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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

June 17, 2019

Post Father’s Day Show

Monday June 17th

My dad is number one, yours is not. Try to convince yourself you love the rain. Video games and used books.

Let’s rank some dad jokes, from 1 (Floyd II) to 5 (Barry!)

A vote today or tomorrow to ratify the Mercy agreement. A Holocaust is speaking next week at the Bedford library. The great Target shutdown on Saturday.

Sad weekend at the box office. Adele loves the Spice Girls. OJ is on Twitter.

Things you need to check off the list before you move deeper into a relationship. Like dogs? Abortion?

A productive PFOL.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is in some trouble. Bella Thorne released her own nudes. Seeing Avengers 116 times.

Our friend Janet Amid is here!

Tails and Ale this Saturday at Bar Louie at Franklin Park to benefit the humane society.

MLT and Taylor’s new video.

June 14, 2019

Cheryl From GCG Joins Us

Friday June 14th

Was at BG last night for their kids Film Camp and got to see double amputee Brad Hurtig speak. Some new Taylor, and comparing it to old Taylor. Floyd’s way in on Mario Odyssey.

As I fuck up the Taylor song, let’s allow Floyd to try to steal away my Rated Game hosting duties.

So much news! Mercy, Walleye, Mini Muddy, the Twerker.

More Taylor details. Ari breaks down at a show over Mac. The Shining sequel.

A Manic Music Mix is here to stump Floyd, and Cheryl Leonard from Glass City Grind is here to visit.

Cat people, here’s your chance to tell us why cats > dogs.

A new Miley video, kind of. NO Friends reunion.

A flavorful PFOL with ice cream coupons and killing.

A low stress edition of the Five Second Rule.

Irina Shayk shouldn’t be celeb news. Nicholas Sparks drama in his real life, not his books.

Floyd couldn’t crack the Music Mix. And small business shout outs.

MLT and a great idea from listener Nate.

June 13, 2019

A Competitive TBT This Week

Thursday June 13th

I think I’m done giving weather forecasts. They’re rarely accurate. Phillipe’s lousy math almost ripped off Floyd.

Strawberry Festival time. An all local Deal or No Deal.

You can’t have a tacky sign in Toledo. The Mercy strike is tentatively over. An area in Downtown could use a catchier name. The woman who left the SUV on the tracks has been identified. The snow leopard cub is a baby girl named Babs.

Low energy today on the PFOL but we march on.

Since she works downtown a lot, I wanted Ashleigh’s take on the free parking going away.

Usher v Chris Brown for TBT today.

Advice for kids playdates. Floyd’s got this.

Taylor has a big announcement later. And thanks to Smokey’s for dropping by for the fourth birthday.

More friends visiting. Casey from Franklin Park Mall to talk about movie club, the Live 360 Space and Food Court Fridays for kids.

MLT and shade. Much shade.

June 12, 2019

Free Parking Goes Away

Wednesday June 12th

It’ll be a slightly unusual show today. We can’t get online. Free downtown parking is going away.

Floyd was out last night, almost a dozen margaritas deep. Talking to Donna, and Barry.

Stumbling through some news stories.

Katy offers and olive branch to Taylor. Keanu as a megaceleb and the Frozen 2 trailer.

News done right this time, because our internet has returned.

Madonna concert ticket sales are surprising way down. Ari donating to Planned Parenthood in Georgia. Selena has new music very soon.

PFOL. Clothing a man shouldn’t wear. Oddest body change when you were pregnant. Best part of being pregnant.

Lost that wedding or engagement ring.

A Netflix fave gets renewed for a second season. Jennifer Aniston now isn’t saying no to a Friends reunion.

Allie from Fox 36 is here not for Fox stuff, but because she’s volunteer at Good Grief, who have an incredible event next Wednesday.

June 11, 2019

Katie is Here to Share Recovery

Tuesday June 11th

Another animal has been added to my menagerie. Black Mirror s5e2 was a let down. Floyd is immersed in his Switch.

A new game. This That or the Other. Three of Floyd’s favorite things Beyonce, X-Men, gay bars.

New snow leopard cub at the zoo. Lots of Walleye home games on weekends next season. Pride flag to be raised at 1 Government tomorrow. BGSU felt the earthquake. More Ortiz details. And Kevin Durant seriously injured.

The Bieber fight tweets. Selena scrubbing him. Bradley and Irina.

My friend Katie is here. She’s a recovering opioid addict, and now very very pregnant.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday. Ryan Reynolds is the theme. And what is Katie having!?         

Let me hurl more questions at pregnant Katie.

A very pregnant PFOL.

Long ago I asked why she wasn’t dead. Kind of rude, right? Hold on.

The quick version of Deja’s wig being stolen and winding up on Facebook.

Jeff is here for the trailer game as we look forward to Men In Black.

Things to stream, watch and download.

MLT and the rare birthday shout out!

June 10, 2019

Stop Flirting In Relationships

Monday June 10th

Romp at the Swamp. Bark at the Park. A fallen, injured drag queen.

A booger in Floyd’s nose. Rank these things.

