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Category: Society & Culture

TMR 2.0 is OVER, but the podcast is not. Song free, commercial free, free FREE! Floyd, Alex, Bethany, Ashleigh, UK Philly T and many more Toledo friends and guests.

Veteran Gamer

November 11, 2020

Oh dear, please don't be offended by my weak SEO attempt with today's episode title. 

I do have Veteran's Day (that's everyday!) thoughts to share with you about people in my life. Then we get to some 'extended' family.

MAJOR NERD ALERT. Not our usual superhero stylings but video games. Big scary words like WoW, Twitch, Playstation 5 and more with Will Harrison, a free lance writer with the Blade (this is only accidentally Blade week), and NOW, WoW podcaster!