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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Floyd Learns About Sexual Harassment

September 10, 2019

Tuesday September 10th

(00:00) I think Floyd has a very ‘it’ll get better’ attitude with some of his health issues.

(9:11) Kids, it’s time to learn what is and is not sexual harassment.

(19:59) People who trend on Twitter and cause us panic. Rank these things!

(27:20) TPD dash cam video about Friday’s traffic stop. Metal X in Delta will burn for days. Police on school buses. Cornhole tourney at Appliance Center. FDA is breathing down on Juul and their marketing.

(39:43) Hailee Steinfeld in a Marvel role. Dwayne Johnson trolls Kevin Hart. Orlando Bloom passed on SNL hosting opportunities.

(45:33) Floyd’s bf recently switched careers, now he’s doing it.

(56:39) Brad Pitt is the them for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday.

(1:02:32) Alyson Stoner returned to Ellen. Billy Bush…just returns. Young Sheldon a big FCC fine. Britney’s dad no longer her conservator. After being hassled relentlessly about the Joker role, Joaquin Phoenix showed up to wardrobe.

(1:10:30) Female body hair, cash purchases, board games in the PFOL.

(1:18:37) How are we supposed to identify J. Lo movies!?

(1:27:03) Jeff is here to give us what to watch, stream and download.