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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Toledo’s Best Friend, Ben Snyder Joins

April 17, 2019

Wednesday April 17th!

Floyd’s sunshine is about to brighten your day! If you live near train tracks, I have to ask, how!?

One Has To Go! Real Housewive, movie food, Star Wars SOs.

A new look to the Old South End may be on the way. A train from here to Detroit/Ann Arbor. T Town Caddy adding service for wheelchairs and service animals. Nearly a billion dollars raised to help rebuild Notre Dame.

Trevor Noah is coming to Toledo! Beychella hits Netflix. #DontspoiltheEndgame. Prosecutor says Jussie Smollett was overcharged.

PFOL. Which animal is more affectionate. What email do you enjoy receiving. The ultimate concert ticket.

My friend, Ben Snyder, pastor from Cedar Creek is here…because I can’t track him down for coffee anymore.

What’s going on there this weekend for Easter. What was his trip to Israel like. Why we should use that billion raised to rebuild Notre Dame. Old testament music v new testament music.

Don’t donate those clothes! Swap them at Swap Toledo on April 28th.

MLT block or charge has to be why you get back on Twitter.