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Category: Society & Culture

Eric Chase + Q105’s The Morning Reboot

Mom Time Alone

June 27, 2019

Thursday June 27th

We’ve got to start with some clarity. I didn’t have a White Claw, or a Henry’s, it was something called Truly. Yuck. Everyone’s asking about the purple building. We got you.

Get the Sweet Deals before they’re gone. Eric’s TERRORIZING Manic Music Mix. Or maybe not.

Second tentative Mercy agreement. South Toledo roundabout is here. Update on the bike share program – it’s not gone well so far. Power’s almost back! Fort Industry Square to finally see some development.

Camila fans, behave. Is it finally another Lady Marmalade type team up? J. Lo honors Selena in Texas.

What do you do with that alone time can you so infrequently get.

TBT 90s. Floyd is gonna destroy Ashleigh, so now he has to wait 7 seconds before he buzzes in.

Water broke at a Pink show, during Get the Party Started. Lean Headey has her first post GOT role. We got the Music Mix solved.

HUGE PFOL what if you were sitting in for Ellen, who’s your guest. How good of a swimming are you. How do you eat your ice cream.

St. George friends are here for the festival this weekend. Let’s talk about and spell tasty middle eastern food.

A song we missed that was maybe like Marmalade. Woops. And another Build A Build promotional fiasco.