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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Guess Her Child Support

January 31, 2020

Friday January 31st

(00:00) Floyd is ailing.

(7:08) Wanna pay the $8 a check for better roads?

(15:30) Kevin Hines showed up! And times he didn’t. Can you guess the 90s sound?

(21:16) Mayor focused on the roads at his state of the city. Familiar face to return to lead TMA. 911 in MI isn’t working. Woodward was locked down. Things to do this weekend.

(26:54) James Corden driving ‘scandal.’ Andy Cohen wanted View info from Meghan McCain.

(34:44) A wedding at the Glendale Walmart? Torturing Philly T with the Five Second Rule.

(40:43) How we will do the game.

(42:06) Erin’s on with us. She wins Walleye tix. Everyone else has to guess her court ordered child support.

(53:09) What to expect from J. Lo and Shakira, and people impersonating Billie Eilish.

(1:01:09) Today’s Sweet Deal is Chateau Louis in Luna Pier. 

(1:09:01) Finishing up the 90s sounds.

(1:13:37) Taylor was never confirmed for the Grammy’s. 50 Cent honored.