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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

June 6, 2019

Floyds Dunks on BADBRITNEY TBT

Thursday June 6th

I walked Jasmine yesterday at LC4. She was a sweetheart. Hey, how about that rain!

A finely Floyd hosted Rated Game. Rotten Tomatoes. Cruises. Construction. Construction complaints.

50k potholes filled. Cancer survivor celebration at UTMC. Local ballplayer drafted by the Pirates. PJ’s and Biggy downtown closing up. Native Sylvanian rang the stock exchange bell yesterday.

Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us has people going after the original prosecutor. Brad Pitt’s new movie Ad Astral releases its trailer.

Give us that neighborhood drama.

A weekly family dinner menu. NO.

How BH90210 is remembering Luke Perry. A role reversal Bodyguard remake? Early Handmaid’s Tale thoughts from Ashleigh.

A very forthcoming Panel Full Of Dudes…Demetrius, Seth and a Shiloh.

TBT to non-Britney smashes.

Bradley Cooper is having relationship issues. Sources swear it’s not Gaga. Topanga is pregnant and it’s not Corey’s.

A new (to you) mental health friend to introduce you to. Keary Sarabia CEO of RFS Tackle.

MLT and follow Floyd on Snap and IG

June 5, 2019

Finally, Dane Sanzenbacher Visits

Wednesday June 5th

Lovefest needs volunteers. Contact Floyd. Oh. What is it. Hi Ben! Walleye lose.

I finished Chernobyl. Some thoughts. And quickly Would You Rather.

Downtown parking changes are still coming, but some new info. Road work right over the state line is coming. A Whole Food sign. A Taco Bell emergency.

AGT golden buzzer. Sephora is shut down for today. Jussie Smollett is definitely not coming back to Empire. Punky Brewster returns.

Why don’t you want to call during the 7am hour? Food truck fun in the 419.

What would you like your kids to be? What do you THINK they’ll be based off their early interests.

Julia Roberts was almost not Vivian Ward. Chris Hemsworth is taking time to be a dad. Metallica will perform Game 3’s anthem tonight at the Finals.

PFOL with a stellar interesting trio!

Weird bathroom habits. Water must be running. Sitting in the shower. No toilet paper.

The Bond 25 set is very dangerous. 80s sitcoms!

Central Catholic track and field state champs are here, so there is coach from all the billboards J


June 4, 2019

Ladies of BCAN Visit

Tuesday June 4th

Floyd looks different today. Shop local! Pay more? Sadly, that’s the case all too often.

Manic Music Mix time and Floyd has one immediately. Beyonce as Nala.

Your potholes should be getting filled. TPD is hiring. Drug testing Sylvania students. The district also has an interim superintendent. UT extends its basketball coach.

Jeopardy James lost, and the result leaked early. The Weinstein settlements have hit a bump. Jay Z is a billionaire.

Jordan and Allie from BCAN are here to talk about Deja’s Trendy in Toledo appearance.

A bit more with J + A for entertainment. A rumor kinda sticks to Brad Pitt, even though it’s just a bizarre rumor. Dead To Me was renewed for a second season.

PFOL. Can you pay an emergency $400 bill. Do you dinner time phone rules. What really wakes you up.

Are we losing steam with Tacos + Trivia? The prizes are cool, I try to bake the answers into the questions. Anyway, coffee is our theme this week.

We finish the Music Mix. 2 out of 5 Floyd, not great. Not great. Christina and Demi together in Vegas. Sara Gilbert is leaving the Talk.

Jeff is here for musical biopic to celebrate the early success of Rocketman.

So much to watch stream and download.


June 3, 2019

Dog Died at Mud Hens Game

Monday June 3rd

Stay back Floyd’s sick. Giant houses in the OWE and I’m sorry Alex, Justin Lucas.

New music Monday. I wanna run through these for Floyd. Miley, Katy, Bebe, Camila, Iggy.

Some Mercy workers headed back to work. A million dollar donation to IS for their new theater. Lunch at Levis begins this week. A dog died at the ballpark on Friday. Walleye on the brink in Newfoundland.

More on the dog suddenly dying at the ballpark.

Adulting it not being able to go out for Sunday brunch because you spent too much on Fri + Sat. It’s this.

Two Khloe stories to make it three Kardashian for the day. Beyonce is ready for her Nala wrong, on IG anyway.

Janet is here!

Thanks to Lyn at K100 we have an update on the dog that died at the ballpark.

More with Lyn and her debut on the Rated Game.

Three MLTS. You can pick which is best. And I’m making Floyd give me homework.

May 31, 2019

Ashleigh’s Here So Is A John

Friday May 31st

Ashleigh’s in for Floyd today. Her son got into Beverly! OWE strategies for the weekend.

The OHSP trooper was charged for his son’s accidental shooting death. Promedica news. Kickoff times for UT and BG announced. $1 movies for kids this summer. BUSY WEEKEND.

Drake messing with the Finals again. Cardi doesn’t give a fuck. New Camila and Mark Ronson.

A number on a rubber band to get a date.

5 Second Rule with Ashleigh, and John. That’s her coworker who grew up a few minutes from me in Philly.

Lori Loughlin is in a rough spot. More Jussie Smollett news. Elton John told Taron Egerton not to sound like him. New music from Iggy, and also Katy.


What is Two Guys From Philly.

More R Kelly charges. Emilia Clarke raising money for people with brain injuries, which she had. Robert Pattinson may not be Batman.

