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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Steak Chili + Scandals

March 13, 2019

Good morning!

I think it’s my first REAL rant since the show’s been on the air. This college fraud story is the biggest NON NEWS thing I can remember in some time.  

Promedica is bringing more boats to the Maumee. The Mud Hens are closer to finishing off their shiny new giant scoreboard screen. La Scola is closing. The Toys R Us land on Reynolds has been purchased. The Browns get a superstar WR.

More on the Huffman and Louglin nonsense. MJ music still going strong, R Kelly too. Lady Gaga IS pregnant.

I don’t think we can do a PFOL until it’s light out, but thank you Margot for helping us out.

Floyd has a nasty habit that Stafon does not like. What habit(s) of your SO bother you?

Britney Spears the music, on Broadway. Some Aladdin updates. Jussie Smollett WELCOMES cameras during his trial.

Finally got to try Black Rock yesterday, and it was as good as this segment will make it sound. By the time you listen to this, the Sweet Deals will be gone. Sorrys.

One person in Toledo I don’t know. Carolyn Fox from Mobile Meals. I hope our white chicken chili does well in the cook off. If not, we’ll just buy your votes with alcohol.

Entertainment headlines!

Slay it or Spray it. Bieber, Lauv, Bruno.