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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philly T Friday But MUCH More…

May 3, 2019

Friday May 3rd

PNC has blessed Floyd with his money. I’m very macabre. Monroe Street is worse than I expected. My dad is on his way, what’s up Wawa.

Mercy nurses headed for a strike on Monday. We’re finally getting the marijuana dispensary. A new local police app. Katie Holmes is here for UT commencement address. Keep an eye for new light designs on the Glass City bridge.

Chewbacca is gone, just two before May the 4th. People are pissed how Sonic looks so he’s getting a makeover. Ryan Reynolds is gonna be a dad again.

We try to do the 5 Second rule, but podcasts and Craig the squirrel.

I’m probably one of the few who doesn’t lock their phone.

Miss USA is from South Carolina. Lots of Bieber bits. Orange tossing comes up again.

PFOL. What’s the highest you’ve ever been. Last thing you bought online. Ever been to a strip club.

What’s something your parents have caught you doing. Miss Donna caught her sinning son in a threesome.

It’s Central’s 90th performance! Levi and Lilac . Lilac and Levi? Is back open after a quick liquor license issue.

What’s tooth fairy business like these days with our friend from K100, Amy Davis. But, she’s really here to talk about tomorrow’s Angel Walk, for those that have lost a loved to addiction.

Race for The Cure registration is open. Desmond from Komen and our girl Melle Mel Andrews is here.