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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Stop Flirting In Relationships

June 10, 2019

Monday June 10th

Romp at the Swamp. Bark at the Park. A fallen, injured drag queen.

A booger in Floyd’s nose. Rank these things.

Local postman is a hero. No plastic bags in BG? More construction. Day in the Sun celebration is about to begin. Toledo Beer and Bacon fest is this weekend.

History at the Tony’s. Clarity from Ellen Pompeo. Celine’s final Vegas show.

Be careful if you flirt when you’re in a relationship. Duh, right?

David Ortiz was shot. PFOL is a lot about sleep today.

The new Celine song is good, promise. Bryan Cranston wins the Tony’s. Kevin Hart is remaking Scrooged.

Janet’s here!

MLT! And Janet steals pens again.