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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Oscar Recap + Mean TMR Tweets

February 10, 2020

Monday February 10th

(00:00) Floyd had a successful trip to West Lafayette, IN for a show, then watched Two Popes. I had a $600 woman visit me.

(7:11) Oscars recap.

(18:19) An earlier than usual PFOL, with pizza and wake up in the middle of the night questions.

(23:57) Reproductive clinic coming. Shooting in downtown BG. Big numbers for the Walleye Shane Berschbach. Ottawa Hills STEM team headed to Japan.

(30:58) Oscar recap Pt. II, and Birds of Preys flies (heh) under box office expectations.

(39:23) Monday’s Manic Music Mix a little later than normal.

(44:26) Mean Tweets to The Morning Reboot L

(51:44) Oscars Pt. III and J. Lo to the haters.

(57:47) Janet is here on one with today. To the calls.

(1:10:44) Everyone’s golden with Janet today.

(1:16:04) Signs with Janet.