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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

022019 Mystery Box + Restaurant Week

February 20, 2019


Send us your ex’s names or pics for Axe Your Ex next Monday. We’ve been invited to check out Axe 419. Is lactose my stomach issue?!

A MLT last week had us wanting to talk about a new wave of government names we wanna know.

Katie Holmes is coming home. Side Cut Crossings will find its own on AWT and help out Maumee. Fire + Ice Festival happens this weekend at Promenade Park.

What will Katie Holmes talk about at UT’s commencement? Kardashian relationship drama returns. This year’s Bohemian Rhapsody is here with Taron Egerton.

What are you better at now in your relationship than when you began? And here’s the book I mentioned.

CPD wants to talk to Jussie Smollett and don’t expect to see him in Empire anytime soon. Ariana ties the Beatles. Pepper Potts is retiring from the MCU.

Shit. Didn’t get mystery box on the pod, so hit the Q105 FB page.

Katie Holmes and Handjobs.

Anna Toney is here from Leadership Toledo to preview Restaurant Week.

Floyd is seeking a phobia expert to overcome some fears. I’m probably no different than what the Oscars nominees are getting in their lavish grab bag. I can help you.

MLT Pangea – underrated! – Space Jam 2.