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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Maumee Summer Fair Friends

August 7, 2019

Wednesday August 7th

(00:00) Floyd has something on his back, and a small Franklin update.

(9:29) Ariana joined a legend on stage. More from the story of the Brazilian gang leader who dressed as his daughter to escape prison.

(17:11) What do you have the most pics of on your phone? Dogs, kids, memes, dick pics? Floyd’s nephew thinks if he stays with his dad, summer and Fortnite never ends.

(24:48) Thoughts on Gov. DeWine’s potential policy changes. The Buddhists get their new spot. Free immunizations. A Walleye favorite won’t be back. Part of Uptown to be closed tomorrow.

(34:42) Disney will reboot Home Alone. Charlie XCX ticked off Taylor Swift fans. Khalid will host a benefit concert in his hometown of El Paso.

(42:16) Floyd hates when I don’t follow the whiteboard for the show, but Rank These Things, not the Rated Game.

(49:18) Todd and Stacy, who aren’t married, are here because the Maumee Summer Fair is this weekend.

(56:41) Ryan Murphy changed his mind for the next American Crime Story. A plane crash and fire, and all were OK on Pink’s team. Aaron Carter was selling dogs he adopted?

(1:05:20) PFOL. Something you’re always craving. Three words to describe your best friend. Things you friends do that piss you off.

(1:10:22) MLT, it’s returned! Floyd is going to urgent care with Miss Donna!