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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Our United Way Friends Visit

August 5, 2019

Monday August 5th

(00:00) I have so many questions for Floyd. First, how was the Anderson family cookout.

(8:30) Retail places were insane this weekend. We start the Monday Manic Music Mix.

(16:45) Franklin is sick. His lymph nodes are swollen. Floyd got another song for the Mix, that’s two. Never Really Over and Boom Clap.

(20:46) The official White Claw rankings and a new drink creation for you to try. The Floyd Claw!

(29:38) Local leaders (and us) on the shootings. Some construction MAY be done in time for The Whole Foods opening. Some spots of Collingwood are open now too. Bank robber tosses money out onto 75. Alexis and Secor had some weed spraying done. Uh oh.

(41:34) Supernatural’s end is here. R. Kelly is not happy with his jail conditions. Spice Girl tour drama. Diddy is (probably) dating Steve Harvey’s daughter.

(50:06) It’s Jeepfest week! Please let the parade be far more restricted this year.

(55:00) Wendy and Lucas from the United Way are here because Kickoff to Caring happens on Wednesday. 5000 backpacks stuffed for kids.

(1:04:51) Thank god, A$ap Rocky is home. Joe Jonas got a new dog. New Gossip Girl won’t be restricted by CW or network TV practices and standards.

(1:14:10) Janet is here and she’s on fire today.

(1:24:32) More calls with Miss Amid.

(1:32:57) Signs with Janet and Floyd.

(1:37:09) MLT returns!