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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philly T Friday + Hockey Bros

May 10, 2019

Friday May 10th

Thank you to some new friends at Libbey, my kitchen is restocked. I’m not giving up until my ‘friends’ at home eat out of my hand. Floyd’s splitting Mother’s Day with his sister.

Meghan Markle has to give up some common habits now that she’s a royal.

Opal wins! The Mayor wants fifty thousand potholes filled in six weeks. Quarter rides for people with bikes next week on TARTA. Former OSU coach Zach Smith was arrested yesterday. Games 1 and 2 this weekend for the Walleye in the conference finals.

Kim’s surrogate didn’t give birth Wednesday like many thought, it was yesterday. My favorite Taylor Swift story ever. A Jonas Brothers doc hits Amazon on June 4th.

PFOL. A chore you’d love to ditch forever. Your first email or s/n. Have you ever broken someone’s heart.

Phillipe’s worst nightmare. The 5 Second Rule game. Famous Jennifers, things that spoil, things you put in envelope.

Miley has new music coming. Conan isn’t stealing jokes. Alex Trebek has a hairpiece.

Do you let your animals sleep with you? Is it weird that I can’t really sleep without them?

PFOL part II. Best advice to moms to be. What point in the day do you have the most energy. Name a celeb you’d love to meet.

Zavotski’s is here for the Sweet Deal that’s probably gone by now, but it’s your go to for meats. Like bacon!

My friend Lauren Lindstrom whos leaving the Blade is here to visit before she heads off to Charlotte.