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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Perrysburg DORA

August 13, 2019

Tuesday August 13th

(00:00) It’s just about worst case scenario for Diddy. Franklin over the weekend. KEEP ME AWAY FROM YOUR DOGS.

(11:03) Floyd finally got his back looked it.

(21:05) Italian food, Missy songs, Atlanta and more in the Rated Game.

(28:18) It was Sweet n Low not a biohazard. Soothe isn’t open just yet. What makes a roundabout better…art! Tractor pull championships are this week. Drive a school bus!

(37:20) Katy Perry has been hit with a sexual misconduct allegation. People are stealing Old Town Road street signs. Missy Elliot will get the VMA Vanguard award. Jackman and Reynolds are beefing again.

(45:41) Tacos + Trivia Tuesday is White Claw themed. Pure flavor.

(51:32) There three, IMO, really good reason for the Perrysburg DORA to be at Levis Commons. Allison their marketing director will explain.

(1:02:58) Pink is incredible. The Morning Show from Apple TV+ releases a teaser. Liam may be headed towards Fat Thor. Hannah Brown talks about post show struggles.

(1:12:38) PFOL. How do you keep track of your day. Riskiest place for sex. Fave Missy song.

(1:18:33) Our birthday boy Jeffy McGee is here as we dive into ocean themed movies for 47 Meters Down.

(1:25:26) Things to watch stream and download with Jeff and MLT!