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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday!

April 30, 2019

Tuesday April 30th

Floyd’s one number off from correctly getting paid. The company thinks I’m two different people. Some Long Night review, and gory death.

Floyd has FOUR of the five Manic Music Mix songs already. His head is going to burst like Oberyn Martell’s when he figures out the last one. Also, gotta find stuff to do with my dad this weekend. Buy a grill? Or is it a barbecue? Gas or charcoal? Am I even allowed to have one under the HOA.

TPS to open Spanish language magnet school. City councilman wants alleys cleaned up. Packos new menu items. A rape gets NO jail time!? McDonald’s pulling some late night menu items.

John Singleton was removed from life support and died several hours later. A Big Bang Theory retrospective will run after its finale – this is a rarity for comedies. GOT scores another record, on Twitter.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday with questions from THE BIGGEST MOVIES EVER.

I think have our five correct TTT answers.

The most romantic place in Toledo, or our general area. And Floyd solved the Music Mix!

Another Fyre Festival in the making? Eh. Madonna’s paying her own money for her expensive Billboard performance tomorrow. Fantastic Beasts has a new release date, 11 of 2021.

PFOL. A country you wouldn’t visit. Do you make your bed. Better lover, knight or king.

Excessive parental punishments

Pink has endured some miscarriages. Suicides are up since 13 Reasons Why…but WAIT.

Jeff is here with massive spoiler movies for the trailer game. Things to watch stream and download.

MLT and overweight Toledo.