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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philly T Phinale

June 7, 2019

Friday June 7th

Floyd, how was Dark Phoenix? Lexi’s son looks like me when I was a baby. Monroe near the mall is Chernobyl.

What we learned from TV.

Teen sentenced for baseball bat. TARTA gets an app that works. WLS wants a tax levy passed. Train strikes truck on tracks in Swanton. Perrysburg and Township construction to let you know of.

This is the final Philly T Friday. He’s moving. Cinderella has a release date. A reality TV era ends.

It’s OK if you wanna say your kid is weird.

There’s an African American national anthem. The finale 5 Second Rule with Philly T L

Bad on the Beyhive! And the lady on my Facebook.

Jason Kucsma the ED of our library system is here to talk about the new Mott(kanda) Branch opening today on Dorr.

Fast paced PFOL.

Taylor says spelling is fun, but irony ensued.

Phillipe’s parting gift has arrived. Actually, I didn’t know he was coming.

Small biz shout outs and it the yearaversary of a bad day, that led to us here.