Local postman is a hero. No plastic bags in BG? More construction. Day in the Sun celebration is about to begin. Toledo Beer and Bacon fest is this weekend.

History at the Tony’s. Clarity from Ellen Pompeo. Celine’s final Vegas show.

Be careful if you flirt when you’re in a relationship. Duh, right?

David Ortiz was shot. PFOL is a lot about sleep today.

The new Celine song is good, promise. Bryan Cranston wins the Tony’s. Kevin Hart is remaking Scrooged.

Janet’s here!

MLT! And Janet steals pens again.

June 7, 2019

Philly T Phinale

Friday June 7th

Floyd, how was Dark Phoenix? Lexi’s son looks like me when I was a baby. Monroe near the mall is Chernobyl.

What we learned from TV.

Teen sentenced for baseball bat. TARTA gets an app that works. WLS wants a tax levy passed. Train strikes truck on tracks in Swanton. Perrysburg and Township construction to let you know of.

This is the final Philly T Friday. He’s moving. Cinderella has a release date. A reality TV era ends.

It’s OK if you wanna say your kid is weird.

There’s an African American national anthem. The finale 5 Second Rule with Philly T L

Bad on the Beyhive! And the lady on my Facebook.

Jason Kucsma the ED of our library system is here to talk about the new Mott(kanda) Branch opening today on Dorr.

Fast paced PFOL.

Taylor says spelling is fun, but irony ensued.

Phillipe’s parting gift has arrived. Actually, I didn’t know he was coming.

Small biz shout outs and it the yearaversary of a bad day, that led to us here.

June 6, 2019

Floyds Dunks on BADBRITNEY TBT

Thursday June 6th

I walked Jasmine yesterday at LC4. She was a sweetheart. Hey, how about that rain!

A finely Floyd hosted Rated Game. Rotten Tomatoes. Cruises. Construction. Construction complaints.

50k potholes filled. Cancer survivor celebration at UTMC. Local ballplayer drafted by the Pirates. PJ’s and Biggy downtown closing up. Native Sylvanian rang the stock exchange bell yesterday.

Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us has people going after the original prosecutor. Brad Pitt’s new movie Ad Astral releases its trailer.

Give us that neighborhood drama.

A weekly family dinner menu. NO.

How BH90210 is remembering Luke Perry. A role reversal Bodyguard remake? Early Handmaid’s Tale thoughts from Ashleigh.

A very forthcoming Panel Full Of Dudes…Demetrius, Seth and a Shiloh.

TBT to non-Britney smashes.

Bradley Cooper is having relationship issues. Sources swear it’s not Gaga. Topanga is pregnant and it’s not Corey’s.

A new (to you) mental health friend to introduce you to. Keary Sarabia CEO of RFS Tackle.

MLT and follow Floyd on Snap and IG

June 5, 2019

Finally, Dane Sanzenbacher Visits

Wednesday June 5th

Lovefest needs volunteers. Contact Floyd. Oh. What is it. Hi Ben! Walleye lose.

I finished Chernobyl. Some thoughts. And quickly Would You Rather.

Downtown parking changes are still coming, but some new info. Road work right over the state line is coming. A Whole Food sign. A Taco Bell emergency.

AGT golden buzzer. Sephora is shut down for today. Jussie Smollett is definitely not coming back to Empire. Punky Brewster returns.

Why don’t you want to call during the 7am hour? Food truck fun in the 419.

What would you like your kids to be? What do you THINK they’ll be based off their early interests.

Julia Roberts was almost not Vivian Ward. Chris Hemsworth is taking time to be a dad. Metallica will perform Game 3’s anthem tonight at the Finals.

PFOL with a stellar interesting trio!

Weird bathroom habits. Water must be running. Sitting in the shower. No toilet paper.

The Bond 25 set is very dangerous. 80s sitcoms!

Central Catholic track and field state champs are here, so there is coach from all the billboards J


June 4, 2019

Ladies of BCAN Visit

Tuesday June 4th

Floyd looks different today. Shop local! Pay more? Sadly, that’s the case all too often.

Manic Music Mix time and Floyd has one immediately. Beyonce as Nala.

Your potholes should be getting filled. TPD is hiring. Drug testing Sylvania students. The district also has an interim superintendent. UT extends its basketball coach.

Jeopardy James lost, and the result leaked early. The Weinstein settlements have hit a bump. Jay Z is a billionaire.

Jordan and Allie from BCAN are here to talk about Deja’s Trendy in Toledo appearance.

A bit more with J + A for entertainment. A rumor kinda sticks to Brad Pitt, even though it’s just a bizarre rumor. Dead To Me was renewed for a second season.

PFOL. Can you pay an emergency $400 bill. Do you dinner time phone rules. What really wakes you up.

Are we losing steam with Tacos + Trivia? The prizes are cool, I try to bake the answers into the questions. Anyway, coffee is our theme this week.

We finish the Music Mix. 2 out of 5 Floyd, not great. Not great. Christina and Demi together in Vegas. Sara Gilbert is leaving the Talk.

Jeff is here for musical biopic to celebrate the early success of Rocketman.

So much to watch stream and download.