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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Single + Loving Toledo!

August 14, 2019

Thursday August 14th

(00:00) My Whole Foods review.

(11:59) Another Glass City Dog Park event I’d love for you to join me at on Tuesday night, and Whitney Cummings nipple drama.

(19:23) Weed is not legal says the Ohio attorney general. There was no mistake. TFD would like to diversify. Don’t swing cats by their legs assholes! Dominican Republican closing due to low occupancy.

(28:45) Bebe Rexha is calling out a male music exec. Another Dark Crystal trailer. Chrissy Teigen got botox for her armpits. No Harry Styles in Little Mermaid.

(36:49) The different kind of chicken nuggets are touching. I won’t eat them! Kids, and their ridiculous food rules.

(45:33) City Paper cover girl Cara Eve Swain is here to talk being a single mom in Toledo, and if the DM’s got filled up.

(1:00:34) VMA performers. A$ap Rocky verdict coming. Jay Z working with the NFL.

(1:05:27) Logistics and entertainment directors for Pride, Taren and Torie are here for Password fun.

(1:16:14) Tara, Taren and Torie on the PFOL. They did not like the cheese question.

(1:21:00) Caly Bevier joins us to talk about her new single Hate U Sometimes.