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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

011119 Philly T Friday’s + Pizza Cat

January 11, 2019

Look for Floyd on Adam’s this weekend, and me getting flexed on over the word handicapped.

Favorite 2000s TV characters.

What’s going on at TSA? A step closer to a Metropark on the river over in East Toledo. Missing Wisconsin girl is found.

A sing along Bohemian Rhapsody is coming. R. Kelly’s estranged daughter speaks out. Tim Tebow is engaged.

Philly T. is here for Philly T. Fridays and his IG has come up.

Jupmode is making nostalgic t shirts. So let’s give them some more work. DZ, Sports Arena, Eclipse.

Panel Full of Ladies with Rebecca and Carissa. Tell me about your uncomfortable underwear and a celeb you’re tired of.

The Triangle Of Traits when it comes to choosing relationships.

Netflix and other streamers may be coming for you if you’re oversharing your login. And Philly T’s long distance (London) relationship struggles.

Small biz shout outs! Original Sub Shop is mine! Ya Halla on Alexis.

I feel my community mindedness has arrived! Pizza Cat reached out to me! And they dropped by to talk Balance pizza and a new location.

MLT and I love Floyd’s about camping.