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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

TBT w/Ashleigh, and More Guests!

March 21, 2019


Miss Donna is sore but healing up from her spill. Was my UT parking ticket dismissed? What can I do about a neighbor’s growing pile of shit by the curb.

It’s been a minute since we played the FAVORITES GAME. It needs a better name. Today’s category, favorite songs of these pop stars.

Trump was in the area yesterday; thank him for all he says he’s done. Tasty new options at Mud Hens games this year. A ToleGO bike party on March 29 at Middlegrounds. $625m for Powerball, good luck. Labs are the most popular dog in the country for nearly 30 straight years.

Ariana wants to get you registered to vote on her tour. Jay Z joins icons of American history. Yes, please someone give 21st life to He-Man!

The great hard boiled egg fire of 2014 that nearly burned down Ashleigh’s entire house.

TBT songs titles with at least five words PART ii. And Jason with an all time bad guess.

Ariana isn’t getting much money from 7 Rings. Moviepass is back.

Bad neighbor stories. Stolen flowers and rotten eggs.

Our legal friend Dennis Sawan is here to talk about red light cameras, front license plates, scooters and compliant licenses.

More on Wendy Williams. A Bird Box sequel?

#Withdrawthestraw my friend Alex is here to share about this cause.