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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

022819 Ashleigh + TSA Friends

February 28, 2019


Police car one day, TV news the next. Uh oh? And lots of TV talk for the opening segment.

318 and 294, which is which. Rated Game! Shower caddy, GOT, Jason Momoa.

The Lake has rights and is already being sued. State of the City is today at Waite. Diverse new class of TFD. An addition to TMA for future projects. Momo Challenge is the fault of parents.

Masked Spoiler finale wrap up. Gaga said it was acting. Ari is the queen of IG.

Momnesia. Let’s discuss what you’ve forgotten, if you remember.

A thrilling competitive edition of TBT. To 2009. Big week for the audience.

A fellow TCP BOT winner appeared so we snagged him for a few minutes to chat Cardinal Stritch.

TSA has Steppin Out coming. Glam shoes everywhere! Thanks to Bethany and Dave for coming out.

When we did a FB survey about how the show’s doing, many people wanted a Panel Full Of Men. With Ashleigh here we can do that.

Ari is getting some shit for an upcoming show in Manchester. Rami Malek goes villain for Bond. 90210 is coming big with a real twist.

Ashleigh’s time to dive into the Mystery Box. Hit our Q105 Facebook page for the video.

MLT on Momnesia and Mr. Rogers. Prepare you liver Toledo for Drinking SZN