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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Podcast Star Dr. Andrea Visits

April 9, 2019

Tuesday April 9th!

Are our phones listening to us? Can you please not FaceTime WHILE you’re driving. Thank you.

We’re up to 94th on the Best Places to Live list. TPD is getting an ice cream truck. A cute, new addition to our zoo. Toledo 7 Eleven gives food to shoplifter. Cavaliers win the title.

Ryan Reynolds…game show host is happening. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are STILL a thing. Why do they keep it so clandestine? Halsey, former homeless teenager, with words of wisdom and advocacy.

Guess who makes her show debut? My friend Dr. Andrea Mata from the University of Findlay’s behavior sciences department. She’s been on the podcast several times before but she’s here to hang, and plug a presentation from an adoption expert happening tomorrow at the school.

What won’t be around in 50 years? The way we die, bosses(???), eating meat, etc.

Dr. Andrea’s mindless entertainment escape is the same as Floyd’s. Let’s watch that flag fly.

Tacos + Trivia Tuesday. Beyonce’s Netflix special is happening. She’s our theme today.

Andrea has #twinprobs specifically at a local Kroger.

Executive Director from Ronald McDonald House Charities Chad Bringman is here to talk about what exactly they are, and how they can get you Pebble Beach (this is big) to play golf.

Jeff is here. Trailer game with body swap movies for Little with Regina Hall coming out this weekend.

Jeff’s second segment has some streaming suggestions for you as we wrap up.

It’s Floyd’s best MLT ever and #BPC