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Eric Chase, D + The Fam

January 7, 2019

010719 The Morning Reboot Ep 3 w/Girl Scouts

Let’s go. Quiet weekend for both Floyd and I. I slept ALL Saturday. Too much pizza, too much depression. It was definitely more one than the other. And Floyd’s decision about reconnecting with his dad made itself.

Our former smartest listener, Nate from Monclova checks in for Deal or No Deal with Floyd.

Toledo is about to be more lit. By LEDS. Substantial TARTA cutbacks have kicked in. Whole Foods SHOULD be open soon, considering there’s job posting for Toledo on their site.

Golden Globes recap in entertainment, and the other big story of the weekend, fallout from Surviving R. Kelly.

Daughter sees gifts from Santa in mom’s Amazon cart. Hours of tears ensure.

Let’s swap Aria, Tame Impala and Childish Gambino with suggestions from Toledo for Coachella.

Lots of people didn’t know Christian Bale’s accent was SO thick. Glenn Close gets it SO right. Women can be successful nurturers and caring and still accomplish immense personal goals. Carmen San Diego hits Netflix on 1/18, as Robin Hood.

JANET IS HERE. You know the drill. Name, birthday, question. And you drinkers, get ready: go into HR, you should work for yourself, uhhh ummm what are the others.

The Girls Scouts are here. Did you know they do STEM, and do more than sell delicious cookies?

Yo! I need some home décor suggestions. I’m out of room in a room for mall my nerdy stuff. And Ashleigh helped me complete the sleek, modern black bathroom mirror project; now it needs some character contributions.

MLT – most like tweet and we’re out till tomorrow!

January 4, 2019

010419 The Morning Reboot w/Taylor Dungjen

Busy, packed show today. Try to keep up. 

You know I love my dad, Barry. Floyd doesn’t not love his, but they haven’t spoken in 20 years! Until, bum bum bum…a friend request last night.

Dina is on with us to play Game Of Thrones character or Walleye player.

Did you have January 3rd as our first homicide in Toledo? You win? We have a bathroom mirror here that hangs too low for males. Did anyone stop and say whether Bird Box is any good?

Kevin Hart is headed to Ellen today and I think he should STILL be able to host the Oscars. John Legend on the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, and something Taylor Swift did that failed.

Philly T is a nervous wreck when we play the 5 Second Rule game. Hmmm, maybe that’s why he called in (or is it out) sick. How does Floyd fare with OWE streets, Golden Girls characters and more.

How safe is Toledo?

Super quick hit entertainment stories, and texts about Toledo’s safety ANNNNND the TMR debut of Miss Donna.

Taylor Dungjen from the TPD is here to talk Milan momming, city safety and a lot more.

The real reason Taylor is here…her fave pizza spots.

Shit. Forgot an interview. This week’s Sweet Deal on Q1055.com is with Russ’ Auto Wash. 3 months unlimited for $50, a value of $101.97. ANNNNND there’s a dog wash there too. Diddy, N’dre let’s go.

Small biz shout outs, but one more quick round of GOT character or Walleye player.

Freakishly avid listener and friend, Vinny, is today’s Most Liked Tweet from me and Floyd has how the umbrella got named.

January 3, 2019

010319 The Morning Reboot Ep. 2 w/Brittany!

Three somewhat attractive young women showed up at my door yesterday…annnnnnd now I’m typing this from a bathtub of ice cubes without a liver.

How’d Floyd do with my guided meditation suggestion from Youtube. He was all in for The Masked Singer SPOILER!

Slow down in Perrysburg Township. How safe is Toledo? We say 7ish. China space news!

You can afford Coachella, but …Another Kardashian West kid and when do we get new music from Cardi.

Brittany Gibbons is here J J J J

Lots of people vibing on this Rachel Hollis book. Which is why I reached out to Brittany. I wanted her thoughts on it.

The Bird Box Challenge. We’re not saying goodbye to Brittany, just her uterus.

Finally, we can get into TBT. 2009. Floyd dominates, but Brittany was handcuffed by bad headphones.

An 8 hour tantrum by a kid on a flight. Video is on our Facebook page.

Let’s hit Brittany’s podcast Girls, Girls. And she needs a Sling. It’s a peeing thing.

Why does Morgan Freeman sound like he’s mumbling this 2018 rewind? Most liked tweet about fuck boys!

January 2, 2019

010219 The Morning Reboot Ep. 1




I did NYE but old Eric is D-E-A-D. Toledo up in the building isn’t me anymore.

