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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Who Is Toledo’s Top Bachelor

May 14, 2019

Tuesday May 14th

We will talk about Toledo’s top bachelor in the second segment. First, the Impossible Burger and some wisdom I took fro Game Of Thrones.

More details, vague as they may be, about our guy. Can we use another word than creepy?

That little boy shot himself in the face with an unsecured service weapon. More on Rossford’s now former AD and asst. principal. Our attorney general and many others are suing drug companies. Walmart NexDay deliver.

The Maleficent trailer has arrived. Nene Leakes husband is cancer free. Our friend Gary Shores is battling some health issues. John Mayer is not dating a Kardashian.

More calls on Toledo’s top bachelor.

Keanu Reeves is our theme for Tacos + Trivia Tuesday REMINDER, YOU CAN EAT TACOS ON OTHER DAYS.

Robin Williams is in the news. The worst movies of the year.

PFOL. How did you meet your person. What attracted you to them. How many times have you been to Cedar Point. Before this segment ends, some CP thoughts about size of humans.

Go see TSA’s Steel Jam band at the Ohio Theater on Saturday. One of our friend Dennis Sawan’s friend SHOULD be Toledo’s top bachelor. Good dude. The royals will meet Archie. Steve Harvey loses a couple of jobs.

Jeffy McGee is here to celebrate Keanu Reeves as John Wick Chapter 3 opens this week. Jeff’s got things to watch for you.