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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philly T Friday w/Backyard BBQ

March 22, 2019


Floyd was super drunk last night, but he has super power that allows him to be here now. And yes, there’s that much shit on the curb down the block from me.

Don’t wash your jeans? I’ve heard that before. But freeze them? Also, Floyd offers a pants revelation.

Toledo terror suspect wants charges dropped. The Trail work will last into next week. Lots of car windows smashed in BG. Dead bodies on Everest.

55 FCC complaints about a shirtless Adam Levine at the Super Bowl. One more season of Schitt’s Creek, and Emilia Clarke almost died as GOT was rising due to aneurysms.

When’s the right time to introduce your new person to your kid?

Drunk Floyd stories from last night, and when Walleye fans head to Uptown.

Phillipe’s insight on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and all the horrors that Wonka was responsible for.

PFOL. How did Lindsey wind up here from LA? (not an officially sanctioned question). More important your bday or Mother’s Day. Most disgusting thing you’ve ever witnessed as a mom.

Backyard BBQ s your sweet deal.

They’re not getting off the hook. 5 SECOND RULE GAME.

Small Biz Shout outs! We have a new record store.

MLT and chicken strips recall.