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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philly T Friday + WTOL Friends

March 29, 2019

March 29.

Friday. Let’s do this quickly.

Floyd said something rather profound to me during our TOL discussion yesterday. Allow me to put the NAMI walk on your calendar for May 11th at UTMC.

PJ Masks theme song for PJ Masks live at the Stranahan.

The Heather Bogle story will be featured on Dateline tonight. Why did two zoo vets recently depart? OVIO check point tonight. Garfield phones all over French beaches, for decades.

Chicago still isn’t done with Jussie. Salt N Pepa…the show. Beyonce wins at GLAAD.

PFOL. How would you kill someone. Your best mom advice. Do you know if they’re staring.

Got pregnant when it was nearly physiologically impossible?

Star Jones is in the news. Kate Beckinsale is back on IG. Tom Hanks to play Colonel Tom Parker.

More PJ Masks tix and 5 Second Rule w P + F AND some real fun from Erin!

The week of Sweet Deals continues with Mike’s Pizza and More in Holland.

Who’s playing us in a movie about our high school years. OK that sounds right.

Small business shout outs! Send them in every week to 4192401055.

Melissa and Steven are here from WTOL on the explanation tour!