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The Blade’s True Crime Podcast

July 23, 2020

It's a podcast previewing a podcast!

The talented Kaitlin Durbin from the Blade has created Code 18: Unsolved.

There are nearly 400 unsolved homicides in Toledo dating back to 1950. What’s it going to take to finally solve them?

Maybe a podcast.

The Blade is launching a new audio series, Code: 18: Unsolved, to take a deep dive into these mysteries in an attempt to help solve them. 

Each season, we pick one cold case and re-examine what facts are known, with help from Toledo police, and re-interview witnesses about what they remember.

We’re looking for anything that may have been missed or withheld as we carefully piece together a victim’s last known moments and try to make sense of the gap between life and death.

The first case, launching Monday, tells the story of Alvin Edwin Darrow Jr., who went missing three years ago today — July 27, 2017.