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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Ashleigh’s Here, Plus a Dog, NAMI!

April 4, 2019

April 4th and OPENING DAY!

Modest relationship update, and a day I’ve long feared may be close. And I ask Floyd a question I’ve often wondered but never actually brought up.

Mayochup, now Kranch? Minor league baseball team or nah.

Happy Opening Day again. Watch out for construction congestion around exit/entrances to/from 75. Though some of that may be offset by the shitty weather. The Governor is slapping us with that gas, but also drilling us and Dayton for those red light cameras. BYOB soon at Kroger. Bags that is.

Britney’s back in a mental health place, likely because of the stress in caring for her dad. Leaked picture of Beyonce’s twins. Celine Dion is going on tour and Floyd is ecstatic.

PFOL with our youngest and oldest ever participants. Wish me luck.

TBT kind of Nipsey Hussle themed.

Floyd has Twilight Zone/Umbrella Academy like powers. They didn’t give Tom Holland the entire Avengers script for fear of his loose lips. Two stars added to whenever they get to the Black Widow movie. Katie and Jamie are a bit more public these days.

PFOD. The d is for dudes. Flawless looks or financial stability. What’s your best useless skill?

Samson is here! Who!? He’s an adoptable, quiet 80 lb black lab from LC4.

Mayor Wade’s first misstep? Ashleigh’s gas station boyfriend. Where you’re a regular.

My friend Olivia is here! She’s our walk manager for our upcoming NAMI walk on May 11th. Yoga and mental health? Young adult support groups? YES

MLT and a teeny bit of GOT talk.