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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Need To Get In My Feelings

August 29, 2019

Thursday August 29th

(00:00) Floyd’s dude started his new teaching gig today. I need to get in touch with my feelings…really.

(7:42) I have a juicy story to share but I have to keep it totally anonymous. I think it still translated well.

(17:04) HELP! A friend is looking for Converse unicorn shoes from Kohl’s. The Rated Game with skydiving, HS football, crime stoppers and more.

(25:21) Local Facebook nude pic scam. Fulton County Fair wants to be the biggest around. Angry man with a bat at Hill Ave. store. New Rossford stadium. Hot toys for Christmas.

(35:05) Who’s the former crackhead on DWTS? Shawn Mendes starts the Shawn Mendes Foundation. The last Joker trailer has been released.

(43:10) Ashleigh’s son now goes to Beverly and some parents are unhappy with how the threat there was handled earlier this week.

(51:41) TBT with Missy and Timbaland productions.

(58:53) Wade Robson is upset with Dave Chappelle. Leslie Jones’ next project. Floyd and I being told we were fat by our moms. Kirsten Dunst wonders why she’s overlooked.

(1:09:29) PFOL. Biggest kid messes ever. What movie is your life. What age you feel.

(1:18:10) One last Disney Show for JoJo game.

(1:23:04) Final entertainment stories and MLT!