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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

More $$$ For Boys or Girls

May 15, 2019

Wednesday May 15th

The Hockey Bros. have a logo, thank you Eric! Sorry to sound like a lecturing professor but can we be more careful with our words. It would prevent a lot of internet arguing. Floyd didn’t get paid, again. I was in hot pursuit of a raccoon.

Kill Bang Marry.

How many of the Mayor’s fifty thousand pot holes have been filled. More WLS school board drama!? F16 made an emergency landing at Toledo Express yesterday. Waterville band Oliver Hazard is doing the national anthem at the KC Royals game tomorrow. Walleye Game 3 tonight, and the Art Loop tomorrow is Craft + Culinary themed.

Kelly Ripa rips the Bachelor. The Oscars likely will not have a host again next year. GOT showrunners heading up the next Star Wars movie after Episode IX.

More expensive to raise, boys or girls. It would appear the answer is easy.

Floyd is SO close real fast to today’s Manic Music Mix.

We’ve mostly solved the Music Mix! Carlton is a dad again, and he’s 47! Lynne Spears on her daughter’s well being. MTV movie and TV award noms announced.

It’s time for another Toledo SOUP. Where good community ideas get funded by you, eating…soup!

Does Floyd have to give a gift if he goes to a person’s FOURTH wedding!?

Wendy Williams is dating. It’s Toledo’s top Jew’s birthday!

Cry Me A River interrupts sex.