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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philay Mignon Here for TBT

August 1, 2019

Thursday August 1st

(00:00) I’m cranky. How about Chace Crawford’s triceps. He didn’t have those in Gossip Girl.

(12:37) Still cranky I’M SORRY. Please go adopt Franklin. And fulfilling my wanderlust.

(23:57) The Rated Game with vacations, finishing first, wedding and more.

(31:01) Lots of construction jobs in the area. No speed limit changes to Hill Ave. TARTA GM may be fired with no severance. Tax break weekend. Kroger adding cash back fees. You may not get that $125 from Equifax.

(40:27) The Andy Cohen thing went a little further. Jane The Virgin had its finale. Mario Lopez apologizes.

(51:40) A thrilling TBT with white guy rappers as Philay Mignon joins us.

(59:46) Let’s talk about Phil’s REALLY good new single and a bit about his other music.

(1:09:52) Idris Elba teased about Cats. More changes to Michael Strahan’s show.

(1:15:49) What do your kids want to be when they grow up? Mr. Floyd polled his kids.

(1:24:06) A packed house for the Panel Full of Ladies. Like being asked about your tattoos. What are you tired of hearing from men. Best thing about your kids.

(1:33:05) Best way to make pizza rolls, and Burger King’s plant creation hits everywhere Monday.