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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

010919 The Morning Reboot with Eric Chase

January 9, 2019

Floyd hit that wall of early mornings and almost slept thru his alarm. I have a gene defect. I await my retractable claws.

6am startup games. Is that a good name since we usually do a game right around this time each day? Anywho, Rachel is with us (good luck in your new job) to play Kill Bang Marry.

Council got their budget done quite quickly this year; record time. Perrysburg Winterfest will be fun, and in winter weather. An Ohio teacher masturbated in his middle school classroom with kids present.

Lindsay Lohan, yes she’s alive, has opened her Greek club. Margot Robbie will be Barbie. Beyonce went to Target.

There are some real risk with DNA tests for ancestry. Can we talk about them?

At times I get asked on social ‘what happened to your girlfriend’ and many think I just vanished and left Toledo. I thought we could take some time to for you 1. To get to know a lot about my FRIEND Floyd who’s been incredible on the show far 2. If you haven’t seen, or heard, get a taste of what I’ve been up to since June of 2017.

Jamie Lee Curtis is not happy with Fiji for their GG stunt. DA’s are checking in on R. Kelly again. Masked Singer is back tonight and Floyd just wants whoever is revealed to be someone he knows.

PFOL with Tara, Jessica and R. Kelly and boob questions.

I have a mid 20 something friend whose diet consists of ice cream, pizza and nuggets. That’s totally fine! But do your kid really eat like that?

My friend Bethany from TSA asked to come to about, you guessed it, a TSA event this Sunday. Bethany sent us a stranger instead. But we had a good time with Kim. Like jazz? Sunday at TSA for Songs For A Sister.

We have a take second to get to this lazy outrage over Bryan Cranton and a MLT featuring the wonderful Chris Evans.