Soooo a drag queen gets into an Uber. I woke up to moaning on New Year’s Day. What caused it?

A mild-ish day for the Polar Plunge which moved from Waterville to Perrysburg. Urban’s off. You did not win Mega Millions. No 425 million for you.

Madonna made a surprise appearance at the Stonewall on NYE. Tiffany Haddish had a predictably awful stand up set on Monday night. She apologized. Stranger Things season 3 hits on July 4th.

Resolutions? Screw em. What bad habits are you unwilling to give up for 2019?

Panel Full Of Ladies. Or lady L. Moaning neighbors, women you admire, curse word you use the most.

John Krasinski is thinking on a sequel for A Quiet Place. Bandersnatch pushed back Black Mirror’s fifth season.

What sleep apps that help you do just that.

We give you a fact and you tell us it’s whether Floyd or I.

Pete Davidson went after Louis CK during a NYE gig.

The return of pop culture guru Jeffy McGee for the trailer game! D isn’t here, so I’m almost assured a win. The best of 2018.

Most like tweet HOLD MY PENIS. First, run down the news and entertainment headlines AND allow me to give you the worst take I’ve ever had. Going in on a 2 day old. Do better parents.

December 31, 2018

123118 One Untitled Show Left

The party was a success, but my mortgage payment slip disappeared. And who or what is Keith to Floyd?

Did Grover say FUCK on Sesame Street, and a quick game of One Has To Go.

The Christmas Weed season has come to an end, a shooting death in East Toledo on Friday, some kid friendly things to do (in just a few hours) for NYE.

Should there be a Christmas Weed ’19?

Jaeger and Coke is a nasty drink combination. What are some others?

Kevin Hart did nice things for his people as his tour wrapped up. Louis CK did not nice things. Surprise! Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ARE together. OMG.

Ghosting. Not people, but jobs. It was a big thing in 2018.

Alternative Plots featuring Hunger Games, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Freaky Friday and more.

Has the Wish app wound up on anyone else’s Facebook feed?

Game Of Thrones weekend is coming to the Huntington Center. Most Liked Tweet!u

December 28, 2018

122818 Two Unnamed Shows To Go

Floyd did not do his homework. He did make some preparations. Netflix and TMA incoming. Share the post to win tix for Amnesia w/DJ Manny (too late!). Someone stole the Christmas Weed. Just the weed.

Jerry Anderson is a school bus driver in BG – retirement is wonderful. Kill Bang Marry with Floyd on the spot; I’ve added THINGS, not just people.

The Weed ends tomorrow. Local scouts will be cleaning up the area. The Heartbeat Bill. A cheerleader from Southview is kneeling at games. A blown transformer (no capital T) in NYC set Twitter off. Aliens!? And the oldest living American man, a WWII vet, is not that anymore.

A touching tribute from Billie Lourd on the second anniversary of her mom, Carrie Fisher’s, death. Iggy Azalea upset some people at performance in Rio, and Insta caused outrage yesterday with its ‘mistaken’ update.

What should be left in 2018?

A friend of the show found out their preteen was watching cartoon porn, so it led to A TALK.

Eddie Murphy had to fit A LOT of people into his Christmas IG post. Most of them were his kids. Lotsa baby mamas. Snoop lashing out at modern rap is funny, but not as much as 50’s laugh.

I have a new home idea I wanna run by Ashleigh which is he gonna shoot down hard. And how Floyd could be dressed to be the maitre d for tonight’s Die Hard (not quite Christmas) party.

Yesterday Floyd said he’d been in no relationship in 35 years ‘why start now.’ He and I are a lot alike so I wanted to explore this further. Our longest segment yet.

Where you last shopped + what you last ate is your bowl game name.

The beginning of small biz shout outs, first to Local Thyme.

December 27, 2018

122718 The *&^$&^% R!#$$%

Next Wednesday the show gets its name!

Today was one of those days I was way too excited to get on the air! Or maybe I just wanted to wake up, get the show started and play some commercials so I could get on the Urban Outfitters website!

Floyd wanted to share some thoughts on 2018’s slang terms. So let’s do it in the Rated Game fashion. Example, EXTRA overrated, underrated, properly rated.

A video of a dude getting beat up went viral. So TPD arrested the dudes. But wait, there’s. We’re also getting a Geekeasy AND it benefits the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Miley IS married. The wild fires held up the wedding. Macaulay Culkin has been a lot of places recently. Is this his ‘Second Act?’ Why is this happening.  

