now, but the Roche De Boeuf festival is this Saturday in Waterville. A parade, food trucks, lots of vendors of all kinds.

(1:12:49) Dumb sibling fights.

(1:22:05) Is the Thingamajig this former NBA player? MLT!

September 25, 2019

Toledo’s Max Boyle On The Voice

Wednesday September 25th

(00:00) Good morning! Floyd and Sam are still together. Hello St. Ursula! Need a job!?

(8:41) Toledo’s Max Boyle was outstanding on The Voice last night. Hot Girl Fall with your pumpkin ass beer is here.

(16:41) Donna gave her kids Floyd and Tiana the talk.

(27:02) The Symphony got hacked. Train derailer convicted. The Bedford gator has a new home, and name. Road work on Alexis. Former TPS teacher on Wheel Of Fortune this Monday.

(33:46) More Max on The Voice. Jurassic Park star returns. Joker movie controversy.

(46:11) All things going on with the Collingwood Arts Center for the fall season of scares.

(54:37) Yea, we’re gonna a PFOL. What makes you wanna vomit, what do men get too worked up over, how often do you check your finances.

(1:02:42) Lil Nas X talked with Ellen about being out. Michelle Williams is not happy you’re tagging her.

(1:10:12) Jason Kucsma, director the library system, is here because the grand reopening of the main branch happens on Saturday.

(1:19:43) Jason helped us kick off corny, dad jokes for Haunted Hydro tickets. What do you call a cow with no legs?

(1:26:29) Demi Moore’s memoir, SNL ups some cast members.

September 24, 2019

Do I Buy A Wedding Gift?

Tuesday September 24th

(00:00) A local dude on The Voice tonight? Toledo millionaire goes thru DM’s for IG influencer.

(11:45) A hippo gender reveal and Floyd is angered.

(18:37) A complaint about the Zoo, and Floyd’s book of breakable world records.

(25:56) No more paying for AP exams in WLS. A new Monnettes? North Toledo people upset about strip club. UPS is hiring. Library renaming a street downtown.

(34:21) Jonah Hill will be in Batman. Kit Harrington has an easy answer to backlash about the GOT finale. The royals in South Africa. Final Frozen trailer.

(43:01) You love fall, so answer some fall questions for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday!

(49:17) Desmond from Komen is here one last time because the race is THIS weekend!

(1:00:11) Jared Padalecki has his next role. Jennifer Lawrence posted her wedding registry on Amazon. Lenny Kravitz is just like us. A couple dudes with issues.

(1:09:11) I hosting a wedding. I am bringing a guest. Am I required to bring a gift?

(1:18:40) Big September openings with Jeffy McGee and the Trailer Game.

(1:26:27) What to watch with Jeff. Or maybe what NOT to watch.

September 23, 2019

Pastor Ben Snyder Visits. Yes, Pastor!

Monday September 23rd

(00:00) Floyd was almost late, I did nice things weekend and I came with a gift for my fine friend and cohost.

(9:36) Jaden is going to interview Oprah. Or did. Some of his visit with Brad Pitt that aired on Friday.

(19:51) Monday’s Manic Music Mix and a couple of penis stories.

(28:15) Trumps visit to the area. Traffic downtown. UT wants to sell the Scott Park campus. A roundabout is almost done. SPORTS.

(38:05) Game of Thrones and Fleabag were big Emmy winners. Michelle Williams’ speech was the best of the night.

(47:05) Our friend pastor Ben Snyder from Cedar Creek is here. They’re running a series about anxiety and other mental health issues, and I really approach their approach in doing so.

(56:00) Watching sports, snitching, Ellen and Moses with in the Rated Game.

(1:03:25) Let’s solve the Manic Music Mix.

(1:05:27) Billy Porter’s empowering Emmy speech. Kevin Hart is doing better but will likely be sued. Weekend box office has a surprise.

(1:15:27) No calls today, but texts for Janet. I have a Neptune question!

(1:26:52) More texts to get to with Janet. See her Sunday at the Pinnacle!

(1:36:31) MLT!

September 20, 2019

Don’t #CancelCulture Us

Friday September 20th

(00:00) Paul made a poor Facebook post on the station page, and Floyd handled the mess with articulation and aplomb!

(14:09) The new Maroon 5. Or as Floyd called them, The Adam Levine 5.

(21:27) Who doesn’t have sweat pants!?

(30:31) The gator in Bedford. A road finally reopens. Lights on the Hi Level. Things to do this weekend.

(41:23) Confirmed UFOs. Billie Lourd will guest star on Will and Grace. Friends post an iconic photo. Carter family troubles.

(50:35) Floyd is cancelling some alcohol’s for 2020.

(59:05) Famous dinosaurs, things that are lit, celebs who shouldn’t be and others in the Five Second Rule.

(1:06:36) How are Brad Pitt and Kanye friends? Is Cardi a gangbanger?

(1:14:16) We’re stalling for Shawarmaholic, so let’s talk Area 51 and the Bedford gator.

(1:20) Sonny from Shawarmaholic is here to make us wish we were at his restaurant right now.