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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Monday, A Date Late

August 13, 2019

Monday August 12th

(00:00) Jeepfest weekend is over, and Floyd did something very out of character for him.

(5:48) It was very Notebook-esque with me tracking down Franklin on Saturday before he was put to sleep because of his lymphoma.

(14:38) Today’s Manic Music Mix will require your assistance. There is ONE thing that Jeepfest definitely lacked. A certain popular drink.

(22:16) Shooting outside of Cock n Bull this weekend. The Levis Commons DORA. PENTA’s unfinished roundabout. Popeye’s Wendy’s and Chik Fila debut new foods.

(33:05) Miley and Liam are no more. Taylor’s icon win at the Teen Choice Awards. Megan Thee Stallion loves Lizzo.

(42:26) 36 pregnant nurses. Floyd knows of something similar happening here.

(51:32) Lexi Diana and Mary for our PFOL about dreams and back to school.

(58:21) Jonas Brothers on bullying while winning a Teen Choice Award. More winners. And Hobbs and Shaw wins the box office this weekend.

(1:05:45) Lyn is our qualifier and Janet is here with her Jupiter in some kind of grade.

(1:11:47) Linda and Sandy on with Janet.

(1:17:02) More calls for Janet.

(1:22:47) Signs with Janet and MLT.