Phillipe is here, and we’d like to take some calls from anyone who endured work in a painful retail season (or SZN) , somehow we wound up debating the worthiness of Air Pods.

Throwback Thursday debuts on Q105, and we’re going back to 2008.

Entertainment – Black Mirror is back, BANDERSNATCH! Is US connected to Get Out. Then my mouse went out so Phillipe had to give us British boyfriend drama. Not theirs. Others dude on his IG.

Let’s let Phillipe have a run at 2018 slang, with a couple we didn’t get to earlier.

Floyd is not as Toledo as we thought. And this ruins a great deal of our imaging IE the things we play in between songs.

Finally, we can get to the most popular baby names of 2018, which were common ones; I didn’t expect that this year because some of you went unique not basic. I guess not enough of you.

Most liked tweet and a birthday shout out to a dude do real good for the area.

December 26, 2018

122618 Untitled Eric, Floyd, some Ashleigh

Welcome back. Oh, you’re not back yet? Good thing we have these podcasts so you can listen to us when you’d like.

Floyd hates…strongly dislikes Christmas.

The Christmas Weed should happen every year. We will need a planning committee.

Merry Christmas is another Christian Bale movie. He’s more reliable than Santa.

Floyd’s debut with Rank These Things. We’ve got some Santa, some hot dudes, and some holiday songs.

The officer who shot the ‘alleged’ killer from Warren MI had his name released yesterday.

An 8 year old died in customs custody.

Did you donate to the good Samaritan on GoFund Me last year? You’re getting your money back.

Millions of YouTube views. Mostly for the baffling Kevin Spacey video, but Jordan Peele’s Us trailer gives us a killer (heh) reworking on I Got 5 On It. Terrence Howard seems to have his personal life slightly straightened out, again, this week, for now.

I got a text from the ex. I responded

Floyd brought his mom to tears with his Christmas gift to her.

Two hours is the sweet spot for screen time for kids. After that, bring on the anxiety and depression?

All the five year olds fighting at Ashleigh’s kid’s school.

Floyd’s gift finally arrived, and I no idea he always wanted to act.


Adventures in condo ownership, and a failed attempt at a Panel Full Of Ladies.


Two new local places to tip you on (ALCOHOL HEAVEN), and Most Liked Tweet of the Morning to wrap up.

December 22, 2018

122118 Eric, D + Ashleigh

You didn't think just because some semblance of the show is back we'd stopping getting together Saturday mornings did you?

Our alcoholism isn't THAT bad!

First up, thoughts on Christmas Weed. Now that caroling has happened, are we done?

How hype is D for John Wick 3?

A Quiet Place was loudly overrated.

Kiddie fight club is going down at Tucker's (Ashleigh's son) school.

Connor is home from Maryland!

Why was an alleged - GTFOH - murderer afforded any courtesies by TPD?

Warning, gory, nerdy video game chatter to close. Need for Speed, Lego entries, Fortnite...

December 21, 2018

122118 Get The Hell Up

Should that be the show name?

We open with my concern my first bulk pick up won’t be picked up.

Floyd made it in this morning after Deja worked in AA last night till well after midnight.


We should’ve began with Floyd’s latest white elephant gift, and I share what ‘stealthing’ is.

News – with a scary situation at TPD, our former TFD chief saving a life at the mall and one of the largest GoFund Me’s ever.

In entertainment, the Beyonce music is old Beyonce music. Sorry. Andy Cohen, who Floyd dislike, but I like because he’s a fellow Tribesman, is going to be a dad!

Our Panel Full of Ladies – and I’m acronyming that to PFOL, or PFoL, with our guest cohost Jordan Tomase from BCSN, Laura and Ashley. What clothing season do men look best in, what curse word do you use the most, how DIY are you?

Alternate Plots. You give us the popular movie and famous actor, we give you the alternate plot. Watch out, one word titles are tough.

Entertainment two – Michael Rapaport HAS to leave Ariana alone, and Noah Cyrus is 100% right.

Dave from Zavotski’s, this week’s Sweet Deal, is here to talk about Kielbasa, but also why it’s important to stop hitting snooze. You only need ONE alarm.

An old friend, DJ Manny, is here to tell some Adubb tales. No he’s here to make sure I show up for New Year’s Eve at Amnesia next week. For real, don’t miss a DJ Manny party. Urine Trouble.

Another PFOL, how do your farts smell, do you make the bed?

Most liked tweet of the morning!