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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Where Did That Water Break?

June 28, 2019

Friday June 28

We’re making some very modest adjustments, so we’re early, 537am. Good morning. We both pulled an Eric last night. And even I’ll concede one thing about hot weather, which I usually crave.

Small biz shout outs, Hairy Styles and the gas tax beginning Monday.

75S chaos is coming around DiSalle. Support for Dr. Durant. BG students vaping. A Walleye fan fave is returning. Where to watch the soccer game later.

How was TSA’s Undisclosed night? John Stamos has another Full House idea. Watch What Happens Live is 10. More hysterical Spider-Man promotion.

Where has your water broken?

Our friend Bethany from TSA is with us, and she’s going to debut on the 5 Second Rule game, corgi names, uncommon dog breeds, Lonely Island songs.

One Day At A Time is returning to a network called Pop. Lizzo is afraid of Rihanna. Demi got a tattoo on the inside of her finger.

PFOL. Fill in the blank. What reality show would you be most entertaining on. Who do you curse at most.

Small biz shout outs.

One last Sweet Deal for the week, Sidelines new place in Temperance, Smokehouse 734 and MLT.