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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Congrats to St. Ursula’s Dance Team!

February 7, 2020

Friday February 7th

(00:00) A friend is not pleased that I didn’t like an award winning movie.

(10:04) New Bieber. New Meek Mill and Justin.

(14:59) Funko Baby Yoda, hated Netflix feature and Floyd hits us with an Oscar themed Would You Rather.

(20:01) First murder of the year. No military like gear with TPD. City council works on budget. Sheriff’s department creates FOCUS, for runaways. Opening Day tickets.

(26:27) Demi Lovato is getting a talk show. Kesha suffers legal setback. Knives Out will get a sequel.

(33:08) He wants to go thru the phone because of being cheated on in the past. WAIT. STOP.

(43:29) Bethany returns to the 5 Second Rule. And it’s gonna be a 2 for 1 today.

(47:39) Disney won’t fine the school for playing Lion King. Gayle King interview drama.

(57:10) The champs from St. Ursula are in the house.

(1:07:51) Birth or wedding, highest athletic achievement and more in the PFOL.

(1:11:56) Kobe’s public goodbye, Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend? Dog’s feet should smell like corn chips!?