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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

July 30, 2020

‘Life Is Too Busy Now. Sorry.’

Alex has info about Backpacks for Humans. 

Which kinda ties into the tiny homes coming to Toledo.

Slow down in Toledo neighborhoods.

Widening 475 between Douglas and 23.

Alex can get Hydroxychloroquine for her Lupus issues. Any ideas why?

DeWine may close bars at 10p.

I got another 'life is just too busy right now' from a girl I like. 

July 29, 2020

Dueling Doctors Causing Chaos

Urine, sorry, you're in a luck. We've got a quick, but splendid episode today.

Will Floyd head to Ashtabula or nah?

Lots of drinking. Too much drinking, and eating. Thanks Ed Sheeran! But not drinking this new non-alcoholic option.

Dueling epidemiologists. Including a doctor who talks about demon sperm and alien DNA. 

MLB is a big, predictable mess.

Spreading droplets.

A local true crime podcast that's worth a listen. 

July 28, 2020

‘Lean In’ To This Episode

Lean in and the ~, popular new buzzwords you may be using.

Floyd went to Cincy Crab, the place that took over the Big Boy on Secor.

Update on Floyd's mannnnnsssss situation.

A great retail addition coming to downtown Toledo.

You're right. The mail has been weird.


Jeffy McGee joins us for the Trailer Game. This week's theme is recent box office winners, at theaters that are open.

How/when can we get back to attending theaters.

Shows we loved as kids, and how hard it is to watch them now. 

July 27, 2020

Millionaire + Primetime TV Game Shows

A lot of people are OVER the heat.

It seems like another stimulus is going to happen.

Netflix's Old Guard is worth a watch. Charlize Theron and an Ohio native as bad ass leads.

Mallory and I couldn't connect over the weekend.

It doesn't seem like anyone disliked Taylor's Folklore album.

Regis Philbin passed away so we reminisce about Millionaire and other primetime TV game shows.

Stranahan dance recital canceled, and people are pissed.

Janet is here for Monday morning astrology and readings.

Floyd wants this memoir, and writing one of his own. 

July 24, 2020

Our Friday ‘Entanglement’

Famous doctors, Keanu Reeves movies, Things you'd do with a drone in a 5 Second Rule.

Preview of the art and more at TSA's Undisclosed. 

Bethany on whether Jeffree Star is a terrible human.

Taylor's got new music but crickets from Kanye.

Summer songs we're feeling.

It hasn't been a big story but Jada Smith's entanglement with her daughter's friend. 

A pukey, prenatal chiropractic visit.

Weekend things. 



July 23, 2020

The Blade’s True Crime Podcast

It's a podcast previewing a podcast!

The talented Kaitlin Durbin from the Blade has created Code 18: Unsolved.

There are nearly 400 unsolved homicides in Toledo dating back to 1950. What’s it going to take to finally solve them?

Maybe a podcast.

The Blade is launching a new audio series, Code: 18: Unsolved, to take a deep dive into these mysteries in an attempt to help solve them. 

Each season, we pick one cold case and re-examine what facts are known, with help from Toledo police, and re-interview witnesses about what they remember.

We’re looking for anything that may have been missed or withheld as we carefully piece together a victim’s last known moments and try to make sense of the gap between life and death.

The first case, launching Monday, tells the story of Alvin Edwin Darrow Jr., who went missing three years ago today — July 27, 2017.

July 23, 2020

Masks AND Glasses. UGH.

Well, it was a good run of six years of not needing glasses.

Us on Kim discussing Kanye's thing.

Demi Lovato is engaged. 

Alex is finding out how hard is it to hunt for and a buy a house.

High school sports? When there'll barely be any school.

Happy Mask Mandate day in Ohio!

July 22, 2020


I'm a patriot!? Who knew.

Floyd had a massive sugar drop the other day.

A famous Ohioan went to visit Kanye in Wyoming.

Winn Dixie reverses course on masks. Because of course.

I hate Only In Toledo in posts, so maybe this will make that more of a positive phrase, rather than so snarky and disparaging.

Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect took her mask off and got COVID.

Orlando Bloom's dog is missing, and he's offering a reward. 


July 21, 2020

A Maskless Wild West

No Floyd, or Jeff today. They're both under the weather.

There is ONE supermarke you can shop at where they don't require you to wear a mask. They don't want to cause undue friction for their workers, but is that doing just that or a recipe for confrontation?

Call me a germaphobe if you want, I've long ago turned my body into the Tik Tok sensation Kooty Key. Maybe it's worth the $13 though.

In the highly hoax-a-riffic times, the coin shortage, and its conspiracies. Oy!

Two marquee area events I've never been to. 

July 20, 2020

Furloughfest 2020 is Over. We’re Back (Again)

Introducing 'Mallory'! And 'Burt'. Hopefully they last longer than the usuals. So far so good.

Masks, masks, everywhere. I bought FOUR from Teepublic this morning. I hope my face isn't too small for them.

Why Jeffree Star is apologizing.

Kanye SHOULD be apologizing for what he said about Harriet Tubman during a scattered campaign rally.

Justin and Jessica had baby number two.

Backpacks for Humans, by Nate Welke, helping out the homeless community. 

I have an idea/question to help get kids safely back in school.

Janet Amid is here for some readings and more astrology.