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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

020619 Wellness + Recovery Center Visits

February 6, 2019


Floyd’s having a struggle with the Health Dept. trying to get a shot for measles. My talk at Anthony Wayne last night was a fail. Thank you to the License Plate Gods for the good fortune.

Whoa, how many margs did Floyds have and still made it in fine?! Happy birthday Glassford. Would I rather?

JUST THE NEW YOU NEED. No SOTU stuff. City Council voted to get a bunch of roads taken care of. Sidecut could be risk from ice issues, like four years ago. A local ice rink turns 50. Fire (not Fyre) + Ice (not GOT) is coming to Promenade Park in a few weeks.

Entertainment! Jennifer (Lawrence) is engaged. Another one (Lopez) is slated to do a Motown set at the Grammy’s. MBJ went to therapy after playing Killmonger.

BAE – Miss Donna – is not pleased she found out about Floyd’s dating situation from the show.

PFOL – We have a goddess level participant today in Elaine. Most romantic spot in the area. You can’t shop at Target or Walmart for a year, pick one. Can this outrageously popular candy be used on its own on Valentine’s Day.

R. Kelly is getting tour dates cancelled all over the world. IS DWTS going to end soon? Marvel/Disney will still crank out R rated movies.

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Now or Nah. I’m gonna stump Floyd this time. Let’s dig deep onto some of these. Like Aaron’s Party.

Ariana Grande is not performing at the Grammy’s. That’s dumb. Compromise people!

Oooooh, I like this a lot! Alex and Jordan are here to talk about the Wellness and Recovery Center on Glendale behind Kroger. Listen! Please!