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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

020119 Councilperson Nick Komives

February 1, 2019


Floyd had an Eric day. Good luck to my friends at Good Grief who have a presentation from author Kelsey Crowe this morning at Lourdes today.

Kill Bang Marry, but also, Floyd’s take on some possible Batmen.

News, but I forgot the new intro I made! MI residents who didn’t turn their thermostat down to 65 are DICKS. The Maumee could create some flooding. Henrietta in Oregon is 108. You know the drill WHATS HER SECRET.

Entertainment news. Beyonce will give you tix for life to her shows. A new Law + Order is coming this fall. The Oscars finally invited all five best original songs to perform at the show (because you have no host).

Dad Joke Challenge. Will Nick Komives find them funny or not funny.

Love the guy, hate the ring.

One more season of Fuller House. Ariana tried to fix her tattoo.

PFOL. Do you vote. Big party, where you having it. How hard is swimsuit shopping? Worn it, returned it?

Maroon 5 Super Bowl song draft! Who chooses the best group of their songs.

The Fiji Water girl is going to sue Fiji Water for using her likeness.

Small biz shout outs Maddie + Bella got some national love, BG’s got Rock Em Sock Em Retro, and a place to get a good IPA from Nick Komives. Let's help TARTA.