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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Ladies of BCAN Visit

June 4, 2019

Tuesday June 4th

Floyd looks different today. Shop local! Pay more? Sadly, that’s the case all too often.

Manic Music Mix time and Floyd has one immediately. Beyonce as Nala.

Your potholes should be getting filled. TPD is hiring. Drug testing Sylvania students. The district also has an interim superintendent. UT extends its basketball coach.

Jeopardy James lost, and the result leaked early. The Weinstein settlements have hit a bump. Jay Z is a billionaire.

Jordan and Allie from BCAN are here to talk about Deja’s Trendy in Toledo appearance.

A bit more with J + A for entertainment. A rumor kinda sticks to Brad Pitt, even though it’s just a bizarre rumor. Dead To Me was renewed for a second season.

PFOL. Can you pay an emergency $400 bill. Do you dinner time phone rules. What really wakes you up.

Are we losing steam with Tacos + Trivia? The prizes are cool, I try to bake the answers into the questions. Anyway, coffee is our theme this week.

We finish the Music Mix. 2 out of 5 Floyd, not great. Not great. Christina and Demi together in Vegas. Sara Gilbert is leaving the Talk.

Jeff is here for musical biopic to celebrate the early success of Rocketman.

So much to watch stream and download.