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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Major Taylor Swift Drama

July 1, 2019

Monday July 1st

We’re starting a bit earlier now. Hello! Happy Gas Tax Day. Maybe an extra $450 a year?

I had Happy Birthday sung to me. Floyd’s aunt passed this weekend.

Would You Rather? Dragon boats, amusement parks and eyebrows.

$850m from the gas tax. The Charlottesville killer gets life. Cedar Point is the nation’s best. Tennessee’s new distracted driving law.

So much Taylor Swift drama.

A couple local hits before today’s PFOL.

All those Taylor songs are headed to iTunes. Lil Nas X comes out. Melissa McCarthy as Ursula.

Our friend Janet Amid is here.

Phil Holtz our casino talent show winner is here to impress up with his rap flow.