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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Length Of Engagements…

April 24, 2019

Wednesday April 24th

Floyd’s reminiscing about dance music in the early 2000s yesterday had me think of today’s first segment topic. All that lost money!

Uh oh, maybe today’s Manic Music isn’t as hard as I thought I made it.

Walleye win and not take on Cincinnati in a weird 1-3-3 series. It begins Thursday. We are now considered a Welcoming Community. Our friend Analese Alvarez is stepping down at the director of Equality Toledo. Step back up Komives. That sinkhole is gonna cost thousands to fix. Another stage of the Imagination Station’s new theater has arrived.

Taylor talks at the Time 100 Gala. No rule changes for streaming movies being limited by the Oscars. Sorry Speilberg. Mark Ruffalo got a dummy script for Endgame, and his kids want Hulk to survive so he doesn’t lose his job.

What determines the amount of time you’re engaged for.

We Didn’t Start The Fire, the Avengers mix. One more song to nail the Manic Music Mix, and some 5 Second Rule practice for Floyd.

I love this Avengers parody. I have some end of movie info to share with you about…it has NOTHING to do with the how it ends or the plot. Jennifer Garner hits People’s Beautiful issue. Britney hit IG to give us a mental health update.

PFOL. Last purchase you SO made that you were not happy with and more.

What’s your greatest childhood achievement.

Will Smith gets deaged for an action movie made my Ang Lee.

Olivia, our walk manager for this year’s NAMI event, is here to talk about 5/11!

Final music mix song identifiedi, MLT and bye Luke!