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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Golf Bro Debuts

July 10, 2019

Wednesday July 10th

We’re starting with death and dying. And my behavior at the Starbucks in Barnes + Noble at Fallen Timbers.

The new Beyonce from the Lion King movie and WHAT I saw yesterday.

Detours, the county fair, assigned movie seating and more in Floyd’s take at The Rated Game.

A new facility for LC4. The Marathon  is giving to our area. Tacos at Burger King. The girl who fell from the cruise.

More on Beyonce. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston duped Breaking Bad fans. HBO Max is coming

Andrea from the Wood County Humane Society here. They’ve got a concert series beginning on July 20th in BG. And Floyd still needs a dog.

What song would you sing, knowing every lyric, to save your life.

So much Bachelorette drama. Cameron Boyce had epilepsy. Luke Islam got a Golden Buzzer.

Why is the City Paper writer questioning Peter Ujvagi’s reason for not running for council reelection?

The debut of Floyd as GOLF BRO!

MLT and maybe most liked meme too?