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Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Most Fab Show Ever

July 12, 2019

Friday July 12th

(00:00) So much to get to this morning. What’s coming up. Lousy Lion King reviews. Tucker and I went to the Imagination Station yesterday and I was told to look for my friends kids. Eek.

(10:41) The Lion King soundtrack has been released. Three of the tracks.

(17:02) Maybe the most challenging Manic Music Mix ever. REALLY. Floyd’s Aunt’s celebration of life, with Aunt Tina t shirts.

(23:12) Algal bloom summer forecast. Steak n Shutdown. More 75 ramps closing by the casino. More Southwyck discourse. Waite grad going to WNBA All Star Game

(33:22) Our friend Bethany from TSA is here. Our first deep Stranger Things chat. More Lion King discussion. R. Kelly is in custody.

(41:50) There is a Steak n Shake vigil tonight. I have questions about your job.

(50:53) If I die please say ‘he was always prepared.’ Our guest will be in after 8, so it’s FIVE SECOND RULE time!

(57:07) Hakuna Matata! Beyonce goes where no one else does. Tupac’s breakup letter to Madonna will be auctioned off. Olivia Culp, my Facebook page.

(1:05:10) Former TSA student Maya Ramirez is here to talk about her duct tape dress scholarship and what’s next for her.

(1:13:47) A Stranger Things correction!

(1:17:20) Betty Jane is here to talk about the Sweet Deal for Rib Off, but not yet. First, she’s on our PFOL.

(1:22:10) OK now Rib Off deals with Betty Jane from the Blade.