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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

TSA’s Undisclosed Is Coming Up

June 18, 2019

Tuesday June 18th

Phillipe’s going away to London party was last night, and my friend Francine was told her vagina was cold and unwelcoming.

Move the fireworks to the Rec Center? AYFKM.

Peter Ujvagi not running for council again this fall. Sheriff suspended for asking out someone he pulled over. Online waiting for the BMV. New video board at the Huntington Center.

A too long convo about the MTV Awards that are genderless, and how Katy connected with Taylor.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday and fruit is the theme. Don’t forget to get your free taco today from 2-6.

Steve Harvey is holding his annual festival in the Dominican, where Americans keep disappearing. A Hunger Games prequel. Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson broke up.

Bethany from TSA is back because Undisclosed is next Thursday night, with a preview at this week’s art loop.

PFOL with Bethany and Floyd. Floyd’s texting answer doesn’t surprise me. Wait it does. And an ED question.

Brie Larson won last night and thanked her stunt doubles. Natasha Bedingfield redid Unwritten for the return of The Hills.

Jeff is here with the trailer game and more for Toy Story 4 opening this week.

MLT Thanks OJ, and cookies to delete