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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

012918 Jordan From BCSN + More

January 29, 2019

Good morning.

Listen as we’re on the air the delays come in. Floyd has his cold, I have heat (kinda) and a note on customer service at the Home Depot and Menard’s on Airport.

Rated Game. Baby Shark, homeless shelters, 98 Degrees, wind and more.

In news, it’s cold. Almost the end. Watch for fancy new lights on the 280 bridge.

Black Panther is being rereleased with free screenings. Cardi does the AVN Awards. Jagged Little Pill the Broadway music.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with boy bands, for Jim Gaffigan tix. First, super quick update on Bachelor and Big Brother.

Let’s bang out TTT for these tix. Do it Antonia. Also, a V-day gift from Chick Fila.

The Grammy’s did not leak. John Mayer and his third nipple are going on tour. There’s a tarantula on Iggy’s shoulder.

PFOL strange diet tips, best places to people watch, your dream job growing up and what derailed it.

Fights at the Bijou and porn shot here at Toledo clubs.

My buddy Jen Wakefield is here…because school presentations for the Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition were cancelled. Margot Robbie also breaks some Barbie movie news.

Gina Rodriguez goes from TV to movies. That’s our theme for this week’s Trailer Game with Jeffy McGee.

MLT hell is freezing over and allergies.