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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Foul Balls to the Face

September 4, 2019

Wednesday August 4th

(00:00) A lady took a foul ball to the head at the ball game Friday night. It’s time for more netting.

(14:52) Floyd is leaving the school and heading to the mall.

(21:31) That lady ate all that mayo for a world record. Which world records that Floyd gives us can we break?

(29:44) A third syringe exchange site is coming, to South Toledo now. A water agreement has been reached. Sam Melden endorsed by Mayor Wade for council. Local help heads to the Dorian-struck areas. Impact With Hope, from Waterville, is taking donations for the area.

(39:03) R. Kelly may go to gen pop. I’d watch that reality show. Ari is suing Forever 21. Drama in the Spears family.

(48:30) It’s Beyonce’s birthday. How well does Floyd Knowles her?

(59:20) Busy month of fundraisers and events for the Wood County Humane Society.

(1:09:41) The really, truly, official song of the summer. Lizzo is a chart topper. Kristen Stewart was warned about her sexuality in public. Tom Holland learning a celebrity lesson.

(1:17:27) A food you didn’t like, but now do. What alcohol turns you into a different person, and more in PFOL.

(1:29:13) Misheard MJ lyrics, but then onto Password.

(1:37:24) Lamar Odom has a new woman, and has exchanged crack for this fetish. And MLT, sort’ve.