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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

010719 The Morning Reboot Ep 3 w/Girl Scouts

January 7, 2019

Let’s go. Quiet weekend for both Floyd and I. I slept ALL Saturday. Too much pizza, too much depression. It was definitely more one than the other. And Floyd’s decision about reconnecting with his dad made itself.

Our former smartest listener, Nate from Monclova checks in for Deal or No Deal with Floyd.

Toledo is about to be more lit. By LEDS. Substantial TARTA cutbacks have kicked in. Whole Foods SHOULD be open soon, considering there’s job posting for Toledo on their site.

Golden Globes recap in entertainment, and the other big story of the weekend, fallout from Surviving R. Kelly.

Daughter sees gifts from Santa in mom’s Amazon cart. Hours of tears ensure.

Let’s swap Aria, Tame Impala and Childish Gambino with suggestions from Toledo for Coachella.

Lots of people didn’t know Christian Bale’s accent was SO thick. Glenn Close gets it SO right. Women can be successful nurturers and caring and still accomplish immense personal goals. Carmen San Diego hits Netflix on 1/18, as Robin Hood.

JANET IS HERE. You know the drill. Name, birthday, question. And you drinkers, get ready: go into HR, you should work for yourself, uhhh ummm what are the others.

The Girls Scouts are here. Did you know they do STEM, and do more than sell delicious cookies?

Yo! I need some home décor suggestions. I’m out of room in a room for mall my nerdy stuff. And Ashleigh helped me complete the sleek, modern black bathroom mirror project; now it needs some character contributions.

MLT – most like tweet and we’re out till tomorrow!