MLT and goodbye to John!

May 31, 2019

Diddy’s Scan Results Return

Wednesday May 30th    

How much does Deja make turned into a massive professional evaluation of Floyd’s life.

I got Diddy’s test results back. It was cancer. Was. Could still be. For now, it’s not.

Walleye win, series is 2-1. The OWE festival has its first same sex king and queen of the parade. Amazon is definitely coming to Rossford.

Ed Sheeran wants to make a dude supergroup. Ari wasn’t sick; she had an allergic reaction.

Ashleigh’s here! Our friend Gary at K100 is taking some time away from the station and show.

TBT with pop punk songs inspired by Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard.

Alex Trebek is miraculously improving, and Lil Nas X adopted adorable puppies.

PFOD by Ashleigh.

Ashleigh, as a parent, on where not to take kids. And her thoughts on more protective netting at baseball games; two people got smoked last night.

Ashton Kutcher testified in a murder trial. Moby has packed up promotions for his book tour.

There’s another festival this weekend besides OWE and Maple + Main. NWO Latinofest!

We stole one of Gary Shores’ guests because I LOVE HER.

May 29, 2019

Don’t Take Kids There

Wednesday May 29th

Birthday dinner and movie for Floyd’s crew. Literally, get off my lawn. And I’m not sorry someone took out your mailbox.

Would You Rather. Oh, Bachelor guy was on NBC 24 last night.

A month long Toledo boxing celebration starts in just a few weeks. Memorial Day Ohio highway deaths down this year. Save AP Bio. Local speller may go national.

Kit Harington goes to get his mental health together. Ellen talks being abused by her stepfather. The JoBros have a book coming out in November.

Walleye player or local politician.

Places to never take kids.

Ari cancelled some shows and Kanye on with Letterman as well.

PFOL. Fights not worth having. No impulse control with these foods. How many pillows do you sleep on.

Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee. Good luck Floyd.

Mandy Moore is scaling Everest. Did you notice something missing from Jasmine in Aladdin?

Alex McAleer, a mentalist with Champions of Magic, is on with us. They’ll be at the Stranahan in October.

MLT and bad pick ups

May 28, 2019

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday!

Tuesday May 28th

It was Floyd’s birthday weekend, here and in Cleveland. And I have his present.

Iggy Azalea nude pics, more on that later. Rank These Things.

There aren’t many tickets left for Wednesday’s Walleye game. You can still be involved though. Ottawa Hills has a missing pig. It’s National Burger Day.

Aladdin beat projections. Naked Iggy pics leaked from a GQ shoot. Spice Girls tour kicked off with some technical issues.

My friend is getting engaged this summer, and she knows it. This strikes me as odd.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday is Will Smith themed for today.

Kanye and Kim went to see Celine Dion. Elton John didn’t want his biopic toned down. Harrison Ford says Indiana Jones dies with him.

Perfect summer song, most stressful part of being a mom for today’s PFOL.

Going thru Facebook comments for things to do with kids this summer. Do you know who died three years ago?

Cardi B spent thousands on jewelry for her one year old. New Ed and Miley music. Netflix news for June.

Jeff is here for Godzilla opening this week, so we’ll hit big American movies in Japan.

MLTs are kinda grizzly today.

May 24, 2019

The Bachelor Returns!

Friday May 24th

Floyd worked last night but he’s here and in good shape this AM…for his birthday weekend! Why did it take me so long to do this with socks!?

Bad birthday stories.

Negotiations go nowhere for UAW and Mercy. Walleye watch parties. TMA hires search firm for new director. Ottawa Hills fitness center breaks ground. Things to do this weekend.

Honey Boo Boo, ugh. Jussie, ugh. Millie Bobby Brown, yay!

No Philly T so Floyd gets ALL the hard ones for 5 Second Rule.

Harvey Weinstein settlements. Wendy Williams out with her son, who was recently arrested. Judge Chrissy Teigen.

PFOL. Last state you’d ever visit. Kitchen injuries. Stepping on your kid’s stuff.

Walleye stuff for the weekend. Jam City + Habitat for Humanity events.

Shade at Beyonce. Adam Levine leaving The Voice. Lil Nas X invited us over.

Our Bachelor is back with us for an update. He had two dates, and took a pic with his billboard.

Melissa Andrews would like a word on the Bachelor before we do MLT.

May 23, 2019

TBT American Idol Hits!

Thursday May 23rd

The Walleye win!

What’s in Newfoundland and how are we getting there. Floyd hosts the Rated Game!

Stop calling 911 for stupid shit! Sylvania superintendent moving to Ottawa Hills. A petition to keep the Disney story open.

The Jefferson’s and All In The Family returned to TV last night. Early reviews for Aladdin are positive.

Are you keeping my medical secrets?

TBT with American Idol contestants who’ve had hit songs.

Unused Carrie Fisher footage will be in the next Star Wars movie. Billie Eilish is all about mental health. New Coke is back thanks to Stranger Things.

Ashleigh’s got a PFOD ready.

The Walleye went 15 hours to Tulsa. How are you with road trips?

Cardi B. talk show host. Britney’s conservatorship is being extended to other states. Low key relationship drama with Moby and Natalie Portman.

Dorothy from Good Grief of NWO is here because you need to know about the org, and their event coming up at Shorty’s on June 19th.

MLT and odd bathroom habits.