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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Philay Mignon Back for TBT Showdown

July 11, 2019

Thursday July 11th

(00:00) Diana Ross is tomorrow night. What’s going down at Brothers!? I finally began Stranger Things and caught a production snafu.

(8:30) Floyd’s aunt’s funeral is today. Does Netflix have all of its DVDs back? Why do people use Red Box?

(17:33) Whole Foods is finally opening. CVS has drug drop off bins now. TPD and Bambi. Maya Ramirez from TSA is a winner again. Humane Ohio is cheaply spaying and neutering. Volunteer at the Air Show.

(27:19) Not Taylor Swift, but Taylor Shade. A famed Wonka actress died. Regina King is making her directorial debut with a Cassius Clay take.

(38:01) Ashleigh’s not here today for TBT so sitting in for her is last week’s guest, Philay Mignon, our talent show winner.

(48:48) Strange animal encounters in your home. Bats, snakes, bears oh my.

(58:08) Animal encounters part two! Featuring my dad and his avian rescue operation.

(1:05:47) Emma is here from Toledo Pride Terp’n Team. She’s one of the fantastic interpreters for this year’s Lovefest. See you Saturday.

(1:18:56) PFOL with Emma still here with us, and Alan answering for his wife Jaime.

(1:24:54) MLT and some things on the Lion King. Let us know when we should do MY MOM WAS DEAD WRONG.