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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

R Kelly’s Surreal Interview

March 6, 2019

Morning, a few minutes early!

R. Kelly speaks, a bad situation in Findlay and PM concert series announced. And there’s A LOT going on this weekend.

Steppin Out to help out TSA is this weekend at the Renaissance. Get your funky shoes.

Do you want your sidewalks or streets fixed? State of the state gets down to basics. A new antidepressant nasal spray approved by the FDA.

The R. Kelly sit down with Gayle King is surreal. Brie Larson has a more vicious foe than any evil in Captain Marvel or even Thanos.

R. Kelly is losing his mind in the full interview so I pop that on the air for a minute or so, then Deal Or No Deal with Floyd.

PFOL 1-10 GOT interest, most memorable part of your wedding, messiest spot in your home.

More entertainment and elaboration on Mr. Kelly.

PM Dawn or death for the Promedica concert series please! How have you used your kids before?

Do you have a unique job? We got our taxidermist.

Wanna go on a Youtube date with me and visit the songs I grew up with? You’s second season. Luke Perry’s wrestler son and Wendy Williams.

A second PFOL. Let’s get into killing, and tampons.

MLT is GOT themed. Maybe I can do them until the show begins its 8th and final season?